The Reason Joe Gets So Much Pussy

Sat, 22/10/2016

Succeeding at pick-up is really no different than
succeeding in business. For that matter it’s really no
different than succeeding in sports, like competing in
the Olympics.

It can’t be about willpower and sacrifice.

It has to be about desire. You have to want it. And
you have to have a good reason – the kind of reason that
gets you out of bed in the morning.

Allow me to give you an example:

A while ago, I read an article online about a HOMELESS
GUY in New York who picks up girls and gets laid on a
regular basis.

His name was Joe and he would spend his days panhandling
in Manhattan, sometimes earning as much as $150 a day.

In his situation, the easiest way for him to sleep in a
bed and have a shower was to pick up women and go back
to their place.

For real.

…Now there’s a motivation you don’t see everyday.

He got laid to, literally, put a roof over his head.

Because of this, he gets a LOT more pussy than the
average guy… despite his apparent disadvantage.

I think if you HAD to put the focus on getting laid that
you put on showing up for your job or career, you’d be
getting laid daily.

So, of course, Joe would go out of his way to always
look good, and to talk to as many girls as possible.

Now, I’m not recommending becoming homeless to improve
your game…

…That would be insane.

But there’s a reason I want you to think about this
guy’s story:

He’s in a situation where most guys would consider
themselves to have NO chance at all with women…

But he can’t afford to let his negative beliefs take
over and defeat him before he has even started. Instead,
he’s prepared to do what’s necessary.

Necessity really is the mother of invention.

And Joe has a powerful, albeit unique, motivation to get
up in the morning and approach women.

The key to this is that he has no comfort zone or safety
net to retreat to. It’s either pick up women or sleep in
the streets.

It’s like people who work for a living. If you don’t
show up and earn that income, you’re in the streets.

So here’s the “tough love” part for guys who use their
circumstances as an excuse to not even try…

…Especially those with financial problems…

…All it takes is the DESIRE to change and the
willingness to IMPLEMENT the information in this free
newsletter and also my products.

Find your desire.

Once you’ve got that, I’ve got the “how” – All kinds of
fun approaches and routines that will get you in the
pants of the hottest women.

You just need to USE them.

When you’re ready to start, I put everything you need
into my Black Book Method.

It’s the bible on approaching and seducing gorgeous

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS. – Come on; don’t leave all the hot women to Joe. He
didn’t even take a shower today.

Being the Kind of Guy Women are Fascinated With

Fri, 21/10/2016

Recently when I was out with some guys I did some
demonstration approaches, for educational purposes only,
for clients.

(Don’t tell my girlfriend. She gets jealous.)

One of the guys, Eric, was not getting any attraction or
heat from women, he was starting to get frustrated and
the experience was no longer fun.

I had to intercede.

I explained that the whole thing is entertainment for

For them, the whole interaction is like a drama playing
out. YOU are the entertainment and your target and her
friends are spectators.

You just keep it random and keep it fun. Once they
think they got you figured out they lose interest.

Anyway, I had Eric and the other guys watch me approach
a three set, solo.

I walked up to the target, a gorgeous blond and said:


ME: “Did I sleep with you last week? I was drunk but I
think it was you.”

HER: (Laughing) “um, no that wasn’t me.”

ME: “I am so sorry I never called you. You were good;
your friend was good too.”

HER: (Blushing) “Oh my god!”


Look, she knows it’s a joke, but she’s playing along
having fun.

Women are fascinated with certain types of guys – guys
who fuck them and then don’t call them back, guys who
dumped them, guys who are unavailable or hard to get.

These are the types of guys that girls think about a lot
and these are the types of guys their vaginas tingle

With that approach I immediately got her associating me
with the guys who fucks her and doesn’t call her back.

It works magic to raise your value in her eyes.

I continued to pull “confusion game” and keep her off

…A couple minutes later in the interaction I pulled
another trick – tell an OBVIOUS lie to get a reaction.


ME: “Hey off the wall fact: did you know that when
you’re asleep at night, your heart actually stops for 45

HER: “Is that true?”

ME: “No you dork. Of course not.”


She punches me in the arm.

Instant reset. I’m STILL intriguing and confusing.
She doesn’t know where I’m coming from.

