A Simple Attitude Adjustment That Can Get You Laid…

Fri, 06/01/2017

I was explaining to one of my 30/30 members the other
day that you actually can have great sex with average
looking women.

This may sound like an odd thing to say, but here’s what
I mean:

The magazine rack of your local right aid is full of
magazines with photoshopped supermodels on the covers.

And it’s enough to con you into believing that that’s

And most women don’t look like that in reality –
certainly not in Midwest Town, USA.

But I’ve noticed over the years that a lot of guys
suffer from what I call “supermodel syndrome.”

That means they have the unrealistic belief that a
perfect supermodel will magically walk into their life,
and give them unconditional love.

And this causes them to compare all other girls to an
unrealistic dream.

(You could say it’s the male version of “Bridezilla

It’s creating an unrealistic fantasy in your head and
then using it as an excuse not to live your life.

For women, it’s the perfect wedding. But for men, it’s
the perfect supermodel.

And it gets out of control when you start comparing real
women in real situations to this fantasy of yours.

Some guys even get desperate and depressed..

You see, it makes you angry at reality, or angry with
real people. You feel inadequate and unfulfilled.

But worst of all, it prevents you from enjoying life and
being in a good state.

So how do you cure it?

You could start by reading a book called, “How To Want
What You Have” by Timothy Miller.

This book offers a simple, practical, and credible
method to achieving inner peace. It is based around the
principles of compassion, attention, and gratitude to
everyday living.

And by doing that, you’re going to be in a great state
to meet and attract women.

It’s great to shoot for supermodels, but if that means
you’re not talking to girls and you’re not getting laid,
it might be time to be a little less rigid in your

If that means lowering your standards a bit, then so be

The name of the game is having fun and seeing results.

One of my best recommendations is my program,
Secrets of Inner Game.

You’ll have healthy expectations and you’ll feel good
about everything you’re doing.

When you get that kind of attractive energy going,
chicks will flock to you.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

One Tweak That Turns Rejection Around…

Tue, 27/12/2016

A buddy of mine just suffered a fate worse than death.

His name is Aaron and he’s done coaching with me off and
on over the years.

He’s done well with girls over the years.

But like a lot of guys, he has a pretty serious aversion
to the (very temporary) pain of rejection.

A lot of guys think getting flat out rejected by a woman
is the worst thing that can ever happen to you.

Absolutely untrue.

Rejection saves you TIME.

When you’re gaming women time is a precious commodity.

Rejection is your friend.

Well, Aaron avoided it. There’s this perfect 10 with a
girl-next-door attitude in his circle of friends and he
let himself get hung up on her.

…But he wouldn’t risk that dreaded rejection.

And so he opened the door to something far worse:

(like opening the door to the gates of hell worse)

He got doomed to the dreaded FRIENDZONE.

It’s the most agonizing, painful feeling a guy can

It destroys your life slowly when you fall in it…

And you spend months or years being misled and taken
advantage of by some silly girl. Plus you’re throwing
away opportunities for sex with new women because your
time is being taken up by this “female friend.”

Aaron’s friend Tracy wasn’t a cruel girl. But he didn’t
make himself a sexual threat and before you know it
she’s talking to him about other guys.

It made him sick.

That’s what happens when fear takes over. And you know

– He knew better. That’s why he waited so long to call
me. He knew he’d get an earful.

Make sure this never happens to you.

Here’s my tip for the day on how to do that:

Force every girl you talk to into either becoming
attracted to you or rejecting you… in 3 minutes or

This is exactly what I do. And I’ve gotten laid
literally hundreds of times from it.

So consider this…

The friend zone is more destructive to your life than
rejection could ever be.

Rejection is harmless.

There are ZERO repercussions.

And no one is keeping a permanent record of how many
times women reject you.

So every time you start talking to a new woman it’s a
clean slate. Even if you got rejected 10 times that
night, it wouldn’t matter.

But if this advice is making you uncomfortable, let me
tell you why:

Other “experts” prey on your gullibility by teaching you
to “avoid rejection” while I teach you to CAPITALIZE on

This is why I like to say rejection is a gift from God.

