Hate to Say It, But It Doesn’t Matter if She Likes You…

Fri, 27/01/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

Today’s newsletter is going to be a little brutal and a
lot to the point.

I never do this be a dick, I do it to break you of bad
habits that are ruining your sex life.

So let me begin with this:

You may have some hot girls who you’re friends with.

They may like you and think you’re a great guy.

And you may think that’s a good thing.


It’s not.

If you’d much rather feel her quiver and cumming
underneath you, your sweaty bodies groping together but
you’re settling for friends, you messed up.

A subscriber wrote in for some advice and that what set
me off on today’s rant.

Here’s what he had to say:


“Hello Brad

I am just wondering about one thing:

I have no problem getting along with girls. They like

My problem is after getting along with a girl, since I
am a nice boy etc. , they start telling me that they
like me as a friend or a brother and that they do not
want to lose me and they wants to keep in touch with me
,, which basically hurt me a lot ,, cz I do not know
what I am doing wrong??!!

I am always being myself, and they like my personality
and everything ,but I am not a muscle man and end up in
situation like these that they don’t see me like a BF .

Can you please assist me with that??

NOTE: also is there any chance that I can make a girl
that she was once attracted to me to likes me back and
make her wants me?




OK, here we go:


Getting a girl to like you as a friend is something
ANYONE can do.

Girls love to collect as many friends as possible. It’s
builds up their egos and makes them feel good.

It’s a truly WORTHLESS skill to be able to attract women
for friendship only.

You need to be a SEXUAL THREAT.

That’s means she’d fuck you. She gets a little nervous
around you.

This is exactly the opposite of being a nice friendly
teddy bear.

This is the exact opposite of what you are doing.

So I suggest you start at the beginning of 30/30 club,
follow everything it says, and this will fix the issue.

You have major, MAJOR things you are doing wrong and
they will not be fixed overnight.

You are a very long way from the goal.

Having said that, it’s fixable. You just need a steady
and sure path.

That’s what I created 30/30 Club for.

Sign up now and follow the curriculum. Itabsolutely will not fail you.

After you do, I look forward to sharing a follow up
story in this newsletter.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – And no I will not help you re-attract some old girl
from the past. You should never have that as a goal.

Like I said a few days ago, you need to cultivate
limitless options.

When you become the kind of guy that 30/30 Club will
make you into, you’ll have so much pussy on the line,
you won’t have time for some old girlfriend.

Get started now.