That’s incredibly attractive to women.

A technique like this is how to be the exact opposite of
a boring nice guy!

A great example of what you’re putting a girl through is
watching a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Back in the day, when I saw Pulp Fiction, the story was
told completely out of order.

I didn’t quite get what was going on until the end. But
I loved it.

That’s the exact type of feeling you want to give a girl
that you’re talking too.

Anyway, back to the girl I was talking to:

Absolutely could have gotten a number, probably laid.
Excused myself and told her to have a great night.

I walked back over to Eric, who was slack jawed at how
fast I was getting such a great response and said,
“There, now let’s see you do it!”

(He’s working on it. He had his mind blown that night)

Everything you need to learn how to do this, I put in my
Black Book Method.

If you can’t think of cool shit to say, I’ve got it all
for you!

Plenty of tested material but I also show you how to
come up with your own.

And I’ll give it to you in a step-by-step format.
Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve already
tried a bunch of crap that didn’t work, Black Book
Method is what you need to start winning with the women
you approach and getting laid.

You can learn all about what I’ve got to offer isthis short video.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

The Exact Right Time to Do Your Approach

Thu, 20/10/2016

Let me tell you about Blaine…

He’s 24 years old. And a handsome all American type.
Wears a suit to work. Works at a financial services
company. You get the picture.

This is a popular type with upscale professional type
women. These types of girls by the way can be some of
the naughtiest in bed. Don’t let the congenial thing
fool you.

So, the last time I was in New York, I was out with
Blaine in a pretty trendy bar (near the financial
district). It was time for him to do some approaches,
so I just hung back to watch and enjoy the show.

He makes eyes with this cute brunette with long hair who
reminded me of Penelope Cruz.

She was there with two other girls. I couldn’t tell if
they were friends or co-workers (It was happy hour, so
who knows).

She made eyes right back at him.

And nothing.

Blaine hung back.

I discreetly took a few steps toward him and said “Go.

He froze. He said, “I think she’s getting up to go the
bathroom. I’ll get her on the way out.”

I shook my head. This drives me crazy.

Blaine had been a friend and a client for some time, so
I gently put the screws to him and MADE him go in.

The interaction actually went well. He got her number
and I’m pretty sure they ended up hooking up.

But if I hadn’t been there he’d have hesitated and
probably blown it.

Let me ask you:

Have you ever stared at a hot chick you want to fuck and
hesitated because you weren’t sure it was the right time
to approach?

Yep. We all have.

And you know what…

Who the hell knows (or cares) when the exact right time
to approach is?

There will ALWAYS be a “better” time to approach a girl.

You can always be in a better mood, you can be more
“on,” the environment could be quieter, or she could be
standing alone simply looking around for any guy to talk
to her.

The thing that’s more important than picking the right
time to talk to a girl is simple TALKING TO THE GIRL.

I’m pretty sure “just doing it” eventually got Blaine

You see, there is the “best” time and then there is

Think in terms of opportunity.

If you see an opportunity with a girl who, for example,
is going to the bathroom and you’re standing in her
path, then you should open your mouth and say something
because I bet you the best time to approach her will not
happen before the night is out.

As long as you open your mouth and say something, you’re
halfway there.

The more you THINK about approaching, the less you’ll DO

The truth is that MOST GUYS have never approached a girl
in their life.

They have never walked up to a girl they liked and
talked to her. So the only girls they meet are from
friends or the mediocre girls that approach them first.

And even when they meet girls, they have no idea how to
build attraction and take things to the next level.

That was me, and I got tired of watching a small
percentage of guys get most of the women while I begged
for scraps.

I figured out some simple and easy ways to blow out the
approach anxiety that every guy kind of feels by default
when he’s going after a girl.

The anxiety is normal, but you don’t have to live with

I don’t have to live with it. And I’m pretty sure
Blaine is no longer living with it.

Imagine how it would feel if you had the natural and
easy confidence to walk up to any girl, any where, any
time and charm the shit out of her.

You’d feel like a god walking among men. And you’d
potentially be having enough sex that you would
legitimately qualify as that.

I put together a program called “How To Beat approach
Anxiety” and with a few simple exercises I can get you

Let me tell you all about it right here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.