“The Waitress Problem”

Tue, 25/04/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

So I got back in touch with an old client of mine
recently and had to give him a little tough love.

Back in the day, 5-6 years ago he had some pretty tight
game. He was in 30/30 Club, did all the exercises, and
hooked up with a lot of girls.

Mike also came to a couple live in field events I did
for personalized coaching and I remember he was solid.

What happened with him is kind of common:

He hooked up with a great girl, kind of a girl next door
type – great self-esteem and no bullshit – who could
also pose for the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

That was the end of Mike.

He got into a long-term relationship and fell out of the
game-o-sphere for the last five years.

Well, his relationship recently ended. Most of them do.

And now, he’s back to square one. That’s why he called.

He got back out there but he can’t get numbers. He
can’t calibrate a girl’s level of attraction, basically
he can’t do anything.

A guy in a relationship can get a little complacent and
stop “sharpening the saw” so to speak.


When your skills with women have been slowly going down
hill for many years, it’s hard to know when to say
“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and get some help in this area.

A lot of times, guys don’t do anything until they end up
in Mike’s predicament and get dumped by the girl next
door who looks like a Victoria’s Secret model.

(From what he told me, honestly, it sounds like she just
got bored.)

And now he’s making needy rookie mistakes all over

So I’m gonna tell you what I told Mike and give you my
#1 indicator that it’s time to get help:

I call it “The Waitress Problem.”

This can apply to ANYONE so read carefully…

This issue is something I frequently see in my students
who are over 30.

When your game is going downhill (or you never had any
success with women to begin with) you start to get
excited over any tiny shred of attention that you get
from women.

You start becoming overly optimistic about your chances
every time a woman speaks to you. You start to desire
women who are just passers by, business associates, or
service workers.

This is desperation and lack.

Now there’s nothing wrong with desiring women, but I’m
talking about being in a situation where a woman says 3
words to you and you end up thinking about her for hours
or even days.

You simply don’t have any other options, you don’t know
how to get attention from women, and you stew in your
own sadness and inability to change the situation.

Guys over 30 will sometimes get a crush on their
waitress or the barista at Starbucks. They will see the
girl frequently, and find themselves patronizing her
workplace a bit more often as a result.

If she’s the only girl that talks to you, and the only
girl that’s nice to you, it starts to confuse you a bit.
You start picturing yourself dating her or marrying her.
But that’s not realistic.

She’s just doing her job. You didn’t give her any reason
to be attracted to you; she’s getting paid to talk to

Hey, I understand. These girls are young and attractive,
and they are a bit flirty because they know guys will
tip them more if they show some interest.

It’s all an act, just like with strippers. The stripper
doesn’t want to fuck you; she wants $50 for a lap dance.
The waitress doesn’t want to marry you; she just wants a
35% tip rather than a 18% tip.

If you’ve ever found yourself so down and out that
you’ve started crushing on your waitress, and then
you’ve done nothing about it, and made no effort to meet
any other women, I want this to be your wake up call.
You’re not being realistic. You need to get help in this

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Don’t wait.

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Talk soon,


PS- Stay tuned for my next email where I’ll tell you
about a time when I picked up my bank teller and had a
bunch of no-strings-attached sex with her.

She was an attractive 20 year old and I didn’t even take
her on a date, she just came over for sex once a week
after work.

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