Being the Kind of Guy Women are Fascinated With

Fri, 21/10/2016

Recently when I was out with some guys I did some
demonstration approaches, for educational purposes only,
for clients.

(Don’t tell my girlfriend. She gets jealous.)

One of the guys, Eric, was not getting any attraction or
heat from women, he was starting to get frustrated and
the experience was no longer fun.

I had to intercede.

I explained that the whole thing is entertainment for

For them, the whole interaction is like a drama playing
out. YOU are the entertainment and your target and her
friends are spectators.

You just keep it random and keep it fun. Once they
think they got you figured out they lose interest.

Anyway, I had Eric and the other guys watch me approach
a three set, solo.

I walked up to the target, a gorgeous blond and said:


ME: “Did I sleep with you last week? I was drunk but I
think it was you.”

HER: (Laughing) “um, no that wasn’t me.”

ME: “I am so sorry I never called you. You were good;
your friend was good too.”

HER: (Blushing) “Oh my god!”


Look, she knows it’s a joke, but she’s playing along
having fun.

Women are fascinated with certain types of guys – guys
who fuck them and then don’t call them back, guys who
dumped them, guys who are unavailable or hard to get.

These are the types of guys that girls think about a lot
and these are the types of guys their vaginas tingle

With that approach I immediately got her associating me
with the guys who fucks her and doesn’t call her back.

It works magic to raise your value in her eyes.

I continued to pull “confusion game” and keep her off

…A couple minutes later in the interaction I pulled
another trick – tell an OBVIOUS lie to get a reaction.


ME: “Hey off the wall fact: did you know that when
you’re asleep at night, your heart actually stops for 45

HER: “Is that true?”

ME: “No you dork. Of course not.”


She punches me in the arm.

Instant reset. I’m STILL intriguing and confusing.
She doesn’t know where I’m coming from.

That’s incredibly attractive to women.

A technique like this is how to be the exact opposite of
a boring nice guy!

A great example of what you’re putting a girl through is
watching a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Back in the day, when I saw Pulp Fiction, the story was
told completely out of order.

I didn’t quite get what was going on until the end. But
I loved it.

That’s the exact type of feeling you want to give a girl
that you’re talking too.

Anyway, back to the girl I was talking to:

Absolutely could have gotten a number, probably laid.
Excused myself and told her to have a great night.

I walked back over to Eric, who was slack jawed at how
fast I was getting such a great response and said,
“There, now let’s see you do it!”

(He’s working on it. He had his mind blown that night)

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Talk soon,

Brad P.