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Astonishing “Underground” Secrets to
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Until now, only a handful of ‘naturals,’ professional pickup artists, club players and dating gurus have been allowed to learn these ballsy, lightning-fast techniques of attraction that virtually guarantee your success with women (even if you currently have ZERO GAME). But now, with the unexpected release of The Metamorphosis Method—you can quickly rocket from “average guy” status to sexy, mega-skilled “lady killer”… and create a dating life filled with beautiful girls, wild sexual escapades… and fun, fulfilling relationships—ALL ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

PROVEN in documented stories, expert endorsements
and startling case histories below:

  • The #1 way to STOP “freezing up” and boldly initiate fun, sexually-charged conversations with hot women on the street, in bars, clubs or anywhere else…
  • A proven process that prevents you from being just another “student” of dating and attraction —paralyzed by “information overload”—and finally get all the real-life phone numbers… makeouts… dates… one-night-stands… and relationships with the women you want…
  • How to hijack privileged information from the “Dating Underground”—the small, hidden group of ‘naturals’ who get insane results with women and NEVER go public with it…
  • Secrets of “Endgame Logistics—by far the most overlooked skill when it comes to bringing women home on a regular basis (if the rest of your Game is solid, this is probably the single biggest reason why you’re not getting one-night- stands)…
  • And much, much more!

By Glenn P.
Brad P Presents

This letter is about information that’s “none of your business.”

In fact, some big names are going to be downright furious this is being released.Here’s the story: Every legitimate dating expert knows there’s just three things you must master if you want unlimited choice with beautiful women:

(1) The ability to approach her...
(2) To generate intense feelings of attraction/connection and...
(3) Know exactly how to get her back to your place.

Unfortunately, some guys think they can buy a woman into the bedroom. You’ve seen ‘em. Fancy clothes, sports car, the works. And most of them couldn’t pickup a hottie in a bar to save their life. Shameful.

Other guys pump weights, get huge muscles, slap on a fake tan and pray that women will approach them. Still others read and study every single thing they possibly can on female psychology, dating, attraction, seduction and more.

Well, guess what? Many of the top guys are keeping a dirty little secret from you. Sure, they want you to believe you need a million different techniques, countless opening lines, complicated language patterns and other technical stuff… and, of course, dozens of books, courses, seminars and products to teach you all that.

But here’s something many of the “mainstream” dating experts and gurus don’t want you to know: When you finally learn the right dating and attraction information in the right sequence—and then make some small, yet powerful tweaks to your personal identity—APPROACHING, DATING AND SLEEPING WITH BEAUTIFUL WOMEN is a waaaaaayyy simpler than you ever dreamed possible.

In other words, you can STOP “waiting” to experience success with women and finally…

Simply by applying the all-new “Metamorphosis Method”
that’s been quietly spreading like wildfire
throughout the Dating Underground!

Here’s what we’ve got for you: You may or may not have heard of Brad P...but all the other Dating Gurus sure have. He’s been the most sought-after “secret weapon” in the dating community for the last two years. Top guys from all over the world beg him for personalized instruction. Yes, even a few of the “household names” in the dating and seduction community.

And they come despite the fact that Brad P has never advertised his services. It’s all word of mouth. One pro whispering to another.

Why do many of the top guys seek Brad out?

Simple: He’s the ONLY instructor who has taken intense, field-tested experience, and merged it with what he calls the “sequential learning model”… to create the most comprehensive, “total transformation” system for attracting hotter women into your life.

Yeah, that’s a mouthful. Here’s what it means…

  • Brad P was just a regular guy—with minimal success women—until he decided to get his dating life handled…
  • Having degrees and a professional background in teaching, he carefully developed what he calls the “Metamorphosis Method”—a step-by- step process of total transformation that makes success with women both natural and inevitable...
  • Once Brad P discovered and fine-tuned this process, it was only a matter of months before he became one of the leading dating coaches in the world…
  • So why is it literally sending shockwaves through the dating community? Because Brad was doing something few other “experts” could even imagine: In one of the most competitive, cut-throat pickup environments in the world—the NY Club Scene—he would routinely score one-night- stands with an average of five different gorgeous women a week
  • These weren’t your everyday hotties, either. I’m talking about high-paid fetish models, runway models, Swedish 9’s and 10’s,bitchy but smokin’ hot club promoters, DJ chicks and other sexy “hired guns”… and so many more… the kind of women most men drool over…

And yet… despite all this… he’s still a mystery to nearly every guy in the dating community. The reason: Most pros simply do not want to share these secrets with you or anyone else.

