If you are interested in live coaching, please contact any of the following coaches.

Jake P (LA and Vegas)
Nola (New Orleans and Midwest)
John K (Europe and UK)
Rajin (Australia)

These 4 coaches have been vetted by Brad P. and you can expect a high quality learning experience.

Here's a brief history of UDS and it's founder, Brad P.

Pre-Seduction Community Era, 2005-2006

Brad P. began teaching an informal dating seminar in the top floor of a pizza place in February, 2005. Students could expect a free 1 hour session followed by an additional 2 hour session for $40 along with free pizza and beer. With no advertising or website, the seminar slowly grew from only a handful of students to 40+ students per meeting. In late 2006, the seminars were inudated by students from “the seduction community” who had read Neil Strauss's “The Game” which was released around this same time. This was a new type of student, and they were mostly focused on one night stands. Brad P. temporarily discontinued the seminar to create new material geared towards fast seduction and reduced the emphasis on dating and relationships.

Seduction Community Era, 2007-2013

Brad P. unveiled the new, fast-acting material at the Cliff's List Convention. At this event, Brad met David Shade who helped with building a more legitmate and accessible business. UDS became a corporation, got a website, and released products to the public. A few months later, Shade recommended Nick Savoy be hired to manage the business affairs and allow Brad to focus on live trainings and developing new material. Nick Savoy was the top manager in this fast growing industry, with successful brands such as Mystery Method and Bad Boy Lifestyle in his stable. Savoy succeeded in creating more exposure for Brad's new and innovative material.

Critical Reception

Brad's mission was to learn new material and techniques from the best naturals in the world, improve it and simplify it, then create an educational format where men with very low social skills could benefit from applying it. This new material was embraced by the community, and Brad P. was named the #1 coach in the world on all 3 major polls in 2008.

“Choosing the #1 Pick Up Artist of 2008 was a difficult decision, since there were so many great choices, but in the end, I had to give the edge to Brad P. Last year, I ranked Brad P. as #5, but in 2008 I really got to know Brad better and got to see what he was up to. First off, I have to say that Brad is, in my opinion, the most prolific PUA working right now. Not only does the guy have a workshop schedule that would make an Olympic Athlete break down and cry (yes, Brad actually teaches all his workshops himself), he also is able to produce an insane number of products teaching guys everything from planning the perfect date to what kind of clothes to wear out to the club.

Brad also has an excellent course which he calls his 30/30 club. This is a monthly course where Brad himself actually makes the content – no minions do the work for him – and it is quite excellent.

Brad also is an incredible innovator. When I first ranked him, I thought he was a borderline Mystery Method clone, but the more I got to learn about his methods, the more I saw that they were very original. This is a guy who I believe will actually take the community in new and exciting directions in the future.

Brad is also a great teacher. He has an uncanny knack for explaining what he does to others, and help them to get similar results. The guy is also not afraid to demonstrate – on demand – his techniques. Obviously, sometimes Brad crashes and burns (a fact he readily admits), but part of Brad’s charm is that he’s not the “uber guru” who can do the infamous five-out-of-five. Rather, he’s a normal guy, but he tends to succeed more than he fails, and he does so with incredible creativity and good humor.
-Thundercat, Thudercat's Seduction Lair

“If respect from your peers is a credential for being the best… then Brad P definitely takes top honors. Brad P is universally respected by everyone in the community for his insane ability to close quickly in field, and his increasingly large following of students who swear by his teachings. Unlike many of the PUAs out there, Brad has a style uniquely his own. He is a tall, funny, charismatic guy who demands the attention of everyone in the room. We had the opportunity to spend time talking to Brad and listening to him speak at this year’s Super Conference in Los Angeles. The guy had the entire room in the palm of his hand every time he opened his mouth. More importantly than gaining the respect of AFCs though, Brad is respected by just about everyone in the community. When it was Brad’s turn to speak at the convention he had some of the best PUAs in the world sitting in the front row taking notes. If you’ve never heard of Brad P, just browse through his book The Adventures of Brad P and read some of the sexual exploits this guy has achieved. Talk about legendary status! The only reason you haven’t heard more of Brad P is because he chooses not to disclose his identity on camera. If this guy released infield videos I am sure he would be a household name by now.”

- Bobby Rio, TSB Magazine

“Brad P gets the top spot because he's maxed out. Everything in his life helps his game. Great inner game, great outer game, great identity, great fashion, cool car, solid financially, never says anything that isn't interesting and cool. Amazing escalation skills, great at relationship management. There's NOTHING he isn't good at when it comes to game. That's why he's # 1.”

- Sinn, Sinn's of Attraction

Student Response

UDS workshops from 2005-20010 received over 100 positive reviews online, without one single negative review. These have been collected here in the Geeks Get Girls ebook, with documention linking to every source. Even now, many years later, all of these reviews and #1 rankings are still verifyable using https://web.archive.org/.

Influential Works

Brad's most influential works include “10 Minute Seduction,” where an unknown natural explains how to get sexual with women in 10 minutes or less, The Black Book (a long list of openers and routines), The Forbidden Truth, and The Forbidden Truth 2. In the Forbidden Truth reports, Brad was able to demonstrate that the major problem facing most students was not a lack of useful techniques, but a lack of application. Most students had very little field time and preferred to spend their days home reading books about picking up women. This would never work, and Brad outlined a practical system to avoid this problem.

30/30 Club and Pickup Mansion The 30/30 Club was an online learning system based on the principles outlined in The Forbidden Truth. For an affordable price, students could do a 12 month program that would greatly increase their results by applying the following principles: Don't take advice from people who don't get laid. Spend 2 hours in field for every 1 hour spent studying. Don't read advanced material until you have mastered beginner material. Meet 30 new women every 30 days, no exceptions. Only post field-tested techniques on the forum, no speculation allowed. No one on the forum is allowed to give advice until he has at least one same night lay.

The 30/30 Club opened in 2008 and by mid 2009 there were over 300 members. With such a wave of success happening, Brad enlisted Jake P. to help start the Pickup Mansion program, where students could move to Hollywood for 12 months and apply these same 30/30 principles in a supportive and well coached environment.

Post Community Era, 2013-2019

Due to an influx of unqualified coaches, the seduction community became an embarrassment and a joke. Brad and the UDS coaches stopped attending Seduction Community events and stopped posting on community websites. The 30/30 Club continued for many more years as the word of mouth buzz continued. The techniques and educational system have proven to be just as effective in 2019 as they were in 2009, and the spirit of dedication, constant improvement, and in-field discipline continues to this day.

Who is Brad P.?

Brad P. never wanted to be a public figure and preferred to dedicate himself to the art of coaching and the discipline of field time. He passed on having a VH1 TV show in 2007, passed on 20+ cable news interviews, and passed on 3 movie offers. His real name has never been released although there have been rumors and speculation on his true identity.

Brad P. is not longer coaching live and cannot be contacted. The 30/30 Club, eBooks, and seminars will be available here forever. The 30/30 Forum will be online forever. There will be no more newsletters. If you were on the email list, rest assured that the list has not been sold and will never be sold.

Now stop reading and get in the field.