Lessons on Pick Up From a Coupon Clipping Soccer Mom

Tue, 21/03/2017

There’s a saying in retail that sales clerks and
businesses live by:

The customer is always right.

In my humble opinion, that has turned the modern
consumer into a total spoiled brat.

People want more and more for less and less and demand
refunds for the slightest disappointment.

Did you know women’s shoes get returned something like
75% of the time?

It’s like the initial purchase was nothing more than a
test drive.

So what does any of this have to do with you improving
your dating skills?

Glad you asked…

You see when a guy starts buying dating programs like
Black Book Method they’re standing in front of a fork
in the road.

And which road you take determines your success or

One road takes you on the path to being a STUDENT of
dating skills. The other road takes you down the path
to being a CONSUMER of the information.

So what’s the difference?

A student is one who wants to gain knowledge, build
skills, and change his life for the better.

Think of a martial arts student who travels to China to
learn Kung-Fu in its purest form. Or a gymnast who
studies under the best coaches to go to the Olympics.

That’s a serious student.

Now lets look at a consumer:

Picture the typical soccer mom shopping for her family
at Wal-Mart. Let’s say she’s clipping coupons. She
wants to get as much as she can, as cheap as she can,
and she wants it to be as convenient as possible.

Basically she wants to put in the smallest amount of
time and effort possible to get the maximum result.

Kung Fu student vs. Mom at Wal-Mart? Your choice.

Every guy I’ve ever worked with who didn’t get the
results he wanted had the mindset of a consumer.

He wanted something or nothing.

And when the product is a tool for you to improve your
own social interaction skills – you kind of need to show
up and get involved in the process.

Put in a little elbow grease.

I put all of my best stuff into Black Book Method.
I really do consider this my signature program.

If you just read it and apply what I tell you, you will
get laid. You will see massive changes. Without fail.

But make sure you put that consumer mentality away.
That gets you nowhere.

If you’re ready to take the attitude of a serious
student the sky is the limit.

Which one do you want to be?

Talk soon,

Brad P.