If they could, they would lock Brad P up someplace where no “regular guys” could ever find him. Don’t be shocked… but… there are several gurus you read about who consistently seek his counsel and owe much of their success to what they’ve learned from him. They ain’t talking of course—it would totally blow their image.

So they really, really want
these secrets to stay secret.

Well, Brad says “to heck with that.” He now believes it’s time to share the Metamorphosis Method with every guy who’s got the balls to learn it.

Hey, don’t be intimidated by the fact that this is really advanced material. The simple fact is that you can go through his process, step-by- step… day-by- day...month-by- month… until you’re the kind of guy that women find utterly irresistible.

Best of all, it works...

  • No matter what you look like—even if you’re short, bald, out-of-shape, or uneasy on the eyes...
  • No matter what your current skill or experience level (in fact,it’s almost better if you’re a raw rookie beginner, because you won’t have to unlearn any of your bad habits)…
  • No matter how much money you have right now to spend on clothes, your apartment or anything else (Heck, when Brad P first developed the Metamorphosis Method, he was making under $20,000 a year—while living in the ridiculously expensive city of New York—and still, he was bringing one hottie after another back to his shabby little studio each night)…

Truthfully, the Metamorphosis Method is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.It’s not just another technique or even a mere “system”—rather, it’s a foolproof process of total psychological transformation that ANY guy can make—which literally forces you to become everything hot women are seeking out in a man.

Don’t get me wrong: You’ll still be “yourself”—the key difference is that you’ll be the boldest, coolest, most attractive possible version of yourself!

And rather than foolishly bounce from one system and technique to another like most guys—you’ll finally start making real, measurable progress… you’ll kick the paralyzing effect of “information overload” to the curb… and your confidence and success with women will inevitably soar.

In fact, when you go through this powerful process, I’m personally betting that: Within three to six months you’ll be getting regular dates… Within seven months you’ll be consistently getting laid...

...And by the end of the twelve months,
you’ll be the kind of guy

Hard to believe? I understand. But I know for a fact it’s possible because Brad P went from “average guy” to world-renown master in far less time than that. And his personal students have experienced radical transformations in a matter of weeks, sometimes as little as a single weekend.

In other words, I’m understating the amount of time it’s going to take you to get good. I don’t believe in the shameless over-promising you so often see in marketing. I only tell you what I KNOW will happen—and I’m 100% confident that if you take the simple actions you’re about to discover—there’s absolutely no way you won’t experience the same kind of life-changing results Brad and his students have.

That’s exactly why I’m writing you today: Over the last year, Brad P’s been putting together a coaching program that teaches this groundbreaking method. It’s guaranteed to take you from wherever you currently are with your game...to exactly where you want to go.

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to have multiple relationships with 8’s, 9’s or 10’s… an exclusive relationship with that beautiful, smart, fun woman you’ve always dreamed about… frequent one-night- stands… threesomes… or anything else…

Brad’s done it all.

And more importantly…

He knows the quickest, surest path
to helping YOU get where you want to be.

So how does the program work? Well, for starters, you’ll focus on mastering a crucial new skillset for attracting women each month.

That means the programs begins with foundational elements—such as Building an Attractive Identity… Cold Approaching… Discovering Your “Sexy Stereotype” and Overall Style… and then eventually moves to advanced topics... like Threesomes... Social Circle Club Game...Elite-Level Social Dynamics... and more.

But with Brad’s new program, it’s always first things first. There’s no point in thinking about threesomes if you’re having trouble getting phone numbers. Nor is there any point in using advanced tactics like “pawning” and “jealousy plotlines” in a bar if you’re still getting stuck on the approach.

See, when you build your skillset with women—one piece at a time—in the right sequence, you take luck OUT of the equation! Progress is inevitable, your results are repeatable. And that means you get whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s phone numbers, makeouts at the club, fun dates, same-night- sex or relationships.

