Let Me Show You How to Rev Her Engine All Day Long

Tue, 27/09/2016

Wanna know a secret about ol’ Brad here?

You already probably know I’m a pretty huge introvert.

Sitting at home and messing around on my guitar or
ordering delivery is WAY more my speed than going to bars
and parties.

Frankly, I’m just not a people person.

I also HATE talking on the phone… especially to women.

I know some guys love it. But to me, it’s usually me sitting
there bored out of my mind the whole time, without being
able to do anything to make the night more interesting.

And that’s without mentioning the awkward silences or the
fact that talking on the phone really highlights that I’m not
the world’s smoothest talker.

Now, if you’re the kind of guy who LOVES talking to women
on the phone and can do it for hours…

Or you have the kind of voice that makes women want to
jump into bed with you every time you open your mouth…

Then this tip may not be for now.

After all, the great thing about learning how to meet and
seduce women is you can play to your strengths and what
you love.

A friend of mine is BRILLIANT with online dating and meets
all his women on Match.com.

Another buddy of mine focuses solely on sports bars and
getting girls mad by telling them their team sucks (then
using emotional transference to turn that anger into sexual

So there’s definitely a lot of different ways to skin a cat, and
you should move toward what feels the most fun and
interesting to you.

But if you’re like me and aren’t a big phone guy, do what I
do and text.

Wanna know why texting is great?

1) You can take your time to think of a great response to
any text she sends…

2) You can reply at your leisure, not hers (which by the way
makes you seem busy and in-demand), and

3) While lots of girls wont pick up the phone, they’ll almost
ALWAYS read their texts (and almost always reply if
they’re funny and/or interesting)

In fact, these days I usually only make phone calls if I’m
driving or doing something that occupies my hands and

And I’m getting laid more than ever.

In fact, I bet you have a bunch of contacts in your phone
that are hot, horny women down for some fun…

And in this email I’m gonna help you not just find them…
but get them over to your place for some lovin’.

(Bet you’re glad you decided to open today’s email, huh?)

Here’s what you do…

Pick 5 girls from your contact list you’re into who aren’t
married or have a boyfriend.

(You could do this on girls who are taken, too, and it’d still
work, but that can get messy… so I’m going to go on record
advising against it.)

Then you’re gonna send them this text:

“Just saw a squirrel that totally reminded me of you.”

I guarantee you’ll get a response and she will be intrigued
and interested (and maybe a little confused.)

Once you get a reply, you want to keep the playful banter
up. Send her some weird, interesting texts back and within
a few texts back and forth she’s likely to be very receptive
to meeting up for drinks… maybe even at your place 🙂

In fact, I’ve put together a whole system that takes you
step-by-step exactly what to text her (and her likely replies
and how to handle them.)

It’s a program of mine that’s built from literally thousands of
real-life text interactions my students and I have had with
beautiful women.

Not only will it help you turn your texting game into a
weapon of mass seduction…

I even share word-for-word what you can send her (and how
to modify it to make it unique) that’s going to have her
crushing on you very, very hard…

And very, very quickly.

My favorite part?

You can use it on girls who you haven’t spoken to in years
or even women who are practically strangers.

So long as you’ve got her number, and you’ve met her,
however briefly, some time in the past (even if it’s just
online) you have a damn good chance of getting her to
sleep with you.

You can find out exactly what’s inside – and why it will work – by clicking here.

I’m telling you…

If you want more women, more dates, and more action, this
is one of my fastest-to-implement programs…

And it delivers incredible results.

(You can even see some of the success stories by clicking

Enjoy, and we’ll talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – Some people say using this kind of system is
cheating or “unfair”. Are they right? Honestly, I don’t really
care. I plan to make life as easy as possible for myself,
shortcut the learning process, and use every secret weapon
I have available to me…

Like this one.

I humbly suggest you do the same.