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The Forbidden Truth

The Forbidden Truth - Original

4 Step System to ELITE thoughts

Hey it's Brad P,

Did you realize that 99% of your thoughts and habits are on

The problem is most people have negative ideas and mediocre
habits. And this is why most people live mediocre lives.

You see, it literally takes YEARS to re-train all your
thoughts and change your habits from MEDIOCRE to ELITE.

But the secret is to change these thoughts ONE at a time...
and also one day at a time.

But how can you actually do this?

Well, here's a simple 4-step system to get on top of your

1. Identify the mediocre thought.

2. Then examine it more clearly. Write it down in this
format: "I can't do X because of Y."

3. Then change it to an elite thought (definition of an
elite thought is... the complete opposite of a limiting
belief, that pulls you as high as you can possibly be)

4. Then make sure it sticks (by repeating steps 1-3 over and

Here's an example...

Mediocre thought: I don't have enough money to start a

Elite thought: I should network with people who have money
to invest in my business.

Now of course, the mediocre thoughts will come back, like
any bad habit. But that's when you smack 'em again... like a
game of WHACK-A-MOLE.

You've just got to raise your awareness and identify each
time a mediocre thought pops into your head. It takes
practice but it can be done.

I would suggest blocking out 15 minutes each day to do this
exercise and to make it a routine of sorts.

Cuz just like any self-help material, the more frequently
you do the exercises, the quicker you'll start to see
visible changes on the outside.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Don't Make THIS Classic Mistake

Hey it's Brad P,

Here's some more proof that being rich makes little
difference with women...

There's a story online about a multi-millionaire who spent
$65,000 on high-end matchmaking services.

The poor guy had hoped to find his "ideal" wife... but in
the end he never found what he was looking for and gave up.

As it turned out he blamed the matchmaking service as being
a "rip off". Of course, he didn't take responsibility and
admit it was his own fault!

But anyway, he made a classic mistake which I see a lot of
guys making.

Which is... "First I get the career, then I get the woman."

No, sorry, it doesn't work that way.

This type of thinking is back to front.

Consider this...

If he'd spent just a fraction of that money on coaching with
myself, he'd be swimming in so much pussy he wouldn't have
time to contemplate marriage.

Let's face it... a matchmaking company can only introduce
two people to each other. But if the guy has low value and
can't talk his way out of a paper bag, he's screwed.

He's got no chance of attracting a high-class good-looking
woman... even if he's loaded.

Now, there's no doubt being a multi-millionaire is an
advantage. But without the skills to attract and seduce
women you're only ever going to get the gold diggers.

So the point I'm trying to make here is...

Even if you've only got a few hundred bucks to your name,
you'd still be far better off spending it on seduction

But you need to have an investment mindset from the very
beginning. In other words, you're investing in yourself.

Coz there's no magic switch you can press to become good at
this stuff overnight. It's a process that everybody has to
go through.

But as long as you keep talking to a LOT of girls (this is
the key) and learn from experts with PROVEN results, you'll
get there eventually.

So if you're ready to talk to a lot of girls, you might want
to check out my Black Book Method.

It'll show you some kick ass openers that you can use to
start the conversation with any girl. They've worked well
for myself over the years, and will give you a huge

Click here to find out more...

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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