Unleashing Your Power

Thu, 27/04/2017

Hey It’s Brad,

I’ve got a lot of guys using my recently released
Formula- X Activation system and the amazing results
just keep on rolling in.

Even some of the guys who knew the openers and knew the
routines, still couldn’t get over the internal anxieties
they were holding onto.

The simple and crazy powerful exercises in Formula-X
changed all that.

I just got this super excited letter from Joe:


“Hey Brad, I just did this amazing approach with the
Disney music opener on a hot girl at the mall.

I’ve been hit and miss with my openers for a while but
after you told me to focus on the exercises in Formula –
X I just took a break and did only that for about a

Today I saw this girl who looked like a model. She
could have come out of the pages of a magazine.

I was shocked when she sat down in front of the store to
talk to me for a while. I took her on an instant date at
the coffee place.

We talked for a while and had a great time.

(It did turn out that she had a boyfriend.)

Wow!! She was beautiful, Brad.”


Nice work! The stuff works when you try it a few times,
lots of people are surprised.

And you are just beginning to unleash your true power.

This is only the start.

What to say and the techniques are just mechanics.

When you activate your inner power you will have
effortless confidence and women will respond immediately
and powerfully.

You can gain that inner power here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS. – at less than ten bucks, you simply have no
excuses. None.

Put Formula – X activation System to work for you