How To Be a Challenge and Make Her Work HARD

Fri, 07/04/2017

In my Black Book Method I give you some
killer openers.

Some of them are shockers, some are just designed to get
her attention fast, and break down resistance.

When a girl hears your opener and thinks it’s strange,
don’t freak out! This can be a really good thing.

I got something special to share with you today. It’s
an actual field report from one of my 30/30 Club

First I’ll give you his comments and then my advice to



I’m just really trying to get in-field more, because
lack of action/in-field experience is my biggest problem
by far.

So I get into the basement bar, grab a quick beer, and
am sort of just standing there looking around. Then I
saw this girl sitting talking to her friend who was
standing. Then I went.

She was sitting her friend was sort of slouching down
to talk to her. There were two guys in the group,
talking to another girl in the group, and this almost
deterred me from going.

But again, in my mind I’m trying to say more and more
“Shy don’t get ya shit”.

Anyways, got the opener done (Trading hair), and then I
went into Smart Hot Rich. I was having trouble hearing
her, and I was sort of slouching down on the side. So I
told her to stand up and she did.

My delivery of Smart Hot Rich is not very good right
now, but I’ve also only used it, like four times. I got
done with that attraction routine and then went into Cat

I’m still not delivering these routines EXACTLY as they
are yet, but it’s mainly cause the girls sort of
interrupt me. She was like “Why the hell would you name
your cat a real name like that”, and from there I just
said shit at the top of my head. After this routine I
just sort of went natural.

Next set:

(Trading Hair Opener) — A three set standing on/by like
a ledge where everyone was walking through. This girl
thought the opener was really weird, and then I
butchered Smart Hot Rich again. I wouldn’t consider this
a blow out cause they didn’t tell me to fuck off, but
they were not feeling me at all and I just walked off
“have a good night”

Next set:

(New Rule Opener) — I went right into this set cause I
was starting to feel nervous about the last set. These
girls were from Brazil, with a bit of broken English.
Again not sure if it was smart, but right after the
opener, I just went natural and talked.

These girls liked me for sure. The uglier one, said the
hotter one wanted to kiss me, but I’m not sure if that
was true. The ugly one said she was a lesbian, and the
hotter one was Bi.

I finally kino’d a little bit in this set. I was really
lacking that in the other sets. My friend came to meet
up with me, which now that I think about it, it really
hurt me. I was hoping he could talk to the ugly one
while I game the hotter one, but she basically told me
that she did not like my friend.

Probably could have fucked/ or at least made out with
the hot one. They end up leaving because the good vibe
was gone when my friend met up with me actually, so they
left. I tried to get the hot one’s number, but the ugly
one said no/giving her the eye code no, and so the hot
one said “I don’t think that is a good idea”.

A couple of points:

1. In Smart Hot Rich, or any routine, such as Cat
Routine, should I be letting the answer, or should I
“steam roll” through these??

2. Still have to be more aggressive in the night time
setting, and kino SO MUCH MORE.

3. I think my body language is good to go though, to be
honest. ”


My thoughts:

This is a really good night.

You learned a lot and you had a decent chance of getting
attraction in every set.

You are really “in the game” as they say, and you are
asking all the right questions, I can tell you are
moving forward.

Girls often find the opener strange and this is not
a bad thing. What we are trying to do with these openers
is throw them off a bit so they don’t run an auto-reject
script like “I have a boyfriend” or “we are lesbians.”

If she says the opener is weird, this is good because
you’ve bypassed her auto-reject scripts and she will
often start working hard in her brain to figure you out
and figure out the situation.

When she’s working hard mentally, you’ve become a
challenge to her, a puzzle. This is a good thing. Girls
RARELY get a puzzle to solve.

Usually some guys goes direct with a compliment, she
runs an auto-reject script of her own, and the game is
over in 10 seconds.

I think it is better to let the girls answer and listen
closely to their answers. Do not steam roll through
unless she is silent or staring at you blankly.

Good work and keep cracking.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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