A Quick Lesson in Real Success From Brad

Thu, 30/03/2017

“How you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING”.

I learned that from one of my early mentors in business.
He was using in reference to starting a business but
it’s true of EVERYTHING you do in life.

If you’re casually and half-assed about your work,
you’ll be that way with pickup.

And with all your relationships…

Cleaning your room…

Alphabetizing your DVD’s…


The point is, if you’re going to succeed, you need to
move swiftly and decisively.

Take ACTION and ride the momentum that you create.

Here are some pitfalls I’ve seen a lot of guys fall into
that prevents this:

(It may be happening to you!)

1. “Free” Forums. Advertisers, who pay according to how
much traffic it gets, fund these things.

They want you to keep coming back and hanging out on
their forum! They don’t care if you get any pussy or

Avoid these things like the plague.

2. The Internet itself. It can be a black hole of
infinite time wasting options.

Every time you think you have enough information to take
action, you find something better and more alluring.

You end up sitting in a chair until your best
opportunity to use this training has slipped past you…

…So here is the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY laid out before

Get out and talk to girls BEFORE information overload
starts to set in.


Do it quick –

– Before you get too used to sitting around reading
about what to say to girls and not doing it.

The longer you wait, the harder it gets.

Most guys are afraid to do that because they think
approaching is the hard part.

It makes their hearts pound and they break into cold

The fact is that none of the information is going to be
of any help to you unless you’re actually using it to
talk to girls.

It just comes down to “how bad do you want it?” How bad
do you want to stop wishing and actually take those hot
chicks home?

Just make the decision.

And I’ve got just the thing…

…It’s costs next to NOTHING and it helps you get out
and have innocent no pressure conversations with girls

It’s yours, just click here.

No one is going to help you if you don’t help yourself.
Your only obstacle is your own fear.

And now I’ve found a way for you to gently eliminate

Once you do, the freedom to have that girl you REALLY
want is waiting for you.

All for the price of a cup of coffee.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Where the Desperately Horny Girls Go

Wed, 29/03/2017

I was telling a guy the other day…

When all else fails go online.

Online, online, online.

I think every single woman (a quite a few married ones)
has a dating profile online.

It’s like an online calling card that says, “I’m
desperate for some dick, please be man enough to come
give it to me.”

When all else fails whip out your phone and start
talking to women online.

It’s easy. In fact…

Did you know that there are specific words in a woman’s
online dating profile that literally SCREAM that she’s
looking for sex?

These are words that all women unknowingly use that are
basically advertising that she’s horny and wants to get

…And once you know how to spot these, sleeping with a
woman on the first date becomes the rule not the

And going even further…

YOU can use these words in your messages to women to
compel them to write back to you.

Click here to get this power for yourself.

I’ve collected vast amounts of unbiased data to figure
out what does and does not work with online dating.

This method has been relentlessly tested “in the

I didn’t release it until I was absolutely certain that
it worked for pretty much everybody.

And I’ve had guys do so well with this method that they
had to shut their accounts down and take a break for a

It was literally just raining pussy.

Online, you have access to literally 100’s more women
than you would approaching out in public.

And with this method you can go to that fertile market
and create a dating profile that makes these women
desperate to meet you…

…And have women hoping for sex with YOU on the first

…And you even get entire sequences of messages that
you can just copy and paste.

It is literally that easy.

Click here to start getting some of the pussy you

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Top Five Easy Fixes to Change Your Life Now

Tue, 28/03/2017

I was having a talk with a new coaching client and I got
inspired. I shared something with him that I think you
guys need to hear:

It’s a checklist of 5 easy fixes you can apply in your
life now that are certain to take from frustration to
success in dating and in life.

Here they are:

1- Fix your fashion. You need to have a congruent look
that makes a statement about your identity. Women pick
up on this the moment they lay eyes on you.

Your fashion needs to project an identity that women
find attraction.

The difficulty level on this one is ultra easy and the
payoff is in spades. Do it. Now.

If you don’t have my Fashion Bible, click on the link at
the bottom of the page and get it.

2- Talk to 10 women, just to see what will happen. Just
for shits and giggles. Have fun with it.

So many guys terrify themselves when they’re making an
approach. They’ll be depressed if they don’t build
attraction and get a number. Screw that. That fear is
a state killer.

Solution: just talk to girls. No agenda. Don’t worry
about the number.

This simple no pressure activity will skyrocket your
confidence by leaps and bounds!

3- Fix obvious grooming problems- bad hair, bad teeth,
bad breath.

I had a client once who worked his butt off with his
game but had terrible teeth.

It was grossing the girls out. I told him to take
charge and get that fixed, no matter the time involved
or the cost.

No amount of game will help if you’re grossing her out.

4- Fix any obvious “deal breakers” that are killing your
chances of getting laid.

Examples of deal breakers would be living with your mom
at age 27+, impotence (easy fix with urologist and
medication), stuffed animals in your bed…. you get the

5- Give your laptop charger away to a friend and tell
him not to give it back until you’ve gotten laid.

Everyone who studies dating skills goes into analysis
paralysis. There comes a time to put the material down,
go out and use what you learned.

Let me ask YOU something:

What’s one thing you know you could and should do to
improve your chances with women and your overall

What should you do that you’re putting off?

Do that thing today. It will make a massive difference
in your life.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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