Can These Simple “Sex Signals” Get You Laid?

Wed, 22/03/2017

If you’re male and heterosexual you’ve probably flipped
through a Playboy once or twice in your life.

You know… Bunnies running around in bikinis, jumping
on trampolines, frolicking together in hot tubs?

Watching Hugh Hefner’s life can make you wish for being
oh so rich and influential right?


You think Hef gets the girls because he’s got a ton of


Lots of his Playmates have said they’d still want to be
around him even if he was so broke his version of a
fancy night out was raiding the dumpster behind

Fact is, Hef has finely tuned “sex signals” he sends out
to nearby women that makes him VERY sexually desirable
to them (even though he’s old, wrinkly, and probably has
that funny “old man” smell.)

I’ve got his secrets right here.

Speaking of Hugh Hefner, I’m also giving you a bonus
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My top students and I have been to the mansion.

We’ve scored with playmates.

Yes, you just read that right.

And we did it without fame or money.

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Let me be frank…

The idea of scoring with a Playmate – or even one of the
crazy hot girls at the Mansion – freak some guys out.

But the truth is these smoking hot ladies are just as
susceptible to these sex signals as any other woman.

And once you have the game plan laid out in this report,
it’s almost embarrassingly easy to hook up with anyone
you want at the mansion.

(Believe me, that’s a HELL of a story to tell your

And for these techniques to work, you have to learn my
Black Book Method inside and out.

That’s why the free report comes with Black Book Method.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.

P.S. – By the way, even if you have no intention of
going to the Playboy Mansion (which is cool, that scene
isn’t for everyone), you still gotta check out this
bonus book.

I’ll show you how cutting a chick off mid-sentence by
saying “I think I’m going to need to have sex with you
now…” is nothing short of classic.

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