Went in to open an account -ended up nailing the teller

Wed, 26/04/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

Did you read yesterday’s post about “The Waitress

It’s an important one, so you may want to go back and
read it.

And to follow up on yesterday’s tough love, I’ve got a
personal story that you’re going to love…

…If you’ve ever had a crush on your waitress or bank
teller, this one is for YOU.

Of course it’s VERY possible to nail these girls, but
not if you are down in the dumps with no other options
(Like Mike in yesterday’s email).

Let me preface this story by telling you I had already
bedded 4 other women that week, so I wasn’t concerned
with whether or not I closed the deal with the bank

So here is what I did:

When our interaction started, it was all business and I
didn’t pay any mind to her other than wanting to finish
up and leave the bank quickly. As we sat at her desk (it
was a 10 minute transaction to start new account), I
started to notice how young and beautiful she was.

She started to notice me noticing, and she did a few
flirty moves such as taking her hair down and some
prolonged eye contact.

At the point, this could have been the same as any other
service interaction, where the woman shows false
interest for personal gain. So I didn’t immediately jump
on her signals and assume she was interested.

I proceeded slowly with subtle increases in eye contact
and some flirty facial expressions.

This went on for about 3-4 minutes. I was building the
tension. I knew she could feel it.

I would watch her with bedroom eyes. She would flaunt
her hair and body to increase my interest.

I knew the attraction was real and was building, because
3-4 minutes is actually a long time for the
tension-building phase to be going on.

Now I started to make a few comments that showed I was
interested but also showed that I was very subtle and I
knew how to avoid making her look foolish at work.

I started with “You seem like a very knowledgeable bank
rep, do you ever give any kind of after-hours financial
advice?” She knew exactly where I was going with that.

We finished up our business and when she gave me her
business card, I said “Would you mind putting your after
hours contact info on the back, just in case I need some
follow up information?” This allowed her to give me her
cell number while not really breaking the rules at her
bank, and without getting noticed or penalized.

A few days later she came over at 5:30 after work and I
tit-fucked her on my living room couch. A few days later
she came back again and decided to go all the way.

There are a few key factors that make this interaction
different than most guys who get a crush on the bank rep
or waitress:

First, I was not desperate. This was not the only girl
who would talk for me.

When you’re desperate, women can sense it.

They will not have casual sex with a desperate man,
because they know he will get too attached and become a

If you’ve ever had a crush on the waitress or bank
teller, and turned them off by being desperate, you need
to get that cleaned up.

You need to have the techniques and the experience to
always have an abundance of pussy available.

Then you’ll never have that one-itis that makes you seem
so desperate.

Like I said yesterday, the single most important
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Better-looking guys will stare jealously as YOU go home
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And you’ll be getting so much pussy; you’ll literally
have to start using a calendar to avoid overlapping
appointments. Which could get awkward.

Unless you turn it into a threesome.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – Every day you wait is another day other guys make a
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