A Personal Confession…

Tue, 04/10/2016

Let me make a confession:

Sometimes I like to put aside whatever I’m working on
and play Uncharted 4…

…For like HOURS.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that playing video
games is basically a waste of life that you should

That’s time you can and should spend working on your
game, or writing that great novel, or doing whatever you
do to leave your mark on the world.

But it’s like our male nature, we need time to just
unwind and enjoy some good old fashioned vice.

I think it was that relationship guy, John Gray, who
said men need to veg on the couch to unwind from their
day and women like to talk about it.

Sounds about accurate.

So some guys grab a six-pack, I’ve got a millionaire
friend who smokes a lot of pot (NOT recommended) and me;
once in a while it’s PS4.

Here’s the problem:

When you start using this stuff as an avoidance
mechanism, your life starts circling the drain.

That’s why you have to know what you really want and
make a decision to go get it.

I checked in with a friend of mine, Jacob, who I’ve been
coaching and I asked him to give me a field report for
the previous weekend…

He didn’t go out.

He stayed in all weekend and watched UFC fights.

And he had really good reasons, he bet on a couple of
the fights, whatever.

But it shows me he’s not serious about his dating life.

I mean, if he’s happy to stay in, watch TV, and whatever
else, he sure doesn’t need me.

Why do I need to bother coaching him?

Jacob’s on notice:

If he doesn’t get out and do some approaches this
weekend, he’s on his own.

(I’ll let you guys know what happens!)

Most guys I meet really have no idea where to start when
comes to getting good with girls.

…They have no idea what the truly important skills are
that will really get them pounding pussy on a regular

That’s why they waste their time with mindless

Don’t let that happen to you.

Back in the day when I got started I just made a
decision that I was going to step out of my comfort zone
and get good with women NO MATTER WHAT.

That’s when all the interesting stuff started to happen.

When you decide you’ve had enough PS4, MMA, hangovers
and sexual frustration, take a look at my latest

It’s called How To Beat Approach Anxiety.

It addresses the ONE THING that stands in the way of
every sexually frustrated guy…


Women aren’t tough and the world aint that bad a place.
The thing that stops us more than anything else is our
own internal irrational fears.

I show you, in the new program, how to blow that shit
out with simple easy to do exercises.

I’ve got guys who’ve been to afraid to approach for
years, who are getting over it and moving forward in
their dating lives.

If you’re being held up by fear and procrastination,
I really want you to take a look!

Talk soon,

Brad P.