“Pull Excalibur Out of the Stone” and BE THE MAN

Mon, 07/11/2016

You want to know what used to scare the crap out of me?

This was one of the things that got me out the door in
those early days when I myself still had fear about

I’ll put it like this:

If, as a man, you don’t get this dating shit squared
away, you will have no offspring and basically die


That’s not me being alarmist, that just natural
selection at work.

Sometimes science sucks.

Look, the fact is there are MANY older single guys out
there who are alone but not by choice.

I used to know guys like that, and had no desire
whatsoever to be like them.

In the old days they used to call guys who couldn’t get
women “Confirmed bachelors”.

Look, for the guys who no more personally, I’m not much
for marriage and kids.

But I do think a man deserves social freedom and choice.

There are hot, hard dicking loving women out there and
we deserve them, right?

That’s why I teach dating to as many guys as I can.

I’ve got clients now who are as good at this as I am and
that makes me proud.

It’s like my own dirty dozen of pussy pounding badasses.

In my coaching practice, I have seen men who have never
even talked to a woman go from a nervous stuttering mess
to the kind of guy who gets laid regularly.

It can take place in a matter of months. A
transformation like this is truly amazing to behold.

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that’s up to you.)

So consider what you get if you don’t check out Black


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I’ll be honest; I’m looking for some fresh testimonials.

They make me feel good, and give me subjects of future

I figure if I can help you get laid and change your life
for the better, that’s a fair trade…

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Talk soon,

Brad P.