Specifically, here’s a small taste of what you’ll experience if you’re accepted into Brad’s new Metamorphosis Method Coaching Program:

  • How to take any strengths you have—and creatively “fuse” them into an “identity” that women are irresistibly drawn to...(Month 1)
  • The best opening strategies, lines and locations for YOU—how to adapt field-tested material according to your own unique personality, style, circumstances and goals (Unfortunately, most guys just blindly jump into what they read and never develop a strategy that best matches who they are as individuals. Failure rates are high that way)... (Month 2)
  • Why you may still be setting off a woman’s “Nice Guy Detector” (even though you know it’s dating suicide)… And the secrets to making sure a woman NEVER mistakes you for another boring “Nice Guy” or “just a friend”—ever again! (Month 3)
  • Do you radiate a natural sexual confidence and “strong presence”? If not, Brad will teach you. This is the surest way to have women think about sleeping with you, right from the moment her eyes meet yours… (Month 3)
  • A revolutionary, fast-acting process for complete “Social Freedom”—so that you’re no longer scared or inhibited in social situations! Most guys take years to become socially free—if ever—but YOU can get there in a matter of months (or even weeks) when you follow Brad’s 18 Degrees of Social Freedom Process...This one tweak alone will multiply your success with women many times over, even if you learn nothing else! (Month 4)
  • The quickest path to Advanced Sexual Mastery—how to give a woman one orgasm after orgasm another so that she keeps coming back... so that she has no problem just “using you for sex”... and so that she openly welcomes the idea of being with YOU and another woman at the same time! (Month 7)
  • Proven secrets for designing a fun, healthy lifestyle... getting everything you want from the women in your life... And, most importantly, being yourself the entire time. This has NOTHING to do with money! As I said earlier: There was a time when Brad was making under $20,000 a year… spent less than $400 per year on his wardrobe... had a tiny little NY studio filled with cockroaches (true!)... and still brought home 5-6 beautiful women a week! If he did it... and if his seminar students do it... WHY NOT YOU? (Month 10)
  • The single best way to attract the “Ultimate Girlfriend”—that rare kind of woman who’s super-hot, smart, fun and sassy, has her life together and wants nothing more than to spend quality time with you. This is NOT the kind of woman you’ll ever get by “default”—she only comes into your life by becoming a charismatic guy who’s got TONS of different options. Brad will SHOW YOU exactly how to be that guy… (Month 10 & 11)

And literally, dozens and dozens of more lessons and secrets that will change your dating life forever. Seriously. As you can see, I’ve left many of the months out—and each month covers so much more than I can possibly list here.

Because you don’t need to
“believe” a single word I say...
Just test out Brad’s new system—
and actually SEE for yourself!

If you want to quickly eliminate any fear, anxiety and frustration you have in your dating life… if you want to experience the fun, freedom and bold power that guys like Brad radiate… and, most importantly, IF YOU WANT A CONSISTENT, NON-STOP FLOW OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN INTO YOUR LIFE—then look no further.

Brad’s new Metamorphosis Method Coaching Program will get you there, guaranteed. It’s the most systematic, yet “easy-to- take-action” process in the dating community—and there’s simply nothing else like it.

Just fill out your online application—TODAY—and you’ll soon receive the following monthly benefits as part of your membership:

