Women Want a Guy Who Has BALLS

Mon, 17/10/2016

For today’s newsletter I have a pretty simple idea:

There are plenty of guys out there who are total pussies
– don’t be one of them.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that a lot of the
products and training that are out there today seems to
be focusing on some sort of secret weapon to avoid
rejection and get her hot before you even speak to her.

That’s great, and a lot of the stuff works.

And you guys know whenever I find something that works;
it ends up in this newsletter for you guys to take
advantage of.

Here’s the thing:

I think too much of that can make you soft.

Always trying to sidestep rejection is just avoiding

But what if an athlete or MMA fighter avoided pain?

…They’d never get any good, and they’d never get

I’ve talked at length in this newsletter about how I
used get rejected ALL THE TIME by women.

It would be completely normal for me to meet 10 women in
a night, get ruthlessly rejected by 2 or 3 of them, but
still end up taking home a hot chick by closing time.

For me, rejection is just part of the process. I am not
ashamed or embarrassed about the fact that women would
reject me every single day that I was doing approaches.

So I’m going to make this e-mail all about blowouts so
you can learn to use them to your advantage – and
absolutely not be afraid of them.

(Trust me- they’re painless!)

Let me begin by pointing out that EVERYONE is going to
get rejected sometimes. I don’t care how good you are;
no one can pick up every girl every time.

I frequently see students working on their game, and
it’s obvious that they still fear rejection.

(By the way, I have a new product that eliminates this fear. It’s called “How to Beat Approach Anxiety.” More on thatin a minute…)

Anyway, this irrational fear is the reason that so many
guys chase unicorns. They want to get laid and never
put in the time of approaching and some of the natural
rejection that will come as a result.

Look, if you expect to be some kind of lady killer Zen
master super player, and you want to get 9s and 10s, yet
you still fear rejection and embarrassment, then that
shows you’re pretty naive about what it takes to get
good at this.

Rejection and embarrassment are temporary conditions,
which go away VERY quickly. Remember that.

Being able to deal with situations that would be
embarrassing to most people is a PREREQUISITE to
succeeding with women.

That shows that you have BALLS. Women find guys with
social courage to be very attractive.

If you’re letting little things like embarrassment and
social pressure stand in your way, you probably don’t
have the balls to attain massive success with women.

Having balls is the #1 most important thing you need.

There will be constant challenges with every new girl
and you need to be able to stand up to them.

It never lets up. You have to get used to it.

Even if you don’t want to be a player, you just want to
get a girlfriend and be happy, there will be constant

If you don’t have balls, your girlfriend is going to
turn you into her little bitch boy.

They test for strength and if you’re not strong enough,
they shit all over you.

That’s the nature of women.

So forget avoiding rejection.

The goal should be this:

To find out ASAP whether this girl is what you’re
looking for. Force the girl to show her true colors.

If your purpose is to SCREEN and EVALUATE the girl, that
is something women pick up on. It’s very attractive.
It’s a different motivation. You are not motivated by
fear of embarrassment.

Instead, you are motivated by the confident belief that
there are plenty of women out there whom you would click
with, and it’s just a matter of feeling a few girls out
until you find one.

Get that motivation right, and rejected will roll off
your back like it’s nothing.

And you’ll put out a super attractive vibe.

A final note:

Approach anxiety is no longer something you have to live
with. I have some simple procedures anyone can do to
give you a fearless vibe every time you approach a girl.

That single thing will get you laid more than any
techniques in the world.

If you’re ready to know how I destroy approach anxiety,take a look at this short video I put together.

Talk soon,

Brad P.