The 7 Deadly Sins of Seduction

Fri, 11/12/2009

The 30/30 Forum is a highly secure forum, full of secret information and I do my mysterious voodoo of teaching inside this forum. I don’t let anyone in unless they’re signed up to the 30/30 club. I don’t care to give any personal advice to people who aren’t dedicated enough to commit to 12 months of learning. I’ve spent 6 years learning and teaching this, and giving my time to people who aren’t dedicated is just annoying to me. I put my heart into every post on the 30/30 forum, so I want to be sure the people Im writing to are going to take action.

The best part is that the guys we have in 30/30 right now are AWESOME at taking action. They are HIGHLY committed to the learning process. Not only that, but they are getting laid like crazy. Every time I look at the forum there’s a bunch of new lay reports.

But they don’t always start out that way.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the 30/30 forum.

We have a thread that’s been going on for a while where we talk about “breaking the newbies.” We use the process to get the students to GET REAL and LEARN SEDUCTION THE RIGHT WAY. Most people who join are completely confused in the beginning. This is something we can usually fix in the 1st month.

I’ll start with Nomad’s post and then add a few of my own-

Nomad wrote-

When developing any new skillset people will often ask “How long before I get good?” I find this Zen story to be a great reminder that I should enjoy the journey and appreciate each new lesson (I copied this from a random website)

It might be worth posting in Month 1 for the new 30/30 members (although it is a great reminder at any point during development.) Let me know what you think.

There is a story about a young man in Japan who wanted to be the greatest martial artist of the land. He thought that to reach this goal, he must study with the best instructor, who lived many miles away.

One day he left home to go study with this great Zen teacher. After travelling for several days, he arrived at the school and was given an audience with the teacher. “What do you wish to learn from me?” the master asked.
“I want you to teach me your art and help me become one of the best martial artists in the country,” the young man replied. “How long must I study?”
“Ten years at least,” the master answered.
The guy thought, ten years is a lot of time. I want to get his done sooner than that. I don’t have that much time. Certainly if I try harder I can complete this task quicker. So he asked the master, “What if I studied twice as hard as everyone else? How long would it take then?”
“Then it would take twenty years,” replied the master.
The guy thought, ‘That’s even longer! I don’t want to spend twenty years learning something. I’ve got other things to do with my life. Certainly if I tried really hard I could learn it much quicker’.
So the student asked again, “What if I practised day and night with all my effort, then how long would it take?”
“Thirty years,” was the master’s response.
The young student became confused and wondered why the master kept telling him it would take longer.
He asked the master “How is it that each time I say I will work harder, you tell me that it will take longer?”
“The answer is simple. With one eye focused on your destination, there is only one eye left with which to find the way,” the master said.

(Another way of saying this is, “With half your attention on your goal, you only have the other half to focus on the work.” Any endeavor takes effort, but it also takes patience. If we have one without the other, we get off balance. with only effort, we try and try but get frustrated when we do not see results as fast as we would like. Or we get burned out and tired very quickly. With only patience and no effort, we never really put our full attention to a task. We never give it the commitment we need. This is as true with school work as it is with a meditation practice as it is with sports. in the story, the master knew that the student had enough effort; what he needed was to balance that effort with patience.)

Brad wrote-

Hey I want to talk more on this because there are a LOT of guys on this forum who are being very impatient and it is slowing their development.

I just answered a month 5 post from Royal, who wanted to “sail very smoothly from the opener through comfort and close” and learn club game.

Royal had 160 sets last month, tons of makeouts, and 2 full closes. Awesome effort. Good results also.

But even he is getting distracted by a few things.

Obviously, Club Game is in month 11. Royal is in month 5. There’s a reason I put club game in month 11, and you guys should trust me on this one. Thats the right time to learn it.

“Sailing through the phases of seduction.” We’re getting a lot of questions on this lately.

I guess you guys have been told that there’s a sequence to seduction and it’s always the same phases. Nice idea, but it doesn’t work that way.

Let’s think about this.