  • Monthly installments of Brad’s hottest products (A $69 MONTHLY VALUE!). I’m talking about stuff like:
  • -Instant Attraction—The groundbreaking e-book which reveals exactly how Brad became one of the best guys in the world at “cold approaching,” (starting conversations with women you’ve never met)—including all his favorite “SHOCKER” openers…
  • - The Underground Dating Seminar—Recordings of the $1500-a-head workshop where Brad shares tons of secrets for building a sexually magnetic identity... transitioning from phone numbers to dates that finish in the bedroom... advanced sexual techniques that keep women coming back… and lots more...
  • - The Adventures of Brad P (you just read the advance copy)—Readers are calling this the “XXX version of The Game”—because Brad gives detailed accounts of his seductions and many sexual encounters with super-hot women from around the country. More importantly, each story is filled with powerful lessons and underlying psychology—making it the ultimate “state builder” as you head out to meet women...
  • - The Fashion Bible—This extensive guide gives you clear step-by-step advice for dressing in ways that women respond to sexually. You’ll learn exactly how to permanently remove yourself from the “nice guy/friend” category… how to rapidly speed up a woman’s “countdown to sex”… secrets for figuring out which “sexy stereotype” fits you best… and so much more…
  • - The Pheromone Kid Interview—Believe it or not, Brad found a guy who could consistently seduce women in under 10 minutes—a total natural with zero “pickup knowledge” whatsoever—and got him to share exactly how he does it. It’s an overnight crash course for developing a strong sexual vibe women respond to uncontrollably...
  • - And many, many more. (BTW—If you’ve already purchased any of Brad’s products, you’ll get their cost discounted against your membership dues.)
  • You’ll also get…
  • Ongoing expert advice, insight, feedback and suggestions from Brad and his assistant coaches
  • (A $249 MONTHLY VALUE!)—all via the Metamorphosis Method Message Boards. Specifically, you will…
  • Have your most pressing questions and concerns answered...
  • Get specific, quick, actionable feedback about what you can do to improve the skill you’re focused on mastering that month—whether it’s how to dress… how to approach… storytelling… gaming in clubs... or whatever else...
  • Motivational posts, experiences, lessons and insights from guys who are really out there DOING the work, who’ve mastered the skills, and want to share everything they know with you...
  • Your own in-depth “Personal Progress Profile” (PPP) (A $39 MONTHLY VAUE!)—where you’ll post pictures of yourself for critique (Don’t worry, Brad and the other coaches are good guys—their feedback is NEVER mean and will only help you increase your success with women)...
  • ...where you’ll post your initial “30/30 Baseline” results (more on this in just a second) so that you can carefully track your progress and overall success...
  • … Finally, this is also where you’ll verbalize your identity, refine it and determine the specific goals you want to achieve on your journey to getting good with women.
  • Monthly and weekly communications from the Brad and the team (A $19 MONTHLY VALUE!), including newsletters that reveal urgent secrets and insights... success stories from other guys out there going through the same process you are... text messages on the weekends for inspiration and motivation… answers to your questions... and more...

As you can see, this is a robust coaching program designed entirely with one goal in mind: To get you wickedly good with women, FAST.

Once you have that ability, you can use it to move in whatever direction you want, no matter what goals you have. The choice is yours.

Can The Metamorphosis Method
Really Do All This?

By now you might be wondering, what separates Brad’s method and new coaching program apart from the other stuff out there? Does it really work that well?

In short, YES! Just look at the feedback below—from guys who’ve received only a small fraction of what you’ll get—and you’ll see that it works like absolute friggin’ gangbusters.

But just so that you have no remaining doubts, here are five compelling reasons why this program is unconditionally guaranteed to forever transform your dating life:

Proven Success Factor #1:
You Always Get
the Right Information,
At the Right Time

Right now, most students of dating are wandering aimlessly from e-book to e-book, buying whatever's trendy or has the best marketing, and slowly creating a traffic jam of unusable information in their head.

Can you relate to this? If so, you’re not alone. Nearly every guy in this field is suffering from the paralyzing effect of “information overload.” Spending a small fortune on information and doing nothing with it.

But the Metamorphosis Method Coaching Program is DIFFERENT. It gives you exactly the right amount information to go out and build on small successes. The steps are carefully planned out for you. It’s all perfectly timed for maximum effectiveness.

You see, it's not enough that you have correct information. These days, guys have 100 gig hard drives full of "correct information." It's got to be timed appropriately or it's worthless.

Proven Success Factor #2:
You Always Apply
What You Learn

It takes a lot of discipline to stop reading and apply the things you read yesterday. Many of the students Brad’s encountered are reading incessantly. You name it, they buy it.

But in reality, you only need to be taking in the information that applies to your current level—information that address the things YOU find challenging.

This is where having a program with live coaches makes such a difference. Brad and his team support you to continually take action—one step at a time—and help you at the times where you run into walls. You’ll never be tempted to jump far ahead, because your coaches and fellow students will be continually pushing you to master the task at hand.

Skill by skill, one step at a time.

