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As if lots of great sex wasn't enough, watch this video all the way
My boss, Brad P, just posted a video
about the Pickup Mansion in Hollywood
I recommend watching it and when you do, make sure you watch it all
the way through.

It starts with a sexy scene from the Mansion's hot tub. I love sexy
scenes, especially being lived out by guys whose lives never had it,
but learned to, and shared it with women. I love having sexy girls
doing sexy things with me.

If you've ever thought of doing a deeply immersive program like the
Pickup Mansion, improving your sex life is more than enough reason to
do it. If the beginning of the video motivates you to do it, that's
more than enough reason in my book.
taught at the Mansion and met the guys there in past years, there's
so much more you will get from it.

Frequent and personal coaching from Brad P and his coaches.
As someone with Ivy League degrees who has also met and worked with
some of the worlds top coaches and gurus, both in attraction and
business, I've never met a team that knew its subject better, nor
cared more about its students, nor taught it better than this team.
I'll never forget my first visit there, when Brad and Jake
described every single guy in the Mansion, their experiences going
out together, how they responded to different techniques, and their
passion for and effectiveness in getting each of them beyond their
current realities to levels they didn't think possible. It meant
that when I coached I had to surpass my A game. You will too.

Don't get me wrong. Progress takes time and effort. It would anywhere. But
it takes a lot less time and your effort gets you a lot farther when 
the world's best has your back.
personal development.
Don't let their abilities on improving your sex life blind you to
seeing how much they can improve your whole life. Just like the 30/30
club works on many areas of life, recognizing the best girls come
from being attracted to an overall awesome life, the Mansion covers
many areas of you and your life, charisma, fashion, professional
skills, and so on.
in your roommates.
In my visits I saw college guys there from around 20 years old to a
guy in his fifties bedding girls, guys from different countries, city
guys, farm guys, tall guys, short guys, and so on. That diversity of
experience and backgrounds gives you more to learn from, more to
share, and more fun to have.
and fraternity.
Everybody there was on each other's side. They motivated each other
toward success. Since everyone knew they had a lot to learn they
didn't have to hide their flaws, so they could help each other
without shame or embarrassment. Nothing attracts women more than
confidence, which overcoming insecurities creates. Sadly, our world
too often shuns the greatness guys can achieve together being great
guys. If you've been on a winning sports team you know what I mean.
If you haven't, I recommend you find out. The Mansion has it.
From snowed-in New York City today, I can't deny the appeal of
Southern California. There aren't any girls in racy clothes or hot
tubs here in February.
could go on. For example, I don't know how many spots are left, but
I know a couple of the guys who are there already and I've had
great times with them, as a coach and as a friend. They had to find
ways to make moving for a year work, but they did. Also, I don't
get any compensation for guys signing up for it. I'm only writing
this because I've seen the value of the program with my own eyes
and my whole reason for writing here is to help guys improve like
coaches helped me improve.
watch the video
bears repeating: great
sex and more of it.
That's more than enough of a reason. The Mansion is an environment
to help you overcome your inhibitions approaching and attracting
girls, so they can overcome their inhibitions pleasing their man,
which you'll be.
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Pickup Mansion cost

Wondering about the cost of living in the Brad P Pickup Mansion?

Have you been renting a decent apartment or house in New York, London, or LA, paying market rent and utilities?


You might be spending less than that in Hollywood at the Pickup Mansion

Have a look at this spreadsheet of what's included in the Pickup Mansion.

  Apply now to learn more about it.


We've been having so much fun at the Pickup Mansion in Hollywood, don't miss out!

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