Are all programs a scam?

Mon, 22/05/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

I got an email from a new client who has purchased a ton
of programs in the past.

He didn’t have success with ANY of them.

It makes you wonder if all the programs out there are
scams, or is there something else wrong with all the
guys who fail?

Here an excerpt of his letter (My advice follows):


“Hi Brad

I don’t think techniques work. I feel like I’ve tried
them all.

The first program I ever tried was That old “Cocky
Funny” one.

It almost seemed like his solution for everything was be
cocky funny.

So every time I felt like I was losing the girl in that
situation I would just break out the cocky funny and
bust on her.

Man I can’t believe I actually thought that was good
advice. I probably looked like a circus clown.

I also tried the Tao of something?

He had this thing where you would put on a different hat
so to speak. The ready to try anything guy, the Sexual
escalation guy etc. I remember trying to do it for a day
and be a confident guy.

People just thought I was angry.

I read another one about making women want you. I had no
idea how to make it work for me in the real world but
there was something about building emotion in a woman
and going from playful rapport and building to sexual
rapport? I don’t know.

I think the problem I have with programs like these, is
it’s like reading how to golf. If I’m standing the right
distance from the ball and my legs are in the right
position and my back swing is perfect and I’m keeping my
eye on the ball, but I’m picking up my shoulder at the
wrong time the balls will continue to go into the
bush…. and not in a good way. So I figure there must be
something I’m doing wrong and have no idea what it is.

I think my biggest problem is I tend to put up an
invisible barrier around me. I’m not sure if it’s because
I think having a woman will be difficult to keep or if
it parts of me that I feel ashamed of.

I also don’t know how to be natural around a woman, I
always feel like I have to perform to keep them
interested, and its mentally exhausting. I also don’t
like to put myself out there. Maybe that’s from not

What do you think?”


Well this is difficult to diagnose over email, but I
will take a shot at it.

You are probably lacking some basic social skills and
social intuition, which makes it hard to use any of
these techniques.

Sometimes the girl already likes you before you speak,
in which case the technique works really well. Other
times the girl has already ruled you out, so the
technique just makes things worse.

This is why we do a lot of work in 30/30 to
change the way you’re coming across to women in general,
in addition to working on techniques. For example, we
try to make changes in fashion and identity. Having
these 2 areas figured out will increase the chances of a
woman “already liking you” before you try the technique.

This is important.

I’ve seen a lot of people do really well with the books
you mentioned, so I think you made the right move by
investing in these systems. The ones you tried are
pretty much the best of the best.

However, they all need a lot of practice to succeed.

You can’t just try this stuff 5 or 10 times and expect
results. You have to make a permanent commitment to the
system and to make changes in yourself that will
increase attraction.

This is why I created the 30/30 Club.

Instead of giving you a few quick ideas, you actually
make changes to yourself every month. After a few months
the changes start adding up and women will be more

To be honest it’s a really slow process and takes 1-2
years of consistent work. I tell all my students to be
prepared to work on this 5-10 hours per week for the
next year or 2.

I have seen all the marketing, and I know it promises
overnight success. The reason for that is that men
refuse to try it or even get started unless they think
it will be easy. You can easily get a few small
successes, but to get consistent results and top shelf
women, you need to make many fundamental changes to
yourself and this takes time.

It’s really a journey. It’s very enjoyable and
satisfying to slowly improve and see results little by

You can read through my 30/30 forum and actually see
beginners getting bad results in the first month or 2
and slowly turning it around. That might be helpful for

Check it out here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

I’m Not Saying All Women are Lesbians, But…

Thu, 18/05/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

What if you found out that your girlfriend was
fantasizing about sharing your cock with another hot
sexy girl?

It might be truer than you think.

The truth is, a woman’s sexuality is a little different
than ours and chicks love to touch and kiss other girls.

I’m not suggesting all women are lesbians, but they’re
very open.

This is a huge opportunity for you.

