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The Forbidden Truth

The Forbidden Truth - Original

She Says She's Pregnant... What To Do?

Hey it's Brad P,

Here's something that will probably surprise you...

In my experience, 90% of girls who claim to be pregnant are
NOT pregnant.

Nope, they're either lying or they're mistaken.

You see, unless she shows you concrete proof she's
definitely pregnant, you should ALWAYS assume she's not.

Let's face it... chicks are crazy.

They will do ANYTHING to test you, or see what's up, or they
might even freak themselves out over nothing. And sometimes
you can get caught up in their stupidity.

The truth is... some women have a warped sense of humor and
use this sort of thing just to see how you'll react.

You see, I've seen girls create pregnancy scares over all
kinds of reasons, such as...

• Trying to get money out of you
• Trying to see if you really like her
• She doesn't even know her own period schedule
• She screws up her birth control and messed with her

So, with that in mind, never buy into a pregnancy scare
until you KNOW it's definitely real.


Just do this...

Watch her pee on the test in person, right in front of
you... coz that's the only way you'll know for sure it's
real and eliminate all the bullshit.

But EVEN THEN... don't take it 100% serious, coz it still
might not be yours.

You can never ignore the possibility she's been sleeping
with other guys.

Now, the best way to avoid any of this nonsense is to always
wear condoms. This eliminates any possibilities of pregnancy
or STDs (including pregnancy, the scariest STD of all.)

And you'll always have peace of mind knowing that you can
fuck who ever you like, without having to worry about any

Talk soon,

Brad P.

3 Priceless Tips To Attract Hot Girls

Hey it's Brad P,

Here's a few ways to win over the hottest girls...

Despite them all having different preferences in men... and
sometimes being in weird 'girl mood.'

But first, understand this...

The big picture goal here is to learn the priceless skill of
becoming flexible in your strategies to seduce women.

In simple terms, this means you know what to do and say in
different situations to influence women to like you.

Cuz once you've mastered this... attracting girls becomes a
piece a cake.

But here's the problem...

Most guys are not born with this skill and struggle to get
what they want.

Often they get nervous, over-think things and make a mess of

So without keeping you in suspense any longer, here's what I
suggest you start off with...

1- Match her state.

If you start with a high state, then that's fine. But in the
first 3 minutes you should figure out exactly what state the
girl is in. Study her body language, voice tone and general

The idea is for you to then get as close as possible to her
state. Cuz if the two of you can meet in the middle, then
everything will run a lot smoother.

2- Do what the girl likes.

If you throw 5 pieces of attract material and she likes one,
do more like that later. But don't keep doing the kind of
stuff she didn't respond to.

This is where you have to be observant and pay attention to
her reactions.

You see, some girls will respond well to short one-liners,
whilst others prefer long stories and rapport.

3- Try to "type" (or categorize) the girls.

Here's what you've got to be thinking...

This type of girl is quiet, so I'll do all the talking. Or
this type of girl is horny, so I will shut up and focus on
physical contact instead.

But if you'd like to take this concept to the next level,
here's what I suggest...

Have a listen to my Underground Dating Seminar. It will
literally teach you everything you need to know about
attracting and seducing women.

You can find out more here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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