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The Forbidden Truth

The Forbidden Truth - Original

Give Her A Voracious Appetite For Your Cock

Hey it's Brad P,

A subscriber has written in to ask what vibing is?

And here's the short answer...

It's having an interesting conversation with a girl that
makes both of you feel good.

And if done properly... it can lead her to developing a
voracious appetite for your cock.

So let's break it down and see how you can use it to your

1- Listen to her...

And STOP thinking about what YOU'RE going to say next. Cuz
otherwise you're not listening.

You need to listen to EVERY word. And create mental pictures
of what she's talking about.

Imagine the feelings she's going through, or went through,
in the past.

2- Attempt to figure out what she's trying to achieve with
her words.

You'll find there are only a few things women attempt to
accomplish when they talk.

The common ones are...

a) They're trying to be cool.

In most cases, the best way to handle this is to indicate
you think she's cool.

But if she's doing this to put you down or prove she's
better than you, you're better off showing very little
emotion, than to be vibing with her.

You can do this by listening to her, and then flatly saying,
"Okay..." as if you're waiting for her to say something

b) They're trying to pass on information

In this case, just phrase back the information to them.

It shows them you understand, and they've successfully
communicated with you.

c) She's going on some sort of an emotional journey.

The idea here is to empathize with her and encourage her to
keep talking...

Cuz if you can get her to keep talking, she'll feel
comfortable around you.

Again, phrasing back parts of the story can be helpful to
let her know you're listening. It's also a good idea to nod
your head and show expressiveness on your face.

d) She's trying to persuade you about something.

This one can be a little tricky.

She might try to convince you about something and you'll
agree. You'll be persuaded... but other times, you'll

Remember, it's not necessary to agree all the time, just for
the sake of "vibing." In fact, it's disingenuous, spineless
and makes you look needy.

The point being... you can still get a great vibe going,

3- Facilitate the process, so she feels like she's achieving
the goal.

Obviously everyone likes to succeed and wants to feel good.

You can do this by convincing her she's succeeding in her
attempts to communicate...

And when you're BOTH communicating and feeling good, that's
the EXACT definition of "vibing."

And if you follow these simple rules, you can create a great
vibe on demand.

But we've only just scratched the surface here.

You can find out more tips for vibing with women, plus a
whole lot more, in my book, Planning the Perfect Date.

Until next time,

Brad P.

The Laptop Charger Challenge

Hey it's Brad P,

Here's some more tough love for the keyboard jockey's out

But first, just to refresh your memory...

A keyboard jockey is someone who has read a lot about dating
and seduction, but has done fuck-all with their glut of

Instead of applying the knowledge they learn, they just buy
more products and keep reading.

How can you avoid going down this path?

Just stick to my golden rule of learning...

For every one hour of studying seduction material, you
should be doing 2 hours out in the field.

This will guarantee that you start moving forward and become
comfortable with women...

But if you think you might already be a keyboard jockey,
I've got a challenge for you...

This will guarantee that you start moving forward and become
comfortable with women...

But if you think you might already be a keyboard jockey,
I've got a challenge for you...

1. Stop for a minute and think about all your friends.

2. Now think of a good friend you can trust.

3. Go to his house and give him your laptop charger. And
tell him not to give it back until you've talked to 10

Now, to qualify you don't need to have sex with these

But to get your charger back, you must have had a proper
conversation with them.

And no...

Asking a girl the time or street directions doesn't

Nor does asking the supermarket chick what aisle the
Vaseline is in either.

But if you're lost for words, I would recommend checking out
my Black Book.

It goes into detail about how to talk to women.

The material inside will introduce you to new ways of
thinking and communicating...

And it will transform you into the kind of guy who says what
he wants, when he wants, without worrying about what anyone
will think.

Click here to find out more.

Until next time,

Brad P.

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