Think about this:

If a guy is so dominant and so strong an alpha that he’s
fucking two girls, that will be a major turn on for

When a girl finds herself in a position where a guy,
YOU, is fucking her AND another woman in the bed, it’s
like you are being social proofed automatically.

They will be so incredibly turned on to be fooling
around with you and with each other, that they will see
you as some sort of sex God.

Think about it, how many guys have TWO women in their

Like, none. Except for you.

One of the hottest things for a woman is to be “taken”
by a strong man.

Getting pushed up against the wall, having her panties
ripped off and getting fucked, like in a romance novel,
is something most women fantasize about.

…Being taken with a second woman is just as hot, if

And also consider this:

Women in general, are extremely open and malleable.

They are experimental. They’re cool with kissing and
being with other girls. A woman’s sexuality is a bit
more fluid than a man’s.

So, if you make it clear from the beginning to a woman
that you are perfectly okay with girls being with other
girls in bed, she will be okay with it too.

When you know the right way to do this, you can have
your prim and proper straight girlfriend stuffing
another woman’s pussy in her mouth…

…While you’re fucking her from behind.

I met a guy that I call “Buzzy” a while back and he was
an absolutely master at putting together some of the
hottest and raunchiest threesome that you can imagine.

It was absolutely amazing sex for Buzzy, and for the
women he hooked up with.

I made him teach me everything he knows, and I was able
to have some of the hottest and raunchiest threesomes
you can imagine!

If this is of any interest to you, you can learn
the very thing Buzzy taught me HERE.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – Look, you’ve only got one penis and it’s an effort,
a real effort, to do all the work yourself especially
when there’s two young, energetic girls in your bed. So
you can delegate labor while at the same time spicing up
your sex life. Imagine the possibilities.

Here’s the secret!

Don’t Give Her Any Credit for LOOKS

Sat, 13/05/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

When it comes to being powerful around women and having

…I mean being the pursued one instead of the

Then you must have your head straight in terms of what
you require in a woman.

Let me put it like this:

If you see an attractive woman, like a 9 or a 10, and
your heart starts pounding and you need to have her, you
are having what I call a “douche alert”.

If you give her power to change her state, just because
of a natural un-earned gift like being good looking, you
are behaving like a wimpy supplicating douche.

You must get over this mental emotional programming and
have some requirements of women you hook up with.

There’s no point in pursuing a woman who looks like
Kristen Bell, but has the personality of Ashley Judd
reciting her nasty woman poem at the Women’s March in

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out
on YouTube. Scary.)

You see, unlike 99% of guys, I’m not genuinely attracted
to ANY woman until I’ve already talked to her for a

You shouldn’t be either.

Here’s why…

I’ve fucked enough super-hot women to know that many of
them are undesirable because of their attitudes or

So, if you’re a guy who sees a woman and starts feeling
all kinds of emotions for her before even talking to
her, we need to put a stop to that.

You MUST evaluate a woman on more than just looks…

Because if you can resist the urge to put her on a
pedestal right away, it will solve a lot of your
confidence issues INSTANTLY.

Here’s how I tackle it…

In my mind, before approaching a woman, I feel that I’m
walking into an unknown situation. I have no idea if
she’s an amazing person… or a complete disaster.

My INTENTION is to run her through a series of
conversational tests where she’ll be FORCED to show her
true colors as fast as possible.

Once I’ve gathered this information I’ll know if she has
what I’m looking for. Then I’ll decide if I like her or
not, and if I want to take it further.

I’m in full control from start to finish.

This process has served me well for years, and there’s
no reason why it can’t work for you as well.

Especially when you use the methods I outline in my
Black Book Method. This “one-of-kind
field manual” is the most foolproof way of talking to
women you’ll ever find.

Inside, there’s an abundance of proven methods to start
a conversation. Then you’ll be able to decide if it’s
worth the effort to get to know her better.

Can you really afford to not have this information?

Go check it out now…

Talk soon,

Brad P.