The Dark Side of Pickup

Mon, 12/12/2016

So a friend of mine recently dragged me to see a
motivational speaker.

I tend to avoid that kind of rah-rah self-esteem shit,
but she really wanted to go and who am I to make her go

It started out as your typical find your “why” kind of
thing, how the obstacle in your way is really the
blessing, blah, blah, blah…

But then he said something that stuck in my head:

He started picking on pickup artists.


Actually he used pickup to prove a point he was making
and it was interesting and got me thinking.

He was talking about why we do the things we do and
whether in doing so we’ll choose the light or the dark
path (kind of like the Jedi in Star Wars).

Basically if you follow the light path you are doing
what you do to seek greater joy and pleasure. The dark
path is when you seek to avoid pain.

Think of someone who constantly needs more money and
power not to feel rejected and powerless. Or someone who
takes drugs to escape huge emotional pains. The problem
with this is that it becomes very addictive.

Once you start forming habits that make you feel good by
avoiding pain, you cannot stop doing these habits
otherwise the pain will come back amplified. It’s a very
slippery and addictive slope. The dark path usually
starts with a very painful event that a person seeks to
avoid and never experience again.

He then used the pick up community as an example. He
claimed that the whole motivation behind pick-up is to
avoid pain of loneliness and pain of rejection.

And then went on to say that pick-up artists can never
be satisfied with any one woman and always need to have
more and more women.

It’s a cycle and craving that never ends. Also, sex
generally comes from a place of releasing pressure
instead of from a place of enjoying the chemistry and
connection, so it never brings satisfaction.

It would have been really easy for me to get defensive,
get up and walk out…

But I tried to keep an open mind and thought about what he

I found the thought of pursing pleasure versus avoiding
pain to be a fascinating and applicable concept.

Personally I love dating skills. I love getting shot
down 20 times just to find out a particular opener

I’m like a mad scientist of getting laid and I enjoy the
process as much as I enjoy the positive results.

But over the years I have had had guys come and go and
not really get it. Or guys who got laid but it didn’t
make them happier or improve their lives.

It occurred to me that they may have been avoiding pain.

So my question for you is are you reading this
newsletter and studying my material to pursue pleasure,
or avoid pain?

You may have to think about this for a while and do a
little soul searching.

If you’re doing this because you love pussy like a fine
cognac and you love to see a girls expression change
when you open with a shocker, then great, you’re doing

If you’re doing this because you’re afraid you’ll
otherwise spend your life alone, you’re avoiding pain.

And that’s what I don’t want you to do. So in case
you’ve done a personal inventory and you are, in fact,
avoiding pain, I want you to look at one of my most
powerful products:

The Secrets of Inner Game

I don’t talk about this set nearly enough, and I’m going
to change that moving forward.

In this product I illustrate how to develop an “inner
magnetism” that draws women to you like bees to honey.

You’ll eliminate problems like:

Nice Guy Syndrome
Sexual Neediness
Emotional Neediness
Social Anxiety
Sexual Anxiety
Premature Ejaculation
Inability to Empathize
Small Comfort Zone
Scarcity Mentality
Lack of Passion
Lack of Entitlement
Lack of Leadership Skills

And the list just goes on.

When you get your inner game set and you’re confidence up,
you’ll stop avoiding pain. And when you pursue women, it
will only be out of pursuing pleasure.

And she’ll find you a hell of a lot more attractive for

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS. – This is what Ken from New York had to say about



Secrets of Inner Game is spot on. Your guys are going to
love it. I only wish I had this when I first began, I
would have had a few hot girls right away.

Personally, the tracks that affected me most were on
Anxiety. All kinds of it. In the beginning I was
MORTIFIED to even talk to hot women to the point I would
stutter and my voice would crack. Once I worked on that
part of my Inner Game….. my interactions with women
started to become way more positive. Eventually I
eliminated my anxiety with women completely…..
and….. well….. you know the rest. 🙂

The rest of the Audio rocks too….. Your guys will
probably all have different favorites.

I would have killed to have this when I first started.

Keep up the good work my man!”


Check out Secrets of Inner Game here.