Get Her to Text Back Fast

Sat, 11/02/2017

There is nothing more frustrating than a girl ignoring
your texts.

Typically I would tell get more options and don’t worry
about it.

I stand by that. It’s the truth.

But it’s also worth looking at what you’re texting.

It’s funny how one little part of your game can fuck up
the whole thing.

I got a letter in the mailbag this week from a guy who’s
a little blue balled and some texting help could
definitely straightened it out.

This is Jeremy:


“Sometimes I just want to fucking give up.

My wingmen and I were out at this great club, here in
Austin, on Saturday night.

I did a great approach on this chick in a tight black
mini-skirt. She had a perfect ass and a tight body.
Like a ten!

She also had above shoulder length short blond hair,
which I love.

Maybe I was a little too attached to outcome.

I opened her with that goofy opener you shared in the
newsletter. The one where you said, “I’m shy and my
friend said I should talk to five new people a week and
you look nice.”

She laughed immediately and we had a great interaction
for like two hours.

She absolutely loved me. She kept touching my arm. Our
faces were getting close.

But the friends she was with were ready to bounce and so
I got her number.

I figured this was a lock and I’d bang her on the first

So I texted the next day and….


Hours went by. Nothing.

WTF Brad?!

This sucks.”


I once had a girlfriend (kind of hilariously) call me
hysterical and in tears because the key wouldn’t turn in
her car ignition.

As it turns out her steering wheel was locked because
she cut all the way to right when she was parking the

All she had to do was jimmy the wheel a little to the
left and the key turned just fine.

But before I enlightened her, she was swearing up a

“This fucking car, I’m gonna be late for work,” blah,
blah, blah…

And after we got her car started she hung up on me for
thinking it was funny and not being sensitive enough.

(All turned out OK. Fucked the shit out of her that
night within 10 minutes of her walking in my door)

My point with this little anecdote is that it’s very
frustrating to have a problem and not know what to do to
fix it.

My client ran into a weak spot with his game and blew a
potential lay. Understandably frustrating.

But, fuck it, don’t go getting one-itis. There’s a ton of
women out there.

Let’s talk about what might have worked…

First here’s what Jeremy did right:

He did a great opener and built a ton of attraction. It
sounds like they were about to make out before her
friends grabbed her and bounced.

He got her number – also good.

Here’s where I suspect it went south:

He probably texted something stupid and lame the next
day like, “Had a great time last night with you lets get
together soon.”


Look, she’s in a whole new unit of time. The momentum
from the night before is gone.

Yeah, he had an opening because they were talking, but
texting the next day?

In a way you’re starting over.

There are specific techniques I teach for building
chemistry over text. It’s an art form in itself.

You want to rope her in so she keeps responding to your
texts and gets attracted.

I checked with this client and he didn’t have
Textual Chemistry (Does now).

Rather than “Hey had a great time last night” which is
lame as shit, start the next day with:

“I just saw a squirrel in the park and it reminded me of

You might be thinking wtf? Why would I say that?

…Because it’s funny and it’s starts what I call a
“sitcom sequence” where you and her are generating your
own fun and you can build all of that attraction back
over text and get your date.

She’ll come back with “why?” Or “LOL” and it’ll be on.

She’ll be having fun and not having the awkward next day
feelings that chicks get.

And this is just one of the techniques I teach guys in
Textual Chemistry.

If Jeremy had any kind of text game, he could have
nailed that blond with the perfect ass.

Is your text game tight?

Check out my video.

Talk soon,