What does it mean to be a sexual threat?

Sat, 27/05/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

Sometimes it’s easy to forget we have guys on this
newsletter who are very new to dating skills.

Sometimes they don’t know what all the terms and lingo

A subscriber just asked about what a sexual threat is.

This one is important. You have to know what a sexual
threat is, and more importantly, you have to BE one.



You continually talk about this term you call “sexual
threat.” Can you elaborate more on what you mean by this
phrase? Specifically a working definition and examples
of what it is and what’s not?

Thank you.

– Ian


Beta males are sexually nonexistent.

The girl says to herself “if I were alone with this guy,
he probably wouldn’t even try to hold my hand, because
he has no balls at all and is scared of rejection.”

With a more dominant guy she’s thinking “if I’m alone
with this guy, he will do everything he can to have sex
with me, so I better be careful around him.”

BUT the subconscious part of her brain is saying “well
if I ever want to get laid, this is the kind of guy I
should hang around because he will get through all my
obstacles and make it happen, then I will be happy.”

Sexual threats aren’t cowards. They want to fuck women
and will make a move given the chance.

This is something that carries through in their energy
and women can feel it.

This is the energy I teach guys to cultivate with my
Formula-X Activation System.

You do easy exercises for about 10 minutes a day and end
up with amazing confidence to talk to anyone, anytime.

You’ll be able to nail any opener and make it work.

You will BE a sexual threat.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.