I’ve fucked girls in a public restroom in under 3 minutes.
The next night I fuck a girl and it takes 4 hours and I have to win over all her friends, know tons of things about her…etc etc

Those 2 things are not the same thing. I’ve banged TONS of girls from cold approach, and I can tell you that this “sequence of phases” idea is a myth.

It’s a very appealing myth, because it makes you think “if i just learn this one more thing, Ill get laid!” But that’s not really how it works. You won’t get consistent results until you first go through a massive period of growth and transformation. After you do that, you get laid in every possible sequence.

If you’re trying to put some kind of sequence of phases together, there’s a good chance you’re also avoiding the self development that’s supposed to be going on here in the 3030 club. You’re looking for a shortcut, because you are in denial about what it takes to get good at seduction.

It takes a minimum of 12 months to get good. It’s not likely you’ll get good in less than 12 months. Accept it. You can’t change it.

Stop looking for shortcuts.

All you’re doing is making the learning go slower.

Sat nite I went to the Playboy Mansion with a bunch of Pickup Mansion guys and everyone pulled home a girl except 1 guy. We didn’t do so by finding some shortcut. It didn’t happen because we did 19 phases in the right order. It happened because we’ve been working our balls off on this for months and months. We’ve become the kind of people women are attracted to. We used to be losers. Now girls love us. We have become fundamentally different people.

That’s what you are here for. We are trying to make a fundamental change in the person you are.

That’s the only thing that works.

It takes time.

If you don’t like that, you shouldn’t be here.

If you want some shortcut, there’s guys giving those away for free all over the internet. Don’t you think everyone on mASF and TAF would be getting laid 20 times per month if that shortcut worked?

Here’s what I want everyone reading this to do.

Look at what you’re working on this month. Work on THAT. Don’t work on anything else. Don’t ask us “how long is this gonna take?” Don’t look for shortcuts. Just follow the curriculum.

Look back on past months. Have you learned everything thoroughly? If not, go back and learn what you missed at the end of the month.

There will come a time when you’ve learned everything in 30/30. When that happens, you will get laid without having to think very hard. That will be very enjoyable for you. The reward is sweet. You will get laid with consistency. You will have more confidence in yourself.

You will be getting laid because YOU have CHANGED THE PERSON YOU ARE. You will have confidence in YOURSELF, not confidence in a system. Confidence in yourself is far more valuable.

Anyone can go back and fix the stuff they mixed. It’s not always easy because the stuff you missed is probably the stuff that is hardest for you.

For example, Ray has been working his ass off on his game for a while, and he’s finished with month 12 of 30/30. But, we talked the other day and he still has nice guy syndrome and needs his identity stronger. So Ray has to fix stuff from month 1. He started this stuff a year ago, but it is hard for him, so he has to work on it again now.

This is not something to be sad about, it’s an opportunity to grow and improve.

It’s not easy to learn 100% of what we teach here. For most guys, if you learn 75% of it, you’ll get a lot of play in the future. But if there’s stuff you’re having problems with that is FUNDAMENTAL, like month 1 stuff, its not likely you’ll get results. We will be here for you on the forum to help you work through this stuff, whether it’s month 1 stuff or month 11 stuff.

Thanks for staying with it and being focused. It’s very important that you continue to be focused and that you don’t get distracted by impatience.


Here’s another setback I’m noticing with some guys thats slowing their learning:


This is understandable. You’ve been to 4 other gurus, you still don’t have the results you want, so you’re here. Now you’re trying to apply what 4 other gurus taught you to what you’re learning here.

Well if they didn’t get you the results you want, why are you still clinging to that information????

I just answered a James Spader post where he was looking for me to teach him a series of phases where you seduce women the same way every time.

Well I’ve been in the field for 5 years with naturals. Cumulatively, we’ve probably fucked over 1000 girls. I’ve been around enough to tell you it doesn’t go the same way every time. If you try to make it go the same way every time, you’re looking for a shortcut. We don’t do shortcuts here. Shortcuts prevent you from getting laid.

James was waiting me to teach him some “next phase” and it’s not gonna help him that he’s waiting around for this.

