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The Forbidden Truth

The Forbidden Truth - Original

Why She'll Leave You...

Society has lied to us.

It told us that women aren't nearly as interested in sex as men are...

That sexual pleasure isn't high on a woman's list of "needs"...

And even that "good" women only have sex as a "service" to their
boyfriends or husbands.

Now, if you're reading this, I know you're too smart to believe all of this

But you may not realize just how deeply damaging being exposed to
these beliefs every day can be - both for you AND your woman.

Yes, women love sex - probably even more than we men do.

But it goes deeper than that...

Having a powerful, masculine lover who satisfies her every sexual desire
is the most important thing ANY woman can have.

You see, sex isn't just a physical release for a woman.

It's also the way she connects with her partner psychologically and

If the sex is good, she is able to fully embrace her feminine and
submissive side.

She can completely trust in her man...

Revel is his ability to be a provider for her in all ways...

And surrender to him physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

In other words, mind-blowing, multi-orgasmic sex is something she
NEEDS to feel satisfied with you and her relationship.

If you can give her this, you can treat her horribly and she'll stick, be
utterly devoted to you (which is why so many beautiful, wonderful
women end up with abusive "bad boys"...)

But on the other hand, if you're unable to give her the earth-shattering
sexual pleasure she craves on an instinctual level, she WILL feel
unloved, sidelined, and disconnected from you.

That's why you see guys who give their wife EVERYTHING and still end
up being cheated on or living in a sexless, loveless relationship.

Now, it's no secret that to be an amazing lover, you need to have your
equipment working perfectly.

After all, it's difficult to give a woman multiple, explosive orgasms if you
can't get it up (or even worse, you're a two-pump chump.)

Now, you could try drugs, but not only are they expensive and their
effectiveness "spotty" at best...

But they also have a laundry list of dangerous side effects like strokes,
seizures, and liver failure.

The good news is David Shade has a program that gives men, just like
us, the ability to keep a rock-hard erection for as long as we want - and
make love for hours - no matter how old we are.

Hell, David's almost 60 and the reports I hear from his lady friends is
that he is by far the most amazing and masculine lover they've ever

Even when guys half his age are suffering from premature ejaculation
and erectile dysfunction.

Click here to check out David's program...

In this free video presentation, you'll discover:

*The seemingly-innocent (but highly damaging) behavior you're engaging
in every week that's killing your sex life...

*How big pharma has masterminded a "cloak and dagger" series of lies
and half-truths to keep you from getting the help you need...

*And how to get a rock-hard, long-lasting erection and avoid blowing
your load early - 100% naturally (no pills, shots, or creams here...)

All this is waiting for you...

All you've gotta do is watch this free video presentation to see how you
can transform into a masterful lover.

See you there,

-Brad P.

Hot Women You Should Avoid

Hey, it's Brad P.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to judge a woman
solely on her good looks.

There's no point in pursuing a woman who looks like Jessica
Alba, but has the personality of Miss Piggy.

You see, unlike 99% of guys, I'm not genuinely attracted to
ANY woman until I've already talked to her for a while.

Here's why...

I've fucked enough super hot women to know that many of them
are undesirable (for reasons other than what they look

So if you're a guy who sees a woman and starts feeling all
kinds of emotions for her before even talking to her, you're
on the wrong track.

You MUST evaluate a woman on more than just looks...

Because if you can resist the urge to put her on a pedestal
right away, it will solve a lot of your self-talk issues

Here's how I tackle it...

In my mind, before approaching a woman, I feel that I'm
walking into an unknown situation. I have no idea if she's
an amazing person... or a complete disaster.

My intention is to run her through a series of
conversational tests where she'll be FORCED to show her true
colors as fast as possible.

Once I've gathered this information I'll know if she has
what I'm looking for. Then I'll decide if I like her or not,
and if I want to take it further.

I'm in full control from start to finish.

This process has served me well for years, and there's no
reason why it can't work for you as well.

Especially when you use the methods I outline in my Black
Book Method
. This "one-of-kind field manual" is the most
fool-proof way of talking to women you'll ever find.

Inside, there's an abundance of proven methods to start a
conversation. Then you'll be able to decide if it's worth
the effort to get to know her better.

Can you really afford to not have this information?

Go check it out now...

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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