Fucking her brains out by 11:00…

Sun, 09/07/2017

My clients are winners. Fucking love you guys! (In a
non-weird way…)

Today I’m sharing a success story from a guy who shares
an easy move to get girls back to his place:



I have to thank you for helping me get my mojo back. I’m
31 and recently life has been getting in the way of my
good time. I stumbled on to your web site about a month
ago, and have been breathing new life since.

I have been running game since I was about 22 without
even realizing it. At my best I was pretty good and it
all came naturally since I put no thought or conscious
preparation into my game. But lately I have been stale.

Your thoughts and views run pretty parallel to my own
and you have served as a wake up. Its like a younger,
hungrier version of myself is telling me how lame I’ve
let myself become.

You’ll be happy to know I just finished Black Book
Method and notched up a hot chick.

Met her on the beach around 1pm and was fucking her
brains out around 11pm.

On a side note…. I have a good plan for getting chicks
back to your place. Caipirinhas!

Keep a bottle of Cachaca at your place and learn how to
make this drink… It works like a charm and women love

Brad keep it up, you are doing god’s work!



My thoughts:

Awesome. It seems like he just needed a nudge to put
himself out there. Even if you don’t know anything about
game, simply doing a single approach will automatically
put you closer to success than doing NOTHING.

Now there is nothing “wrong” with most of the guys I
meet. They have their hobbies, a decent job, funny
friends, and aren’t horribly disfigured. But when they
start talking to girls I instantly know that something
is missing: they have zero game.

They don’t know how to talk to a girl. They don’t know
how to touch them. They don’t know how attraction works.
They don’t know that smiling constantly weakens their
cause, and they definitely don’t know how to escalate
the encounter to intimacy.

Here’s why:

While some guys were failing out of college while
partying and getting laid, other guys were putting most
of their free time into their studies or work. They
didn’t learn how to interact with girls and they
definitely didn’t do the practice necessary to get good.

The result of that is that today there are millions of
guys approaching 30 who have no idea how to consistently
pick up girls. They’ve given up without even trying.

I consider myself lucky that I stumbled on game when I
was “young” at 24. Right out of college I started
completely fresh in the bars and clubs of New York City.

I went a little crazy and with a little guidance from
experts, laid down a methodology and a philosophy that
has gotten me and thousands of my clients laid,
constantly, ever since.

If you’re just starting out, I think studying my Black
Book Method will help.

You can learn all about it here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.