Another guy I’ve been giving 1on1s to has been doing heavy rapport game cause he learned it from another guru. He’s been in the friend zone and provider category every time, so I had to teach him something new. Now he’s getting dates non stop and getting laid left and right.

Why? He’s willing to let go of what he’s been learning for the last 9 years!

He just sent me this email-

“You are the best damn teacher in PU, Hands Down!
I have seen it all for 9 years. I have got more results in 2 weeks than I have in 9 years from every other work shop , all other e-books from the best guys – PU101, David D, RSD/Tyler, Mystery and more.
Dude, this is so life changing that it is scary!”

Now here’s the deal, he’s been in it for 9 FUCKING YEARS!!!! He’s seen it all.

All those people he’s saying he studied with, I have no fucking clue what they teach. So Im not saying its wrong or it’s bad or it doesn’t work. What Im saying is this- if you try to put what im teaching in their framework, you end up being utterly confused. Thats what happened to James Spader.

A big part of what I’m trying to do here is DEFRAG THE MESS that you have become by studying a whole bunch of methods that don’t work together at all. (see FORBIDDEN TRUTH)

Remember, this is a very new type of education. All of the technology is fairly primitive still. Before me, there was no one teaching seduction who had any kind of formal training or experience in teaching methodology.

I’ve been a social worker with at risk teens, mental health worker for people with schizophrenia, OCD, and depression. I’ve been a basketball coach, a guitar teacher, and now I’m teaching seduction. I’ve got a degree in how to teach people.

If you just hand people a method, and tell them to go do it the same every time, it may or may not work.

You’ve got to make a FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in that person. That’s what we’re doing here. You will be a completely different person that you were at the beginning if you do everything we’re telling you to do.

So if you want NLP, or 6 phases, or you want to remain a submissive nice guy and fuck a bunch of 4s and 5s, or if you’re just sick of it all and you want to GO NATURAL cause you just hate it at this point…. then you shouldn’t be here. You’re just going to confuse the shit out of yourself by trying to put my method inside someone else’s method.

Let it go.

If the other stuff didn’t work for you, then let it go.

You’re probably more confused than you were before you read your first ebook.

Just let it go.

Do the 30/30 club. You’re here now. Maybe you’re here for a reason.

Just do what it says every month.

Let the curriculum carry you. I’m teaching you a lot of things. Some of them are obvious. Other things Im teaching you are things that are hidden within the curriculum. So you will learn it, but you don’t know you’re learning it.

I know that seems like a weird trick, but that’s part of what great teachers do.

However, it only works if you are truly OPEN to the learning process.

And if you’re still stuck in what you were learning in 2007, you gotta let it go.
If you have a few cool things that work, then by all means keep them, but ditch the framework. If it was working for you, then you probably wouldn’t be here.


We’re about to get an influx of 30/30 newbies.

We’ve now been doing this long enough that we have an idea of how to “break in the newbies” and so i want all the online coaches to pay close attention to this thread.

When the new guys get here, let’s really stress to them that they need to avoid the following pitfalls-

1. Being impatient with the learning process
2. Constantly asking “how long will it take to get good?” This is a huge distraction.
3. Clinging to old systems that obviously don’t work for them
4. Looking for shortcuts (phases of seduction etc) in order to avoid personal growth
5. Trying to rush through the process instead of enjoying it
6. Refusing to follow the curriculum, trying to do the months out of order (sign of impatience).
7. Holding on to hatred of their last guru or system.

This last one is new to this thread so I’ll tell you more about it.

We sometimes get guys who say “i hate my old routine based system so now i want to go natural!!” or “i hate my old natural game guru so now i want to do NLP!!!” The problem with this is that they start to view the 30/30 club as a reaction against another school of thought. Then their learning process is fucked, because it becomes part of their hatred and rebellion. They are not open to learning what we teach here, they are always comparing it to something else. This is rare, i’d say less than 10% of students, but it is something we must watch out for.

Ironically, the guys who get good the fastest are usually the guys who are brand new to this and haven’t studied anything else. They are the most open to learning.

