We’re More Alike than You Think…

Fri, 29/07/2016

A lot of guys I coach claim that I can’t relate to them.

They think I’m just a “natural” and I don’t understand
what it is to be awkward and shy around girls.

I can’t feel their pain and I don’t understand.

“You don’t understand Brad. It’s different for you.”


I know better than most guys what it’s like to be
painfully shy and awkward around girls.

For me, the nightmare started in high school.

Even though I was captain of the basketball team and
joined a band, I did not have ONE SINGLE DATE with a
girl from my high school.

I was frustrated and didn’t know what the hell I was
going to do.

So I went to a college that was 75% women. Better odds

Not really.

I had some sporadic luck in college and had a few
girlfriends. But it was like I only got laid due to
random luck. I couldn’t get it when I WANTED IT.

A few years later I was living in Queens New York and
went through a bad break up with my, then, girlfriend.

I was totally afraid I’d never get a woman like her
again. It was a low point for me.

So I decided I was going to do whatever it took to get
good with women.

It was a decision. And when you make up your mind that
you are going to get it done, that’s it, period… that’s
when things happen.

I learned everything I could from every good book that
was available at that time.

Then I got in with a group of naturals.

I could go out with these guys, study them, and sort of
reverse engineer their success.

I spent the next twelve months going out and meeting
women every single day.

To be honest with you, in the beginning, there was only
fear: the fear of rejection, the fear of embarrassment,
and the fear of criticism.

So to combat fear, I took a job handing out fliers on
the streets of NYC.

This compressed so many rejections into such a short
period of time, that my fear of strangers quickly

I learned that it wasn’t that hard to get women to stop
and talk. Even getting phone numbers wasn’t that hard.

After a few months of this, I learned how to get phone
numbers, dates, and sex on the first date.

I was flying high and loving life. All the hard work was
finally paying off.

You want to find out how I did it?

It’s right here in the video.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

What Dale Carnegie didn’t know about picking up girls…

Thu, 28/07/2016

It seems that we’re always being taught to be good

If you look at all the typical relationship advice, one
of the top pieces of advice given to men is be a good

If you take a Dale Carnegie course on effective
communication, you find that people want to be heard.

And usually in business and in personal relationships,
making a person feel heard helps you get what you want
from them.

Listening is generally considered a really important

When it comes to women and making them feel comfortable,
it’s usually conserved a SUPER-IMPORTANT skill.

So why then do I tell you to do most of the talking when
you approach women?

It’s counter-intuitive. Aren’t you supposed to be
making her feel heard?

I’m going to go into this today because I was just
talking to a client and he said he felt like he was
doing it wrong because he feels like he was doing most
of the talking during his interactions.

Actually, he was doing it RIGHT.

I had to give him a refresher on the 90/10 rule.

The 90/10 rule means that YOU are talking 90% of the
time and the girl is talking 10% of the time.

If that ratio is occurring early on in your approaches
you are doing GREAT.

If she is talking less than 10% of the time, that’s not
good cause it’s like you’re lecturing her.

The reason this goes against conventional logic is that
most women are shy and caught off guard when you
approach them from out of the blue.

They’re shy when dudes approach. It’s up to you to lead
the interaction.

Sometimes they don’t talk at all, so you have to ask a
question, or get her to agree with something just to get
her to hold up her 10%.

So the bottom line is…

…As long as she’s still standing there listening and
doesn’t walk away, chances are you’re doing fine.


You couldn’t spark massive attraction if SHE were doing
all the talking.

So that’s the 90/10 rule: You talk 90% of the time; she
talks 10% of the time.

If you want to find everything you need to always know
what to say, check out this short video I put together
and then take some action on it.

Let me know how you do!

Talk soon,

Brad P.

How to Know When You’re Going Too Far

Tue, 26/07/2016

I recently received an email where one of my students
asks about “rape culture” since it’s been in the media a
lot. He wanted to know about toeing the line between
pushing through last minute resistance and going too

It was a great question.

So let me address this so you guys can discern the truth
in the midst of the media hysteria and all the scare
tactics out there.

This Stanford student who has been in the news was
nailing an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, so I
think everyone reading know that it’s OBVIOUS that this
is rape and you shouldn’t be doing something like that.


But the issue gets a bit fuzzier when we look at some of
the dialogue around the incident. The media throws
around terms like “micro-aggression” and “rape culture”
to scare the hell out of people, so let’s get a few
things straight:

The escalation plan taught by my coaches and me has
been, and always will be the “rinse and repeat” method.

This method contains fail-safes that will prevent you
from getting the wrong idea about whether a woman wants
to have sex, even if you’re both drunk or not thinking
straight. Here’s how it works:

Escalate her with kissing, touching, taking off
clothing, etc until she says to stop. Then you stop.
Wait 5 minutes.

During this time, keep talking, have a good time, and
give her a chance to leave if she doesn’t want to go any
further. If the woman elects to stay, try to escalate
her again. Keep going until she says stop.

Wait 5 minutes, try again.

Rinse and repeat.

Here’s the underlying psychology:

Women don’t like to directly state “I want to have sex.”
It makes them feel whorish and they prefer it to be an
UNSPOKEN agreement.

What women will do is speak with their ACTIONS.

If a woman is in a sexual situation and she decides not
to leave that situation, it’s a signal that she might be
interested in having sex soon.

It’s common for a woman to be conflicted about the
decision to have sex right up until the moment of

We cannot change this fact and neither can they. It’s
just the way the female brain is built.

This is so import to remember:

It’s up to a man to take the lead and escalate so she
has the opportunity to make that last minute decision
“let’s go for it!”

It’s exciting for a woman to get all emotional and then
suddenly decide to have sex. It’s up to you to create
that opportunity for her, and she will thank you later
if you do.

Don’t let the media scare tactics affect you. When you
hear words like “micro-aggressions” and “rape culture,”
I recommend you tune those ideas out.

As seducers, it’s really not our fight to change the
world of college campuses. There are already plenty of
people working on that. A few more things to remember-

“Affirmative consent” only applies at certain college
campuses. It does not apply in actual courtrooms in the
real world.

For those of you who missed my previous newsletters on
this, the idea of it is that you cannot have sex with a
woman until she verbally states that she wants to have

This idea comes from young college kids who don’t know
anything about sex and it will never catch on in the
rest of the world.

In the real world, sexually experienced women want to
get laid and they want it to be an unspoken agreement.
So don’t worry about it, don’t let the media scare you.

If you stick with “rinse and repeat” you will never have
any problems.

A woman who doesn’t want sex will leave the situation. A
woman who is horny but doesn’t want to say it aloud will
stick around and do a few more rounds of escalation.

It’s a SIMPLE method.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – One more thing:

People who believe in this “affirmative consent” crap
are living in a dream world and have no idea how sex

They get upset when confronted with the idea that women
prefer having sex without a spoken agreement.

As seducers, it’s up to us to stay in touch with how
things work in the real world.

We must not buy into ignorant ideas in the mediafrom radical feminists and confused teenagers.