Proven Success Factor #3:
You Always
Have a Realistic
Expectation of Success

Many guys create wild, unrealistic goals like approaching 40 or 50 women in a weekend—even if they’re just starting out. And then they feel like a total failure when it doesn’t happen, which kills their momentum and progress.

But as a member of the Metamorphosis Method Coaching Program, this will never happen to you. Both your motivation and confidence will stay high because we help you set modest, attainable goals at every step.

Stuff like writing an identity statement…. Going out and do 30 approaches in a month, just so you have a baseline to test against… Trying out new openers at least five times… this is all doable stuff. Then, once you get some momentum, the goals will gradually increase in their difficulty, in their riskiness, and in their reward.

Having an ongoing reasonable expectation of success builds your confidence layer by layer. You never lose momentum, you never feel like a failure. This is why you’ll see such consistent, ongoing improvement. And why it’s a lock that you’ll eventually realize your most prized dating goals.

Proven Success Factor #4:
You Always
Measure Your Progress

If you’re accepted into Brad’s Coaching Program, you’ll agree to do what’s called the “30/30 Baseline.” It may be easy or incredibly challenging, depending on where you’re at. But I assure you: It’s 100% necessary.

The point is that by doing minimum of 30 approaches per month and documenting all 30, you’ll finally have a clear, measurable “baseline.” This is what allows you to compare your results to prior months and see measurable progress.

Plus, your “Social Freedom” score is also easily quantified. (Social Freedom is a big reason why naturals get laid more often than most other guys—they’re simply less inhibited socially.)

All in all, having this system in place is the most effective way to step out of the “study-but- never-improve” cycle most guys are stuck in. You immediately increase your perception of success and begin a positive feedback loop that sends your self-confidence soaring.

Proven Success Factor #5:
You Always
Get TRUE Benchmarks
and Validation

In today’s community, most students get false validation from posting on forums and message boards. This is part of what keeps them coming back and buying new products, even when they have no real field experience or results to speak of. Often, they’re merely parroting back the words of the gurus.

But as a member of the Brad’s Metamorphosis Method Coaching Program, your validation will come from much more effective sources: Your monthly reports will get feedback from coaches. This is true positive reinforcement.

What’s more, it will be crystal clear whether you’re actually attaining the skills you’ve committed to for that month. There’s no faking it—and no advising others if you haven’t. In this way, you’re forced to make real progress.

Figure the Price
Against What You Stand to Gain

By now, I imagine you’re wondering what this program costs. As you may know, Brad’s live seminars sell out for $1500 each… his products range from $39 to $250 each… and guys routinely spend hundreds, even up to $2500 for half a day of personal time with him.

In fact, just add up the conservative monthly value of each part of this service and you’ll see it’s worth at least $286 a month.

Fortunately, Metamorphosis Method Coaching won’t cost you anywhere near that. Even though you’ll be getting direct feedback and advice from Brad and his team… even though you’ll be getting monthly installments of every product he’s created to this point… Brad’s set out to make this affordable. He remembers exactly what it feels like to be tight on cash, yet hungry to get out there and date high caliber women.

That’s why I think you’ll agree that—at only $79.5 a month—Metamorphosis Coaching is an absolute steal. You literally get everything you need to transform your dating life—no more, no less—delivered in a format and sequence that assures your success.

Heck, I know guys who spend more than that on a single t-shirt!

In other words, for about three bucks a day—less than a single cup of coffee at Starbucks—you can finally become the envy of all your friends—that rare kind of guy who’s just seems to naturally attract hot women wherever he goes.

Apply Today—RIGHT NOW—
Test Drive It Entirely At Our Risk...
And Then Pay ONLY If You
Get the Results You’re Looking For!

In fact, Brad’s so confident Metamorphosis Coaching will work for you, he’s prepared to offer you the strongest Money-Back Guarantee possible.

This is how it works: Take 60 days to test-drive the Metamorphosis Method. Use and abuse all the products you receive. Take action on the advice. Get feedback from Brad and the other coaches. Post your results on the boards.

By the end of the 60 days, you must be overjoyed with the progress and results you’re starting to see. Otherwise, just let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your investment. Heck—for ANY reason or no reason at all—just say the word and your money will be returned.

And even after that point, you can receive a refund on any previous month that doesn’t fully live up to your expectations. No hard feelings, no questions asked. We’ll still be friends.

