Why My Texting Formula Kicks Fucking Ass

Tue, 31/01/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

There are a few good programs out there on text game.

Mine is hands down the best, I’ve been saying that for a
few years now.

A guy in 30/30 Club recently asked why?

What about my texting method makes it better than
anybody else’s?

…He said every dating coach out there has a texting
product ad every single one of them claims that it’s the
best, that it has magical powers, that it gets you in
her pants instantly, etc.

And you know what?

He’s right.

So what makes my program different? Well…


I took everything I know about female psychology and
applied it to texting.

Guys have had more luck texting with my methods than
with any other I’ve seen.

And I’ll give you a concrete example of a sweet
technique that I’ll arm you with in this program….

I call it the “Sitcom Sequence”.

This is something I created and it ropes her in and
makes her comfortable and attracted like nothing else.

If you have ever watched a sitcom, you probably get the
idea of how the plot works:

Sitcom is short for “situational comedy” and the idea is
that the entertainment comes from the situation that the
characters are put in.

This is a great formula for fun and entertainment, and
I’ve adapted this formula to text game.

The idea was simple:

How can I create a text method where people are
generating their own fun, rather than copying and
pasting text messages from the book?

This “sitcom sequence” was the result of that idea.

In a sitcom, most of the fun comes from the fact that
one of the characters tells a “little white lie,” which
seems harmless at first…

…Then as the episode continues, the lie gets out of
control, and other characters have to cover for the
character that first told the lie.

It’s a timeless formula.

Time and time again, it’s proven to be successful and

And it ropes her in.

In my program, I show you how to adapt this same formula
to your texting so you can stand out from all the other
guys, who usually text something like “WASSUP?”

In a sitcom sequence, the plot unfolds and the girl is
swept up in it. There is no pressure for her to
contribute, and the drama is magically unfolding around

If you are getting a lot of “low investment” short texts
from women, this is a great method for you, because it
doesn’t require the girl to do very much.

Do you want to learn how to do it?

It’s in this video.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Hate to Say It, But It Doesn’t Matter if She Likes You…

Fri, 27/01/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

Today’s newsletter is going to be a little brutal and a
lot to the point.

I never do this be a dick, I do it to break you of bad
habits that are ruining your sex life.

So let me begin with this:

You may have some hot girls who you’re friends with.

They may like you and think you’re a great guy.

And you may think that’s a good thing.


It’s not.

If you’d much rather feel her quiver and cumming
underneath you, your sweaty bodies groping together but
you’re settling for friends, you messed up.

A subscriber wrote in for some advice and that what set
me off on today’s rant.

Here’s what he had to say:


“Hello Brad

I am just wondering about one thing:

I have no problem getting along with girls. They like

My problem is after getting along with a girl, since I
am a nice boy etc. , they start telling me that they
like me as a friend or a brother and that they do not
want to lose me and they wants to keep in touch with me
,, which basically hurt me a lot ,, cz I do not know
what I am doing wrong??!!

I am always being myself, and they like my personality
and everything ,but I am not a muscle man and end up in
situation like these that they don’t see me like a BF .

Can you please assist me with that??

NOTE: also is there any chance that I can make a girl
that she was once attracted to me to likes me back and
make her wants me?




OK, here we go:


Getting a girl to like you as a friend is something
ANYONE can do.

Girls love to collect as many friends as possible. It’s
builds up their egos and makes them feel good.

It’s a truly WORTHLESS skill to be able to attract women
for friendship only.

You need to be a SEXUAL THREAT.

That’s means she’d fuck you. She gets a little nervous
around you.

This is exactly the opposite of being a nice friendly
teddy bear.

This is the exact opposite of what you are doing.

So I suggest you start at the beginning of 30/30 club,
follow everything it says, and this will fix the issue.

You have major, MAJOR things you are doing wrong and
they will not be fixed overnight.

You are a very long way from the goal.

Having said that, it’s fixable. You just need a steady
and sure path.

That’s what I created 30/30 Club for.

Sign up now and follow the curriculum. Itabsolutely will not fail you.

After you do, I look forward to sharing a follow up
story in this newsletter.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – And no I will not help you re-attract some old girl
from the past. You should never have that as a goal.

Like I said a few days ago, you need to cultivate
limitless options.

When you become the kind of guy that 30/30 Club will
make you into, you’ll have so much pussy on the line,
you won’t have time for some old girlfriend.

Get started now.

Dude – Just Get More Options!

Tue, 24/01/2017

Recently a guy sent me a funny response to one of these

He was a new subscriber and didn’t own any of my
programs yet.

He thought maybe I was a scam. His response asked if I
was real and if my Black Book Method really existed.

I got a kick out of it so I responded personally and
assured him I was real and the Black Book really does

Then he asked me for some advice and the question itself
is a perfect illustration of why every guy in America
and in the world needs Black Book Method and 30/30

Although if every guy in the world joined 30/30 we’d
need some pretty big server farms to keep it up and

Here’s his question:


Any tips on saving a relationship with an out of town
red head that lasted not even two months?

When we met I waited a month. Sent that whole,
“accidental ” text to wrong person, to her. A text
saying to a made up girl that I had a great time.

I don’t think it went over very well.

Supposed to make girl think of yah..and other shit..

I feel that I have only made it worse ..she’s not dumb.



My thoughts:

Who cares? Why would you want to salvage this?

Sounds to me like it might be better to just meet some
new girls in town.

You wouldn’t be trying to save a dead relationship with
a girl who lives far away if you thought you had other

My tip to you would be to GET MORE OPTIONS.

The guys in my 30/30 Club routinely meet 30 new
girls per month.

That makes this “throwing a hail Mary” stuff you’re
doing make less sense, and so it quickly goes away.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – obsessing of a single girl is a disorder, and we
have a name for it:


It is debilitating and can completely fuck up your sex
life. When you go through my step-by-step process in
30/30 – well it’s like the old parable about teaching a
man to fish:

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for one day. If
you TEACH a man to fish, you feed him for a LIFETIME.

Learn to fish, risk free, right here.