Openers you can use right NOW

Wed, 31/05/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

Today’s newsletter is a special gift for the guys who
are scared of rejection.

I’ve given you a couple of my best openers that you can
go out and use right away.

If you try these for a few weeks, you will get more
comfortable around women, and then you can move on to
Black Book Method, which is filled with nuclear power
stories and openers that are designed to get you more
pussy than you can handle.

Using the stories and openers in Black Book Method,
I have nailed more women than any man
wants, need or deserves.

But if you’re not ready to use the real deal material,
these openers are great to get you started.

Here’s the “5 new people opener”:

“Hi, my name is _____ and I’m shy. My best friend told me
that I should go out every day and talk to 5 new people.
I decided to talk to you because you seem nice.”

This one is easy, funny and disarming. Very easy to

And here’s the “stunning” opener:

“I just wanted to point out that WE LOOK STUNNING (point
to everyone in the group and yourself). Mostly me, but
you guys look OK too.”

This opener is a rare gem. It is rejection proof because
it starts with a compliment, but is also an attraction
builder because it ends with unexpected teasing.

Keep this opener in your rotation even when you have
moved on to the high powered stuff in Black Book Method.

In fact you can use this formula to create your own
customized opener: Compliment + Unexpected Teasing

I ultimately want you to move on to the material in
Black Book as soon as you can.


Because women want a guy who is fearless and dominant.
She can tell when you’re playing it safe.

When you are bold powerful and fearless, you will be

So you can get started today with these, and when your
ready to really become a badass, it’s time for my little
Black Book.

Talk soon,

Brad P.