If You’re Up for the Challenge,
This Could Be One of the
Most Powerful Decisions You Ever Make

I’m going to level with you. Not every guy is fit for a program like this. You WILL be required to take action each month. Sure, there will be challenges. Your fears and anxieties may flair up with a vengeance.

Your brain’s habit of sabotaging you will NOT die easily.

But that’s exactly what Brad and the other coaches are there for! They’ll help you work through your fears and sticking points and finally move forward.

Of course, it will be up to you to put in the work. This isn’t mere “learning” or “intellectual entertainment.” It’s your job to get out there apply the information.

In other words, by virtue of submitting your application, you agree to:

  • 1. Thoroughly read or listen to the products you’re sent. There’s no fluff here—every piece of information you receive is essential to your success…
  • 2. Set up your Personal Progress Profile (PPP) that includes pictures, your goals, identity statements, vision and more. This is how Brad and the other coaches will get to know you individually...
  • 3. Follow through on your minimum “30/30” commitment each month—where you cold approach at least 30 times a month and document your experience for Brad and his assistant coaches to view (if you have trouble with this, we WILL help you work through it—but the effort needs to be there)...
  • 4. Take action on what you learn via the monthly products, posts, newsletters and text messages. It should be fairly obvious why this is essential...

Please apply ONLY if you feel you can meet these requirements. Otherwise you may be asked to leave the program. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.This program is all about results. Brad and his team want to give as much time and attention to the guys who are truly committed to change.

They simply can’t afford to waste time on anyone who’s just out to be entertained.

Which is also why only a strictly limited number of applications will be accepted. The goal for this program is not to have the world’s largest group of aspiring pickup artists. It’s to help a dedicated group of guys get to where they want to be in their dating life.

If that sounds like you, then I urge you to APPLY TODAY

We’ll let you know whether or not you’ve been accepted within the next 48 hours.

You’ve seen the evidence. You know there’s absolutely no risk.

Now the choice is yours.

Please: Stop waiting—and START experiencing incredible success with women—simply by submitting your application today

Yours for unlimited dating success,

Glenn P.

PS – As you can see, I haven’t listed a million and one bonuses you’ll get when you sign up. And that’s because I don’t want you to make your decision on that basis. This is a serious commitment, strictly for guys who are ready to move forward.

If that’s you, then I suggest you Apply Right Now

We both know that there are few things in life more rewarding than having the knowledge you can go out and meet, date and get intimate with beautiful women—whenever you want.

Brad’s done it, he helped me get there… many of our students have made the transformation… AND NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and experience the most electrifying year of your dating life!

What Both Experts and Regular Guys
Alike Are Saying About Brad P:

“His students are among the best I’ve seen.” – Savoy, The Mystery Method

"Brad P. is the real deal - a pick up coach who's getting consistent results out in the field. His direction is specific, detailed, and effective - I know I had fun trying out his techniques." – Lance Mason, PickUp101.com

"Brad P is amazing. He is a master at rapport and at connecting with women. More importantly, he is able to convey those skills to others. He has methods that work and that are tailorable to anyone's unique personality." – David Shade, MasterfulLover.com

"A friend of mine kept raving about Brad P's stuff, and I was a little reluctant to listen to it because most stuff is garbage. Within SECONDS of hearing him, I knew right off the bat that this guy is an absolute master. There are maybe five people in the community who are actually what they claim to be and Brad P is definitely one of them. I think you would be doing a big disservice to yourself if you didn't use him as a resource to get your game to where it deserves to be." – Geoff, Real Social Dynamics

“Brad P is one of the best dating coaches around, a true original.” – Eric Monse, ApproachAnxiety.com

“Dude, You’re Like the Tommy Lee of Dating.”

I’ve purchased, read and watched virtually every product in the dating and pickup genre. Nothing comes close your stuff. Plus, you’re really living the life day-in and day-out. Your skills are truly insane—the stories, the bold approaches, the highly sexual frames you quickly draw women into. Dude, you’re like the “Tommy Lee” of dating—except that you can actually teach what you do to others. It’s inspiring to know you started out a regular guy, like me.

