Major Pitfall A LOT of Guys Fall Into (Read now)

Tue, 18/04/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

Today I need to clarify something kind of important:

Forward momentum.

Everything you do is moving you closer to your goal of
having choice with beautiful women.

Hell I’ve got a secret weapon that I’ll share with you
in a minute that strips away all of your fears and makes
you a pick-up machine.

But there’s something I’ve been seeing for a few years
now and I’m still seeing it with new clients coming on.

I’ve particularly noticed this with a lot of guys who’ve
studied under other dating materials.

They have become what I call an “approach artist”.

You need to be careful that you haven’t developed into a
guy who can approach girls but can never get laid.

Over the last few years, there’s been a boom in
weak-sauce methodologies that teach guys to approach,
but beyond that, they don’t get results.

The message has become sanitized for the mainstream, and
it become about “building social skills” and “becoming
a better man” etc.


Reality is in the RESULTS.

Look, I’m all for building social skills, but if the
material is not getting you laid, then there’s something
wrong with the method.

So if you’ve been approaching for a year or more, and
you can approach but you are showing no progress towards
getting laid, it might be time to try something with a
little more kick.

The amount of blowouts you get along the way doesn’t
matter, as long as it results in you FUCKING her.

The importance of being able to approach without getting
blown out has been overemphasized by a lot of dating

It’s often easier to simply avoid pain, as opposed to
pursuing pleasure.

It is easier for the teacher to teach, and it caters to
the fears of the student.

It feels all warm and fuzzy, but it doesn’t get you

If you’ve been on my mailing list for a while, then you
know I don’t do that shit.

I could. I could probably make a lot more money if I

But it wouldn’t get you laid.

If I tell you to do something, it’s because it’s going
to work, not because it’s going to line my pocketbook.

So in the spirit of getting you laid, and not breaking
the bank:
Check out my Formula X Activation System.

I give you some really simple techniques that take all
of ten minutes a day, and they bring out your inner

Your social confidence will soar and you’ll have the
foundation you need to approach, build attraction get
the number and get fucking laid.

All for less than a cup of coffee.

(…Annd, your welcome!)

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – Guys, everything I teach is field-tested. There is
no feel good fluff, just lethal effectiveness. My
Formula X Activation System is not politically correct,
but you will have fun with it and it will get you
pulling hot girls whenever you want.

How I “Profile” Horny Girls Like the FBI (Video)

Mon, 17/04/2017

Hey It’s Brad,

Over the last year or so since I released it, hundreds
of guys have picked up my new online dating program.

I get comments and questions on it regularly.

No one can believe how easy it is how simple and
powerful it is to attract, arouse, and seduce hot girls
with the “Vortex Effect”.

Don’t know what that is?

I’ll tell you all about it in this short video.

Getting amazing amounts of hot sex with gorgeous girls
just got easy enough for pretty much ANYONE to do.

I made sure of that.

I mean you can identify, just from her profile picture,
exactly how to seduce her.

Then I give you word for word cut and paste responses to
send her.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

…And a lot of guys have taken ACTION.

In fact, shortly after this email goes out, ill be
expecting a whole new batch of over the top success
stories from extremely excited clients.

Hopefully, you’ll be one of them.

This program makes the whole process incredibly simple.

Early last week I got this comment from William (Which
is what inspired me to make this the focus of today’s


“A light bulb went off when I read about how different
“girl brain” is.

It was brilliant, the section about not being like the
other guys showering her with compliments and bullshit.

I can’t wait to get women working to win ME over and get
their panties soaking wet in the process.”


William is talking about one of the BIG concepts in the
book and with that he will get him more sex in the next
three months than probably in his entire life up to this

We’re going to be flooded with X-rated success stories
and all kinds of freaky shit.

I can’t wait.

Make sure that you are one of them.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – It doesn’t matter how bad you crashed and burned
online before, we have every base covered and we’ll have
you winning like you can’t even imagine.

Have fun. Use protection. Click here to get started.

When in Doubt, Charge!

Mon, 10/04/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

When I was in high school, I had this basketball coach
who was a history buff. He was always giving us quotes
from famous people throughout history, to motivate us to
get out, be aggressive, and WIN.

One of his favorites, and he said it often, came from
famous American World War II Army General, George S.

“When in doubt, attack.”

If we were timid, if we didn’t go for the ball, didn’t
defend, or failed to take the shot, that’s what we

Why am I talking to you about my high school basketball

I’ve been having more discussions lately with guys who
aren’t approaching women because “it’s not the right

If a girl is sitting two tables away in the coffee shop
but has on headphones. Should you approach?

How about if she is walking quickly on the sidewalk and
appears to be in a hurry. Should you approach?

How about if she’s walking into the burger shack while
you’re on your way out. Should you go back inside to

Hint: The answer is always YES.

When in doubt, attack.


The above scenarios aren’t ideal, but I can tell you
that you can always make the excuse that there is a
“better time” to approach a girl.

You can always be in a better mood, you can be more
“on,” the environment could be quieter, or your clothing
could be more presentable.

What’s more important than picking the right time to
talk to a girl is simply TALKING TO THE GIRL.

If you sit there thinking about if you should talk to
her, and then end up not even trying, then it didn’t
really matter, did it?

What a waste.

Understand: there is a difference between the “best”
time to approach (Which is like a mythical Unicorn) and
true genuine “opportunity”.

If you see an opportunity with a girl who is going to
the bathroom and you’re standing in her path, then you
should open your mouth and say something, because you
probable not get a better shot before the day is out.

When in doubt, attack.

Besides, if there was a place where the best situation
always happened and girls were extremely approachable,
it’d get filled with guys pretty quickly, turn into a
sausage fest, and stop being the “best” place.

As long as you open your mouth and say something, you’re
halfway there.

Approaching really is the hardest part of the game, and
the more you THINK about approaching, the less you’ll DO

Accept that this approach you’ll about to make is not
the best-case scenario and do it anyway. If winners
waited for the best-case scenario, they’d never win.

Take advantage of all the opportunities you see and let
a percentage of them work out for you. It’s as much
mathematics as it is skill.

And when you unleash the power inside you and sidestep
your made up fears – this starts working in your favor
quickly. In fact it will transform your life.

And today you’re in luck…

What I did over the years is develop an easy set of
exercises that are really fun to do and they, very
gradually, get a guy completely over any social anxiety
that he may have.

By having you do little fun assignments you have little
epiphanies along the way, that people are basically
good, and it’s fun to talk to them.

And if you can take that energy into an interaction with
a woman, you’re golden.

I call it “The Formula X Activation System”, and it’s
the secret ingredient that makes all the techniques and
openers and routines work.

And I’m giving it to you for the price of a cup ofcoffee.

Talk soon,

Brad P.