How I Got the Balls to Approach ANY Girl…

Fri, 23/09/2016

Did I ever tell you about the time I started handing out
fliers in the streets of New York City?

You see, back in the day…

…I was TERRIFIED around women.

I had no idea how to act around them or what to say. I
felt like they didn’t even see me.

This is the same complaint I hear from a lot of clients
when they first come to me.

When I say, “I know how you feel”, they don’t always
believe me. Well trust me:


It was so bad at one point that I wouldn’t even make eye
contact with a hot girl as she was walking by.

The fear that I had of rejection from these women was
absolutely PARALYZING.

So I needed to do something kind of extreme to get over
this fear…

That’s when I took a job handing out fliers in the
streets of New York.

This took me so far out of my comfort zone that my
comfort zone and I were no longer in the same zip code.

Handing out fliers compressed so many rejections into
such a short period of time that my fear of strangers
(particularly women) quickly disappeared.

By doing this I quickly figured out that it wasn’t
NEARLY as hard as most guys thought to get women to stop
and talk to you.

Confronting your fears gets EASIER the more you do it.

In fact, I have a whole new product that helps you (in
baby steps) destroy your fear.

And when I figured that it got easier the more I
confronted my fears, I started to beat approach anxiety.

That’s when I started getting phone numbers, dates, and
even SEX on the first date.

Look, fear is natural, but once you get moving you
realize it’s just an illusion.

(That’s what the new book was designed to show you btw!)

Once I figured that out I got on the path to becoming

And that’s when I started racking up all the crazy lay
stories I’m known for now.

Look, if fear stops you (even just a little) I would
suggest that it’s time you got back to basics.

I have a new program that is core and central to your
entire suite of dating skills:

It’s called, “How To Beat Approach Anxiety”, and it gives
you the power and the tools to do just that.

Imagine seeing that hot chick in the skirt and having no

You can walk right up to her and open and have her
laughing and getting attracted in mere seconds.

That, my friend, is power.

Check it out here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Successfully Opening a Girl With Humor

Wed, 21/09/2016

Naturally talented guys are not the ones who get laid
the MOST.

I mean, they do great till they don’t. But because they
never had to work for it, they’re kind of clueless when
their fortunes change.

You know who gets more pussy than anyone?

Guys who take action to learn dating skills and then
repeat, repeat, repeat.

It’s that simple. And that, by the way, is how you
succeed at anything.

I’ve got a friend who was tall and thin, and not real

In a barroom brawl he’d probably have been killed.

Well, he didn’t like that and so he found this really
good school that taught the Israeli Martial Art, Krav

He started going everyday for months.

At first it was hard – he could barely get through the
workouts, to say nothing of learning the techniques.

But he knew it wasn’t a race (with anyone but himself)
and he kept at it.

Now he’s got this buff physic and can put me in
chokehold before I even realized that he moved.

All it took was time and application.

Fortunately for us, getting good with women isn’t quite
and strenuous as learning to fight, we just have to use
the right tools and practice.

If you’ve been on this email list for a while, you’ve
heard me mention my Black Book Method where I give you
the techniques and the mindset.

That’s where I want you to start.

I make this point because I just got this note from
Ethan, who hasn’t been following directions:


“So I’m getting rejected like crazy.

The only opener that comes to me – that I’m most
comfortable with – even though I’m pretty uncomfortable
– is… “Hi” – then I introduce myself and ask her name –
and it typically goes downhill from there.

Once I start walking, I don’t care if I’m approaching
lonely (but not looking for company) chicks, pairs (most
common), and chicks with boyfriend on their arm (I did
this coz she locked eyes with me for over 10 seconds).

This is where I’ve hit a brick wall — I’m not
converting any approaches into successes.

So far 100% of the girls I’ve met don’t want to sleep
with me. ”


My Answer:

I don’t like your opener.


Are you kidding me?

Sure you feel comfortable doing it but it gives you very
little room to do anything else.

You’re making the girl decide on the spot if she likes
you or not since it’s direct in nature.

You haven’t given yourself a chance to start a repoire
or build attraction.

Focus on indirect instead. Let her talk to you for a few
minutes until she thinks, “Hmm he’s a cool guy.”

Don’t make her decide off the bat.

One of my favorite ways to open (which I teach you all
about in my Black Book Method) is with humor,
particularly dumb questions.

Here’s how you do it:

In daytime settings, ask a functional question which is
completely out of place. Be sure you fully commit to the
joke, and act like it’s a totally serious question.

Here are some examples –

In a coffee shop-

“Do you know how many flavors of vodka they have here?”

In a book store-

“Do you know what aisle the cat food is in?”

In a grocery store-

“Do you know which aisle has the Prada bags?”

In a dive bar-

“Have you seen the maitre d’ around? I’m trying to
figure out if this place has Caviar and Filet Mignon.”

At a rock concert-

“Just wondering if you’ve seen my grandma around. I
brought her here but I lost her and I’m worried she
might have snuck backstage.”

These are funny and totally catch a girl off guard. All
her attention is now on you and you’ve got her curious.

Doesn’t this make a lot more sense than starting with
“Hi there”?

When you go through my Black Book Method, you literally
have a complete system to follow to take you all the way
from opening with a funny question to pulling off her
tight fitting jeans.

Details in this short video.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

From Kim Kardashian to Miss Piggy

Mon, 19/09/2016

You know what immediately makes you super high status in
the eyes of hot chicks?

…Ignoring her.

Particularly, ignoring her beauty.

I mean, really not giving a shit.

So many guys fall all over themselves and act like
idiots just because a chick is hot.

It gets really old for her and in no way does it make
you attractive.

But if you tease her, or even turn her down…

…It will drive her CRAZY.

You see, unlike 99% of guys, I’m not genuinely attracted
to ANY woman until I’ve already talked to her for a

…And that exactly how I want YOU to be.

Here’s why…

I’ve fucked enough super hot women to know that many of
them are undesirable (for reasons other than what they
look like).

So if you’re a guy who sees a woman and starts feeling
all kinds of emotions for her before even talking to
her, you’re on the wrong track.

You MUST evaluate a woman on more than just looks…

Because if you can resist the urge to put her on a
pedestal right away, it will solve a lot of your game

It gives you the chance to put yourself in the position
of being the selector.

Here’s how I tackle it…

In my mind, before approaching a woman, I feel that I’m
walking into an unknown situation. I have no idea if
she’s an amazing person… or a complete disaster.

My intention is to run her through a series of
conversational tests where she’ll be FORCED to show her
true colors as fast as possible.

Once I’ve gathered this information I’ll know if she has
what I’m looking for. Then I’ll decide if I like her or
not, and if I want to take it further.

I’m in full control from start to finish.

This process has served me well for years, and there’s
no reason why it can’t work for you as well.

In fact I’ve put this entire method into my BlackBook Method.

Inside, there’s an abundance of proven methods to start
a conversation. Then you’ll be able to decide if it’s
worth the effort to get to know her better.

Not only will your know how to start the conversation
but I’ll show you how to screen her to make sure she’s not

That process alone will make you look attractive in her

Go check it out now…

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – Screening is great for demonstrating super high
value, there’s a more practical concern…

There’s no point in pursuing a woman who looks like a
Kardashian, but has the personality of Miss Piggy.

Just start with all the hot ones and start eliminating.

Your friends will wonder how you do it.