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The Forbidden Truth

The Forbidden Truth - Original

For a Great Laugh, Check this Out

I was looking over byefelipe again and laughing my ass

Byefelipe is an Instagram account where women call out
men who write harassing messages online, basically
acting like sexually frustrated douchebags.

I've mentioned it in the past.

... and it's comedy at it's absolutely finest.

Click here and enjoy.

Just look at some of the first few of them at top...

...The one guy starts with "how pretty are you!"

Then he gets no response and comes back with "pretty
fucking ignorant!".

...Or how about the guy from the Christian singles thing
acting like a pathetic nice guy?

And the "may I please see your boobs" comment was

Look them over; you will laugh your ass off!

There are actually some very serious lessons we can
learn from all this hilarity:

1. These guys are bitter, negative losers - and it

There is no bigger turnoff for a girl.

Look, if a woman rejects you, just move on to another
woman. Or wait and try again in a few days (and act like
nothing happened - KEY).

2. You may not have noticed this, but all the
interactions started with the same 2 things.

Either... the functional/natural style greeting (such
"How's it going?" "What's good?" or "How are you?")


A direct compliment on her appearance.

And I've noticed many guys love the idea of "going
direct", without realizing it's an INSTANT turn off.

You see, attractive women get bombarded daily by guys
who either go direct, or go for the natural/functional

And guess what?

They usually end up creeping the girls out.

They're boring at best... but at their worst, they make
violent threats and call her fat.

Go back and look at byefelipe there are multiple
examples of this.

So if YOU act like this too, women will lump you in with
these guys...

And it'll be GAME OVER.

Instead, a far better idea is to give her something
she's never heard before.

Instead of immediately putting you in the loser bin...

She's forced to think about what you're saying... and to
get to know you better.

That's the power of unpredictability... instantly you
stand out as someone different.

And this applies whether it's...

* An in-person meeting
* Online dating
* Social networking
* Or anywhere else

Be different. Be unpredictable.

Turn the tables on her and make her want YOU.

That's how you tap the hottest pussy.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS - How can you be different and spark massive
attraction online and with text? How can you stand out
from these losers on instagram, you ask?


You may remember I just launched a new online dating
product that is getting guys laid like crazy:

It might be a good idea to check this video out and find
out what's possible for you.

Just sayin.

If He's Getting Laid, YOU Should be Swimming in Pussy

A while back I read about a homeless guy in New York who
picks up girls and gets laid on a regular basis.

His name is Joe and he spends his days panhandling in
Manhattan, sometimes earning as much as $150 a day.

In his situation, the easiest way for him to sleep in a
bed and have a shower... is to pick up women and go back
to their place.

Now there's a motivation you don't see everyday.

So he goes out of his way to always look good, and to
talk to as many girls as possible.

Because of this, he gets a LOT more pussy than the
average guy... despite his apparent disadvantage.

I'm not recommending becoming homeless to improve your
game. That would be insane.

Here's the reason I'm telling you this:

He's in a situation where most guys would consider
themselves to have NO chance at all with women...

But he can't afford to let his negative beliefs take
over and defeat him before he has even started. Instead
he's prepared to do what's necessary.

Necessity really is the mother of invention.

The key to this is that he has no comfort zone or safety
net to retreat to. It's either pick up women or sleep in
the streets.

There's a lesson in this for guys who use their
circumstances as an excuse to not even try...

... Especially those with financial problems...

...All it takes is the DESIRE to change and the
willingness to IMPLEMENT the information in this free
newsletter and also my products.

So if you have a strong enough desire to score with
beautiful women and you're ready to start, check out my
Black Book Method.

It's the bible on approaching and seducing gorgeous

Get started today.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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