Attraction is Not a Choice

Sat, 17/06/2017

You know, when you’re around beautiful women long
enough, you can occasionally get bored with them.

It’s impossible to imagine a 9 blonde with an insane
body texting you about “coming over”–and you replying
“no, I need to rest tonight” or telling her that, “you
really need to do your laundry.”

But that’s where I would find myself sometimes, with
girl after girl…

When you can get hot women at will, you can get a little
bored with all of your predictable success…

So I started to push myself to learn and experiment with
crazy stuff. Some far out there stuff. So, I decided I
was going try to sleep with women as fast as I can. I
made into a little game.

No three dates… not even one date.

Of course, even I didn’t think this was even possible.

So there I was one day, in line at Starbucks–and this
cute brunette with a banging body was behind me.

She smiled when I looked back, and I realized I probably
could have gotten her number and gone through that whole
process of…

* Texting her…
* Hoping she would reply…
* Setting up a date…
* Wondering if she was going to flake, etc…

But I just thought, “screw it” — I’m going to try
something else.

And what happened next blew my mind and forever changed
my view of women.

Fast-forwarding to later, when I found myself back at
her apartment, in bed, a little over an hour later, her
roommates still at work…


It’s possible to actually have sex with a woman in just
hours and sometimes MINUTES after meeting her… if and
only if you play things right.

But it seemed almost too good to be true, so the next
day I tried to do it again. And again later in the week.
It worked each time… I couldn’t believe it!

Once with a blonde model who was in town for a
photo-shoot with a major high-end clothing brand…

Another time with a bartender who almost lost her job
for being so late to work after having spent the day in
bed with me.

I felt like I finally figured a woman’s mind out along
with a little secret they weren’t even aware of.

That secret is…

A woman’s emotional mind has a secret back door. A back
door that even she’s not aware of.

A back door that allows you to bypass any defense
mechanisms about having sex with you that she may have.

And you can ONLY do this when you know what type of
woman she is.

You see, for women…

Attraction is NOT a Conscious Choice.

She cannot control who she is attracted to or why. She
has no choice.

And once attracted to a man–if he knows how to push and
pull in the right ways– she will almost assuredly have
sex with him.

You might be saying to yourself, wait, I hear women
saying all the time that they only date guys who are
either hot, rich, athletic, tall, famous or she’ll just
say “he’s just not my type” …


The truth is, on a surface level she can be attracted to
someone who has money, confidence, looks or fame but on
a deep emotional level, the deep sexual level, her back
door level…

She cannot consciously make that decision. If she were
to meet these guys in real life and they don’t know how
to apply and use the tools I am going to give you–they
will not get the girl.

The girl will not be attracted to them on an emotional
sexual level no matter what they do or say.


Sexually rejected. Game over!

This is the shockingly strange reason why you’ll see
overweight, short, balding, not successful or not so
good looking men with the really hot women from time to
time… women who these guys had no damn business being

But there’s more, because the guys that are REALLY
successful with women, who seem “natural”… have really
just figured out how to tailor their approach to each
type of girl they meet.

They know that they must seduce a shy/conservative girl
differently than a party girl.

Wanna know my secret?

I wrote about it in detail in my book 10 Minute Seduction.

If you don’t have it yet, you might want to check it

Talk soon,

Brad P.

How I Can Approach ANY Girl (And you can too)

Wed, 14/06/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

Have you been on this newsletter letter long enough to
have heard about the time I started handing out fliers
in the streets of New York City?

It’s an important story with a great lesson.

You see, back in the day…

…I was TERRIFIED around women.

I had no idea how to act around them or what to say. I
felt like they didn’t even see me.

I know some of you can relate to that.

This is the same complaint I hear from a lot of clients
when they first come to me.

When I say, “I know how you feel”, they don’t always
believe me. Well trust me:


It was so bad at one point that I wouldn’t even make eye
contact with a hot girl as she was walking by.

The fear that I had of rejection from these women was
absolutely PARALYZING.

So I needed to do something kind of extreme to get over
this fear…

That’s when I took a job handing out fliers in the
streets of New York.

This took me so far out of my comfort zone that my
comfort zone and I were no longer in the same zip code.

Handing out fliers compressed so many rejections into
such a short period of time that my fear of strangers
(particularly women) quickly disappeared.

By doing this I quickly figured out that it wasn’t
NEARLY as hard as most guys thought to get women to stop
and talk to you.

Confronting your fears gets EASIER the more you do it.

In fact, I have a whole new product that helps you (in baby steps) destroy your fear.

And destroying your fear is only the first step.

You will become a wizard of confidence, a captain of

You’ll be magnetic.

(People without fear tend to come off that way.)

And when I figured out this process, approach anxiety
became a ting of the past.

That’s when I started getting phone numbers, dates, and
even SEX on the first date.

Look, fear is natural, but once you get moving you
realize it’s just an illusion.

(That’s what the new program was designed to show you btw!)

Once I figured that out I got on the path to becoming

And that’s when I started racking up all the crazy lay
stories I’m known for now.

Look, if fear stops you (even just a little) I would
suggest that it’s time you got back to basics.

I have a new program that blows out fear and makes you

It’s called, “Formula X Activation System”, and it gives you the power and the tools to do just that.

Imagine seeing that hot chick in the skirt and having no

You can walk right up to her and open and have her
laughing and getting attracted in mere seconds.

That, my friend, is power.

Check it out here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

The Kind of Life That This Work Can Get You

Thu, 01/06/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

The benefits of developing your dating skills are
completely life changing.

I have the good fortune of hearing from clients all the
time about how studying my material has totally
transformed their lives for the better.

That is about the best feeling in the world and it’s the
whole reason that I do this.

Check out this AMAZING story from Greg (And remember,
this could easily be YOU):


“Hey Brad,

“Just wanna say that that applying the material I learnt
from the 30/30 Club completely turned my life around.

After about a year I had gone from sleeping with 8
women in my whole life to a whopping 58 women!

I became KING at touching/physicality and always sought
to push it as far as I could – whether that be me
pushing my face into a girl’s tits mid conversation and
saying “sorry, but I just reaaally had to do that… you
see, I’m still a virgin and hardcore Christian, and
these sinful thoughts just made me do that”, or me
having a girl give me a hand job in the back of a
bar… both times before kissing the girl! And then I
wanted to see how fast I could take a girl home from a
date… brought her home and fucked her in less than an

I applied everything I learnt and I became a God in
comparison to where I came from. Your products and your
teachings are unparalleled – everything you teach, you
teach in a way that is completely understandable and
just makes sense the minute it enters my head.

At around the 60 lay mark, I found the ‘love of my
life’ as cheesy as that sounds. She is amazing in every
way – super high status and used to party all the time –
until I tamed her she said, hehe – and she would blow
every guy out and withhold sex unless they managed to
get through her gauntlet for 3 months…. for me it was 3
or 4 weeks as I didn’t want to push it – did finger her
the 1st night, of course.

Funny enough, she approached me on Facebook (sent me a
cheeky private message with her number), and we just
connected immediately. Saw her 1 month later when I came
back to London in August 2015, and we’ve been in a
relationship since September.

Honestly, all this would NEVER have happened if it
weren’t for your teachings, and for that I am eternally
grateful. So thank you Brad.”


Man, that shit makes my day.

It doesn’t matter if your entire life has been a dry
spell up to this point.

If you have a little faith and trust me, listen to some
simple directions, and just go do it, you will have the
choice to hook up with any woman you want.

You will have confidence like you’ve never had before.

Just make a decision like Greg did, and do it.

Everything you need to begin is right here and
costs less than a coffee.

Talk soon,

Brad P.