This is Why Chicks Literally Flock to Some Guys

Mon, 31/10/2016

One of my clients in 30/30 Club, I’ll call him Bill to
keep his anonymity, confided in me privately that he was
basically a little depressed.

Despite being a really good student and basically
turning his dating life around he felt like he just
wasn’t finding hot enough women to hook up with.

He’s confident, he approaches like crazy, and he’s had
sex with some gorgeous women….

…It’s like he’s chasing a unicorn or something.

I’ve seen this before, I call it supermodel syndrome.

Here’s what that means:

They have the unrealistic belief that a perfect
supermodel will magically walk into their life, and give
them unconditional love.

They let the media, magazines, and photo shopped images
of celebrities always being perfect and beautiful get
into their heads.

And this causes them to compare all other girls to an
unrealistic dream.

You could say it’s the male version of “Bridezilla

Basically it’s when a person creates an unrealistic

For women, it’s the perfect wedding. But for men, it’s
the perfect supermodel.

Bill said he wants a girl who looks like Olivia Wilde.
I actually have no idea who that is and had to look her
up. Hot brunette, I think she’s on Grey’s Anatomy or
something like that.

I told him it’s completely out of control when you start
comparing real women in real situations to this fantasy
of yours.

Sometimes it can even result in depression like what
he’s feeling.

What ends up happening is, it makes you angry at
reality, or angry with real people. You feel inadequate
and unfulfilled.

But worst of all, it prevents you from enjoying life and
being in a good state.

So how do you cure it?

Here’s what I told Bill:

You could start by reading a book called, “How To Want
What You Have” by Timothy Miller.

This book offers a simple, practical, and credible
method to achieving inner peace. It is based around the
principles of compassion, attention, and gratitude to
everyday living.

And by doing that, you’re going to be in a great state
to meet and attract women.

The guy who is needy and looking for a supermodel is going
to end up being repulsive to a supermodel.

Be in that good state.

It’s great to shoot for supermodels, but if that means
you’re not talking to girls and you’re not getting laid,
it might be time to be a little less rigid in your

If that means lowering your standards for the night,
then so be it.

Have fun, see results, get laid.

You know what you might want to look at to help you with

One of my best recommendations is my program,
Secrets of Inner Game.

I’ll give you secrets and exercises to get you into an
incredible attractive emotional state that all women
think is HOT.

And you’ll have healthy expectations and you’ll feel
good about everything you’re doing.

When you get that kind of attractive energy going,
chicks will flock to you.

Talk soon,

Brad P.