It’s the mechanism you can use to avoid the friend zone,
and get 10 times more sex than guys who focus on
avoiding rejection.

And another huge benefit of being okay with rejection is

Women can tell when you’re scared of rejection and it
makes their pussy dry up. But when you seem fearless,
like you could take it or leave it, they start drooling
and imagining getting fucked hard by you.

That’s the truth.

But I recognize you’ve been fed a lot of BS about
avoiding rejection and maybe you’re not ready for this.

But if you’re ready to grow a pair and enjoy total
friend zone freedom, here’s something that might

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – And hang in there – new book on the way that will
give you presence of that guy who just attracts women
easily – like a magnet.

Stay tuned.

She Couldn’t Stop Talking About Me

Mon, 26/12/2016

I’ve been so busy lately with phone coaching I almost
forgot to sit down and write this newsletter.

But I’ll tell you what, I’m thankful for the clients I
interact with daily and weekly because their questions
and challenges are an endless source of wisdom for us.

I just went on a little rant with a client, David, who
was beating up on himself and as soon I was done with
the call, I sat down and wrote today’s little nugget of

I told David to stop assuming it’s his fault all the


When you approach a woman and it doesn’t go well, it
could have to do with a lot of outside factors.

Maybe the girl is mentally screwed up. Did you ever
consider that?

Maybe she’s got problems. Or maybe you are just

By no means does that indicate you have lousy game…

For example, if one girl tells you that your clothes
suck, you should disregard her opinion.

However, if 10 girls tell you that your clothes suck,
then you should make a change.

(Common sense, right?)

Here’s something that happened to me a few years ago and
really drove this point home:

I met this girl through my social circle.

She was a friend of a (female) friend.

Both of these women were successful fashion models. They
had been partying all night, and I hung around and
partied with them until 5am.

I used this great technique where I give the girl a
guitar and tell her to strum it with her right hand.

Then I do all the fret work with my left hand, and she
feels like she has instantly become an awesome guitar

Chicks love that.

After a few hours, I managed to isolate her back at my

But, when I got her alone, she went completely cold. She
complained about my outfit, my place, and wouldn’t let
me touch her at all. She’d just say, “Don’t touch me.
I’m selective.”

She gave me nothing but negative vibes. Finally, I
figured I’d get her out of my house.

I said to myself “Wow I sure did creep that girl out.
She went from interested to ‘don’t touch me’ in just
minutes. My game must really suck tonight.”

The next day, my friends told me “When we took that girl
home, she couldn’t stop talking about you. She was way
into you!”

This was a shocker to me, since she seemed bitchy and
disinterested the whole time.

It turns out that there were some additional factors I
wasn’t aware of which made this girl act cold even
though she was interested.

Factor 1- she had broken up with her boyfriend the day
before, and didn’t want to have sex for a while.

Factor 2- she was starting a fashion line with my female
friend, and was worried that if she fucked me she would
look like a slut and my friend would not work with her.

My female friend who was setting all of this up is a
famous supermodel who has been on the cover of every
major magazine. She’s a pretty big deal, and the girl
who liked me was paranoid about being on her bad side.

Their business connection is more important than any
amount of sex could ever be.

After my friends told me about all of this, I realized
that I hadn’t done any crappy game, and the problem
wasn’t me.

The problem was HER!!!

She liked me and wanted to date me, but she was too
screwed up in the head to move towards that goal.

Although you have to remember…

This was years ago. I’ve cracked a few secret codes
since then.

And I’ve got a secret project about ready for release:

It’s called the formula X Activation system and it shows
you the secrets to activate an indefinable magnetic
quality that women love.

It’s going to change the game forever. Keep an eye on
this newsletter for updates.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – A bad result with one girl doesn’t mean anything.
Wait and see how the next 9 girls respond before you
draw any conclusions.

That is how a winner thinks. A winner doesn’t get thrown
off by one or two failures.

And this is one of the core principles of having rock
solid inner game.

If you’d like to learn a few more, check out my programSecrets of Inner Game.

It’s the absolute essential foundation to being the
“magnetic” guy who seems to have magical powers with