Getting This Goth Chick’s Clothes Off

Fri, 30/09/2016

I gotta tell you this funny story that happened to me
about a week ago…

I’m back in LA and I was out gaming with some students
hitting bars on the sunset strip.

We were at the Rainbow Room and I’m gaming this hot Goth
chick. I have a thing for black lipstick.

Anyway she’s giving me buying signals right away.

I got a kiss while we were standing up near the bar.

So I’m thinking the three guys that were with me would
be good for the rest of the night and I’m bouncing this
chick back to my place.

She’s grinding on me and ready to fuck.

This is gonna be so much fun.

But wait…

It got a little frustrating.

…As soon as we got back to my place, she starts
giving SERIOUS last minute resistance.

Have you ever had this happen?

It’s like, “what the fuck, you’re rubbing up on my cock
the whole way home and now you want to play games?”

Well, if you don’t know, this sort of thing is actually
kind of common…

You see, she knew it was ON.

She didn’t want me to see her as a slut, so she couldn’t
make it too easy.

So she sat at the other end of the bed and started
asking me about a chick in one of my pictures on the

I had to rope her back in and get things escalating

So I busted her in the head with a pillow.

She screamed and grabbed a pillow to retaliate.

The pillow fight was on. She was laughing and giving me
the “it’s on” eye again.

Then came the tickling.

After she was out of breath and about to faint, I
started making out with her again.

And the clothes started coming off.

Disaster averted. Fucked the hell out of her. Told the
story the next day to the guys I left at the bar.

So what did I do?

Rather than ending up in a downward spiral with her
resistance I just broke her pattern and redirected the

Sometimes it pays to have a degree in psychology.

But you don’t have too. I took all of the techniques
(like this one) that I’ve learned over the years and put
them into a single program designed to turn your dating
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You’ll never see so much power in one place to get you
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Talk soon,

Brad P.