I Told Her I Look for Girls with Sexy Knees

Mon, 03/10/2016

Have you ever noticed that when you’ve got a girl “on
the defensive” or trying to prove herself to you, that
you are far more likely to score?

Otherwise, if you let her feel like she has the upper
hand and you are the one trying to prove yourself – it’s
an uphill battle.

The whole interaction feels like you’re wading through

Let me tell you something I did a while back that
totally turned the tables on this very hot solid 10:

(The reason it’s on my mind is that a reader saw a
mention of it in Diary of a PUA and asked me about it.)

…I had some friends and students with me at Sky Bar in
LA. It’s this hard to get into rooftop bar at a hotel
in LA.

The bar is poolside and it’s all lit up at night – very

Celebrities hang out there. And the hottest of hot
women are always in attendance.

The chicks in a place like this are used to guys falling
all over them like idiots.

They like the attention, but guys with no game get
really boring after a while.

So I do an approach on this brunette who’s dressed to
the nines in a short black skirt.

She’s surrounded by beta orbiters.

In LA, beta orbiters can have style. These 3 guys
looked like the cast of “Entourage”.

But they were douche bags. It was obvious they wanted
to fuck her, but were terrified.

So I go in and open.

She smiled. Liked my opener. The orbiters are annoyed.

She made a comment about how most guys tell her she’s a
goddess, or some drivel like that and I said:

“Actually, I like a girl with sexy knees.” And looked
down at her knees like I was giving them a nonplussed
once over.

She had no idea what to make of that.

I mean, she laughed and found it funny but it knocked
her off center.

The idea of doing something like this is to throw off a
girl who is used to guys always wanting them just for
their look.

She was questioning, in the back of her head, whether
her knees were sexy or not and it put me in the power

This is the exact opposite of how most guys treat a hot
girl special.

In that situation, she knows she’s hot, and the power
dynamic is in her favor not his.

You always want the power dynamic in YOUR FAVOR.

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It’s quite literally full of this kind of badassery.

So if you’re done with hot chicks treating you like a
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Talk soon,

Brad P.