Just reading a couple of your books helped me almost immediately. For example, one night I used some of your attract material, plus some of what you teach about “endgame logistics”—and all of the sudden I had pretty hot bi-woman (who’d known me for a long time) practically rip my clothes off one night. I owe you one!

PS – Your Fashion Bible has literally saved me from spending over a thousand dollars in clothing that doesn’t really match my identity. Did I mention that I’m getting women to approach and compliment me on my clothing all the time?

Charlotte, NC

“You’ve Written the XXX Version of The Game!

Dude, that Adventures of Brad P book is like an XXX version of The Game—except your book is way more instructional because you break down all the psychology of everything you do so clearly. I mean dozens and dozens of stories and detailed analysis of you getting beautiful women into bed, I’d pay hundreds of dollars for that information alone!
Los Angeles, CA

“They WORK!”

“I have field-tested Brad’s shocker openers, of which the Horse Girl is one, and I can tell you they work. It is easy to create your own shocker openers and that keeps things interesting. – Equal

“I Almost Laid Two Chicks at Once BUT...”

Brad, just reading your stuff has made me bolder and ballsier. In fact, I almost laid two chicks at the same time last weekend—my approach consisted of yelling at them as they stopped at the light. The only reason it didn’t happen was that one of the girl’s fiancée came home! (She forgot to tell me about him.) I had to run out the back. You rock. I’ve learned more from a couple of your books than all the other “expert” advice combined.
Irvine, CA


As an attractive, intelligent, successful woman, you’ll probably shocked to know how fascinated and intrigued I was by your material. Especially the Adventures of Brad P book! I even found myself getting turned on as I read it. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. You’re so sexual, so bold and dominant, and not to mention f#@$% hilarious, I wish there were more men out there like you. You are doing all the guys out there a huge favor.
Santa Monica, CA

Finally, I Can Control My Success With Women

I’m the lead singer in a local rock band, and I do okay with women right now. But honestly, your books have opened my eyes to insane potential I have. I realize that I’ve been laid mostly by luck or accident—but now I understand how to actually control the process. I especially love what you teach about “endgame logistics”—because I’ve lost so many women that way and I never knew what to do about it. Now I know. That’s half the battle, right? Thanks Brad.
Marina Del Rey, CA

Thanks to Brad, I Number Closed a Super-Hot DJ!

I can’t believe it—I approached and # closed the DJ! She was a 9 with blonde hair and a super tight body. Brad P told me to open her up, and I’m like, are you crazy she’s got headphones on right now cueing up her next song. He says to wait until she’s done and go open. I walk over and open screaming “hey”, but I don’t step inside the DJ area and she doesn’t hear me. I go back to Brad P and he says just go and step into the DJ area. I go again this time stepping right up next to her and her turntables, and then proceed to run some game. She would leave me at times to cue up the next song and after the third time of doing this, I went for the close and got it!
– Goose

He Made Out with a Girl in 30 Seconds!

There's no question that Brad has some serious skill. I saw him take over a seated 10 set Bachelorette party and have them laughing and totally under his control. When I botched one of my own sets, he came in and winged for me, and helped me salvage it by holding two extremely hostile girls while I number closed their friend.

But the highlight of the night came when he showed the power of recognizing and tapping into buying temperature first hand. Right in front of me, he made eye contact with a girl, and within 30 seconds, was making out with her. This is 100% true, and was the fastest make out I have ever witnessed. Apparently, after the hour long end of the night breakdown he held with all of the students, he finished the job. –

Even Rejection Is Fun With Brad’s Material!

I have to admit, I bombed a few times, but with Brad P's material, it's almost fun to get blown out. Try walking up to a girl and saying, "Hey, did we sleep together last weekend," and have her run off with a shocked look on her face. It's a blast.

Plus, it’s nice to know that he wants us to improve ourselves, not just our abilities with women. It was easy to feel that he actually cares for people, not just the money they pay him. –

“Always Practical, Amazing Teacher.”

Brad’s an amazing teacher. I learned about body language stuff that I was doing wrong that I didn't even realize and showed me how I misapplied certain techniques. I also discovered some inner game and identity concepts that were really helpful. Not corny shit like, "I see the pimp inside you man." Just good, always practical advice about constructing an identity and standing in a set like you DESERVE to be there.

