The “Try Too Hard” Equation

Sat, 03/12/2016

Have you ever had a girl pursue you?

I’m not saying just casually reach out, but actually
chase you HARD?

I’m sure it sounds great, but to any of you who’ve
actually had it happen, you know things can get weird

Just the other day, one of my buddies met a girl online
who started texting him non-stop, then she sent him a
picture looking for validation… and when he didn’t
respond positively to the picture…

She Literally FREAKED OUT.

She began demanding to know why he wasn’t into her, what
was wrong, the works… and he just ignored her.

Then days later, she began texting him again.

He didn’t respond.

When he told me about it, here’s what he said: “I’ve
never realized how unattractive and repulsive it is to
try so hard to impress somebody and get validation.”

In other words, his eyes were opened to how HE acted
with women in the past, and why they didn’t give him the
time of day.

Now that he has become attractive and is on the other
side of the fence, it became so much clearer to him.


We live in a society that rewards hard work and effort.

There are a gazillion slogans around working harder,
pushing, going 110%… you name it.

The problem is that this attitude and mindset is DEAD
WRONG when it comes to dating.


Because as you just saw, the harder you seem to be
trying, the lower your value in her eyes.

If I were going to create a math formula to illustrate
attraction it would look something like this:

Value = (Cool + Triggers)/Trying

In other words, how cool you are and your ability to
trigger the right things in her, divided by how hard you

The bigger your “trying” number in the equation, the
lower the value.

But appearing effortless of course MULTIPLIES your
value. And that creates massive attractive, even
obsession, in her and gives you all the power.

One of the best ways you can appear effortless today is
with tight online game.

Tight online game is what got my friend into all that
trouble with his lady stalker (a high quality problem –

I have a method that I’m teaching guys to create that
amazing attraction online, right from your couch.

It creates that sense of chemistry that you get when you
meet a chick in person and it just “clicks”.

I’ll tell you exactly what to say and even give you copy
and paste email exchanges.

Guys, it doesn’t get any easier to be that guy that
turns a hottie into your own personal stalker.

Watch my video to learn how.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Boldness with a Capital “B”

Wed, 30/11/2016

A new guy in my 30/30 asked me an interesting question:

“Brad, HOW do I act confident?”


“I know you and some of these other guys just come off
like confident badasses and it gets you laid. Just tell
me how you do it.”


Some guys, no matter how many times they hear they need
to be confident, it just doesn’t get them over their
personal hurdles, self-limiting beliefs or whatever it
is that is holding them back.

I get it. It’s frustrating.

Here’s what might help:

Let’s look at it through the girls’ eyes.

Imagine you are a girl for a second and you’re in some
bar drinking with your girlfriends.

Guys come up to you all the time, some with decent game
but some with boring “So what are you drinking?” game.

What is the one thing that would tell you a guy knows
what he’s doing, has probably fucked a lot of girls, and
can give you both emotional and physical pleasure?


That’s what separates the men from the boys, and that’s
what really gives a girl vagina tingle.

Let me explain with a story.

A couple of nights ago I was working with a couple of
clients and giving the one guy a critique.

Basically he didn’t push the interaction far enough.

And this is absolutely typical when you’re learning.

So I figured I’d do a set and show him and his buddy
EXACTLY what I meant by boldness.

I went up to the bar and picked out a cute girl. I sat
down on a bar stool to face her so that our legs were

After ten minutes of conversation, I made it seem like I
just noticed her bracelets and starting touching them.

Then I saw a spot on her jeans where some of her drink
spilled, and started “rubbing” it out.

Bold right? Would you feel comfortable doing that?

…She quickly hit my hand away.

I pretended nothing happened and continued the
conversation. Then five minutes later I started poking
her thigh while she was talking.

That’s when she started giving commentary on my

“You’ve been here for an hour talking to other girls. I
have a feeling you hit on a lot of girls and you do this
all the time.” I just said I was “outgoing” and
“friendly,” with a smirk of course.

Understand this:

She KNOWS that this is what I do, that I hit on girls
every night.

But she cannot tell her brain to stop feeling attraction
for a desirable man.

I am a desirable male because she THINKS I do this all
the time and that I’m successful at it.

See how that works?

And she thinks I do this all the time simply because I’m
touching her early and in ways other guys are too scared
to do.

Black Book Method shows you EXACTLY how to do this exact

Boldness and a little know how is all it takes.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – I made out with her before I got her number, after
a total time of thirty minutes or so of talking to her.

Keep in mind this was from a girl who hit my hand away
when I started touching her.

Being bold screams confidence, because it tells the girl
that you are NOT AFRAID and have done this before.

And here’s the beautiful part: she will have no idea
what your past is and no idea how many women you really
did sleep with (or didn’t).

You want to learn about the “Boldness Handbook”?

Here it is.

A Beginner That Needs YOUR Advice

Thu, 24/11/2016

Today we’re gonna do something I don’t normally do…

We’re going to respond to a letter from a subscriber to
this newsletter who hasn’t bought any of my products

Look, the readers of this newsletter are high quality

Mostly all of you study my material and take
responsibility for your sexual fate.

You make vast improvements and tell me all about.

I help you dramatically improve your sex life and you
tell me all about it.

I love that, it’s a win-win.

So I ‘m going to do something a little unusual today and
share something from a guy who’s new. He hasn’t done
the work yet.

When you get done reading his question ask yourself how
YOU would answer his question.


As a good-looking guy, i have found it extremely easy to
get with MEDIUM looking girls. But I am finding it
difficult to traverse the border and start hooking up
with hot girls. I just cannot seem to make that
transition. I would love to hear your advice.

– Adrian”

Hmmm…. What would YOU tell him?

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for any length of
time it should be pretty obvious…

The answer:

Social Skills!!!!!

Adrian, I think you are depending on your looks a bit
too much.

I actually tell guys not to waste your time trying to
get buff and fit to attract girls.

It’s a low return on investment activity.

Look, let’s pretend you are an ugly guy… how would you
get girls? You would probably have to get off your ass
and approach more right?

You have to make a girl FEEL something to get over the
disadvantage of not looking like Brad Pitt.

And then work on some kick ass routines as well instead
of just relying on casual conversation, right?

You’d basically do everything that you started doing
after you read my Black Book Method.

For those of you who don’t have Black Book Method yet,
that’s a hint…

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – Honestly, it’s the answer to A LOT of problems, not
the least of which is self-esteem.

Yeah, wanting to get your dick wet brings you to the
party, but when you know you can approach any girl any
where, you’ll carry yourself like a boss.

All my top clients do, and they’ll tell you that one
thing alone is PRICELESS.