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The Forbidden Truth

The Forbidden Truth - Original

Trying Too Hard To Be An Alpha Male

Hey, it's Brad P,

A lot of guys around the world suffer from what’s known as
"average frustrated chump" (or AFC) syndrome.

This is the "nice guy" who always seems to get friend zoned,
and lets women walk all over him.

He's also the opposite of the alpha male in almost every

But while alpha males are sought after, sometimes you can
overdo the alpha behavior... and it backfires on you.

For example...

She might hint she's thirsty and then you reply with "me
too," but just ignore her.

Depending on the girl, she might get offended and be pissed
off with you.

With the worse case scenario being you lose a perfectly good
fuck buddy over a little thing.

So how do you know if you've taken it too far?

Well, here are some tips to get it right:

1. Usually it's only in the beginning of an interaction
where you need to make it clear you're not an AFC. Once she
knows where she stands, these types of problems don't seem
to occur too much.

You see... showing high value earns her respect immediately.
But if she thinks you're a loser she'll disappear like a
fart in the wind.

2. Don't see EVERY request she makes as a test, such as
holding the laundry basket or her coat. Sometimes you have
to judge whether they GENUINELY need help or not.

But if she makes a HABIT of asking for unnecessary favors,
you know it's time to put her in her place.

3. A lot of girls will try to push your boundaries. Let them
know where yours are and DON'T BUDGE. There's no need to get
angry, but every now and then you need to let them know
you're pissed.

4. Just the same as an employer gives an employee a
probation period, you should give a girl one. This would
typically last for the first 3 months or so.

But just like anything, your judgment will get better with

And the more girls you date, the more you'll learn, and
eventually you'll know how to handle yourself.

But rather than trying to do it all on your own, you'll get
much better results by following the curriculum in my 30/30

Not only does it include an extensive 12-month program to
help you get laid a lot, you'll also get FULL SUPPORT from
our trained coaches.

You see... the 30/30 Club is responsible for more success
with women than any other dating system in the world (and we
have the stats to back it up.)

And if you sign up now, I'll give you your first month at
over 85% off!

Click here to sign up right now.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Still Jerking Off To Asa Akira DVD's?

Hey, it's Brad P,

Are you another one of these workaholics who doesn't have
time for a social life?

You see, I've noticed it's a common predicament for a lot of

They TRAP themselves into a lifestyle that forces them to
work ridiculous hours...

They feel stressed, don't get enough sleep, and have no time
to do anything.

But the biggest problem is they neglect the development of
their identity.

The point being... they rarely get a chance to work on
themselves and build up the necessary skill sets to attract

And that's a HUGE MISTAKE...

Coz none of the stuff I teach will ever work IF you have the
identity of a LOSER. Unfortunately you'll ALWAYS communicate
low value.

Here's the thing...

Just being in the PROCESS of developing your identity makes
you give off a special energy that is attractive to women.

So wise up man...

It's pointless learning a lot of theory if you never have
time to put any of it into practice.

Coz despite being well educated about seduction, you'll
still have the identity of a loser.

And you won't be getting laid...

Instead, you'll still be jerking off to those Asa Akira
DVD's you've already watched a thousands times before.

So if this sounds familiar, here are a few tips to improve
your situation...

1. Obviously you need to work less. Change jobs or careers
if you have to. Hell, get demoted if necessary.

Otherwise you're just making your boss richer and chasing a
paycheck that doesn't improve your life as much as free time
would. You're cheating yourself by working so much.

2. Identify the main areas of yourself that need work, and
take action to improve them.

This could include activities such as joining a gym, or
getting acting or comedy lessons. Just do whatever is
necessary to improve your identity and make you more
appealing to women.

3. Readjust your lifestyle so you don't need so much money
for living expenses.

Ideally STOP committing yourself to things that are out of
your financial reach.

Coz it's so easy to fall into the trap of frittering away
pay rises by continually upgrading your lifestyle.

But this kind of thinking only results in being trapped on a
financial treadmill for the rest of your life.

4. Give my 30/30 Club a trial run. You’ll be introduced to
a curriculum program that'll transform you into a guy who is
highly desirable to women.

You see... the 30/30 Club is responsible for more success
with women than any other dating system in the world (and we
have the stats to back it up.)

And if you sign up now, I'll give you your first month at
over 85% off!

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Talk soon,

Brad P.

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