“Scored a Makeout Within Like 10 Minutes!”

Brad showed me some openers and some in-venue tactics like his crazy dance numbers. I immediately wanted to try the dance stuff because the last venue we where in was loud as hell and opening with only your voice wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to be. I hit the dance floor and tried mimicking Brad as best as I could. I’ve gotten to the point where I stopped caring if I look retarded doing this shit. I’m into rock and I was bumping and grinding to hip hop, something I never thought I’d do. It paid off, I scored a makeout within like 10 min by hooking this tight Asian girl. I number closed when the tit sucking and hair pulling was over with.
– MikeNYC

“Brad Perfectly Pinpoints Where You’re At In Your Game.”

Brad is really good at perfectly pinpointing where someone’s game is and giving them openers to use to develop from that point. For instance, one of the guys seemed socially awkward, at least to me, and instead of giving him standard openers like jealous girlfriend or something way over the top or direct, Brad was tailoring the opener he would use to his personality and delivery. Also, these are his openers, which he’s developed. They aren’t widely known. – 41

Pay Attention, Because This Guy is Having Sex All the F#$%& Time!

I have great respect for Brad P, I think he is probably the most qualified person to teach in the whole community. Bar none. It's weird though, a book on openers, cos' that's one thing the community has no shortage of really, but on the other hand these are Brad P openers, and he is having sex ALL the fucking time, so perhaps they are worth paying a little bit more attention to.
– GreyGoose

“The Real Deal.”

Brad proved himself by # closing a very sexy HB. As has been said by others, Brad P is the real deal. He comes in under the radar and has girls hooked on him instantly. He makes up openers on the fly and showed us how easy it can be to use the environment to your advantage.
– J Prince

This Guy Is a Pioneer

Another thing to note about Brad P is that he pioneered much of his material himself. He is not just a product of the community, most of his development was done independently from the community at large, although he has since adopted and adapted many aspects and tactics that are commonly used in the community. There is not a question he can't handle, from openers to maintaining relationships and I would highly recommend him to anyone out there who wants to get their game in action.
– Disco

”Dedicating to Helping Us All.”

All in all Brad is the real deal and is dedicated to helping us all in our search. The man is a powerhouse of knowledge and deserves to be up there with the best of them! He has changed me forever.
– Soul1

“Outrageous! Highly Recommended.”

Thanks to you, I'm ready to go out and have fun playing the game, pressing reset, and being fun, outrageous and audacious. I'm glad that the first live speaker I've seen in my education in the PU community has been you, who's been a stand-up guy all the way and an excellent teacher. Highly recommended.
– HungryWolf

“Enjoying Myself A LOT More!”

Since learning from Brad, I have used the dancing stuff a great deal; I have incorporated a lot more sexual talk, which was a big sticking point for me; and I have done a somewhat better job of establishing my identity. I have been using takeaways a lot more. Overall, I have definitely seen a marked improvement in the aspects of my game that I wanted to focus on. I'm enjoying pickup now a lot more than I was a few months ago, and some of that is because of the fun stuff that I learned from Brad P. Arguably that's been the most important thing in the end... because the more I enjoy it, the more Ido it, and the better I get!
– Regal

“Worth Every Cent (And More)!”

First of all, I will say this much: Brad P is worth every cent (and more) than he charges for his services.

He’s more than willing and able to put himself out there in the field, in front of his students. To see him use the very same routines and techniques that he teaches is a real treat, and an inspiration. He’s also willing to change things around, adapting his teaching strategy to what he feels would best fit your individual needs. Thanks Brad, you’ve made a friend for life.
– Angel Face

“Money Well Spent.”

All in all, it was money well spent and Brad P is legitimately the real deal. He can pull off anything he teaches, but will not pull and sacrifice the quality of his teaching for anything, even to get laid. I highly recommend working with him if you want to improve your game.
– Richie Rich

“Great News… She Spent the Weekend With Me!”

Great news, Brad! Got my first lay directly related to learning from you. Great chick. Met her at B&N at Union Square. I believe Hyper was with me. She drove down from Pittsburgh and spent the weekend with me. I opened her simply by telling how unbelievably cute she was.

More details to follow when I get time. BE sure to tell Glenn.