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The Forbidden Truth

The Forbidden Truth - Original

Just Let Her Adjust To YOU

In my material I give my students field tested and
proven ROUTINES.

I give them to you for a reason:

They get results.

Use them.

One of the biggest objections that I get from students

"I don't know how to transition into the routine."

The incorrect assumption here is that you need some kind
of clever, smooth way to go into it, or else it seems to
be "out of nowhere".

This is wrong.

There's nothing wrong with any piece of material coming
from "out of nowhere."

The women will just ADAPT to your frame and follow

Trying to be clever and smooth with transitions
generally results in 3-4 seconds of thinking too hard...

...Which makes you look incongruent, and reduces your
ability to take the lead.

So how does one transition into a piece of material?

Simple, just PLOW RIGHT INTO IT.

Once you get the idea in your head that it's time to do
a routine, just start.

Once in a while they might say, "that's so random" or
"that's out of nowhere."

This is not a bad thing. Just say "yeah I know" and keep
plowing through.

"That's out of nowhere" is not a criticism; so don't
take it like one.

If you do, you're showing insecurity. That's instant
death in this game.

This comes down to showing leadership.

Think of a situation where there is a clear-cut leader,
maybe a drill sergeant or college professor:

They talk about what they want to talk about and tell
you what the fuck to do.

They don't sit there wondering "how can I transition
into this without it being too random?" Once you start
thinking that you're losing momentum.

If you're ready to really get this down, dominate, be a
man and get some beautiful women into bed, check out my
Black Book Method.

It has all of my best field-tested routines.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Positive Thinking And Wet Pussy

I'm a BIG believer in self-improvement, and I have gone
through a lot of material over the years.

Bottom line, you need t be working on yourself in order
to be attractive to GIRLS.

It gives you momentum, gravitas, presence, and

But you don't want to get bogged down forever reading
book after book, always studying and never

...And I can honestly tell you that most of self-help is
basically the same.

Don't get me wrong, there are some really good ideas out
there, but you'll hear them rehashed, reversed, and
taught in various different ways.

Only the name of the book, and the author change.

I only read about two books a year. That's gives me
ample time to apply what I learn from one book, before I
move on to another.

So here's a few key points, from me to you, which embody
what you need to know to improve your success rate with
women, and your general happiness as well:

Fix your beliefs-

Your beliefs really do shape the ways you filter the
world around you and the results you get in life, as
well as your general ability to be happy.

When you have unhealthy beliefs about yourself, making
money, dating, being fat, being sad, a loser, etc... It
does impact the way you live your life to a major degree
that can be paralyzing.

Your beliefs are the software that runs your hardware.

Mental Rehearsal-

This is one of the most powerful techniques out there
for getting what you want.

The more vividly you imagine what your success would
look like and feel like at an emotional level, the
better prepared you will be for those situations in real

Sounds crazy but there is a ton of science involved in
this and almost EVERY successful person I've studied has
talked about their marked use of visualization whether
it's Michael Jordan or Warren Buffet.

Goal Setting-

Setting goals leads to higher achievement whether or not
you actually achieve the goal.

Look, we're men. We need a mission. No guy lifts
weights because it will make him healthy or to live

He wants to get buff and look good. Put on 20 pounds of
muscle. Whatever.

Know you're goals and keep it simple.

A little while back I put together a free report called
Forbidden Truth, in which I blow the lid off self-help
information overload in the seduction community. Do
yourself a favor and download it now.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS - Forbidden truth will open your eyes to what's going
on and show you exactly what to do to start getting the
sex and attention from women that you want. Read it
now, it's totally free.

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