The bottom line is that the 30/30 club is completely unrelated to the other schools of thought. It was developed in isolation. There is little to no crossover. It cannot be characterized as “natural” or “scripted” or “direct” or any of the other common labels. It is intended to force a student to grow and change by any means necessary, and personal growth is the point. So if people come here looking for a step by step system for seducing one girl, this misses the point because they are ignoring the fact that they have to completely change themselves and what kind of person they are.

Do we teach systems for seduction? Yes sure. We teach 5 or 6 different ones. This is sort of a footnote tho….because by learning these 5 or 6 systems, all you are doing is aquiring the fundamentals and wisdom to eventually create your own confidence and a system that works for you.

Then you will pick up girls by having confidence in yourself, not confidence in a system. These two ideas are WAY DIFFERENT and you should think about that. If you are only able to pickup because of confidence in a system, your results will be very inconsistent and you will always feel dependent and like you are lacking something.

One of the biggest factors that affects your learning is how OPEN you are to the learning process and the information.

If we can help the new students steer clear of these 7 DEADLY SINS, they will learn much more.

Blondes, Meatheads, and Horses

Tue, 01/12/2009

Here’s a few sweet routines reposted from the 30/30 Forum, month 5.
The first is from Dylan McKay, the second is from Autolico. I really like both of these and they have been tested quite a bit.
I’m proud of my students. They have learned how to create unique conversational repertoire based on their own identity and personality.


Blondes and Meatheads
(this can be use on blondes, but can be tweaked for just any girl in general; SEE BELOW)
(and you don’t have to have a ‘meathead’ look, you just have to be one of the sexy stereotypes)
*i just use the ‘we’re the coolest’ template and ‘us against the world’ for most of my material… its good stuff, especially on dates.

me: Do you feel like people judge you for being Blonde?
her: yes/no/maybe
me: Yeah, I bet people judge you all the time… both guys and girls. And It’s probably unfair. I know how it goes, because people judge and stereotype me all the time [for being a ______].
her: (blah blah honk honk)
me: Like that person over there, he thinks I’m so stupid. And That girl over there, she thinks all I do is lift weights. And Even our waitress, she thinks all I do is eat food and beat people up. I’ve learned to deal with it, but I bet it’s probably harder for you.
her: (blah blah talky talky)
me: But fuck that right? They’re just jealous. Even if we can’t spell or read good, we’re the sexyist people in this place. So you know what I think??? JOKES ON THEM. haha I can read just fine, how about you?

I just sort of picture the girl as Kelly Bundy from Married with Children

okay here’s how to goes about using it on a brunette/HBginger kid:
me: Did you ever have your hair blonde? … and did you feel like people judged you?
me: Do you feel like people judge you because you’re cute (or above average attractive)?
girl: yes/no/maybe
proceed with routine…

basically you absurdify the blonde girl/hot girl/woman stereotype. “you are stupid” “you can’t drive” “you can’t read” “you have the personality of a dead moth” etc. etc. and claim that you get the same treatment from society.

and feel free to really push the insults… I told my girl that people probably think she is “is a golddigging prostitute and part time denny’s employee with the personality of paint drying on a gray wall who is only out on a date with me for the meal since she hasn’t eaten in a week” hehe, the girls like it and can’t yell at you because it’s not you that is thinking it haha

it makes for good call back humor
“how are you doing with your long division”
“can you name all the letters in the alphabet yet”
etc. etc.

extend, extend, sizzle, never drop the joke, dont have to its funny to insult hot girls

(i really like this routine because it can be calibrated [via the insults] as really HARD GAME, but it’s also pretty airtight because it’s so absurd and the girl can’t get mad because seemingly you understand how life is… it’s a really ironic position to be in)


Since I have been requested multiple times to write it down, this is my personal horse rubbing routine. I field tested it hundreds of time and I always had a lot of fun telling this shit:

HB: so what d’you do for work? (or for fun or whatever)
Autolico: I rub the bellies of horses
HB: What?/Why?/Whatever
A: to quiet them down
HB: …
A: You know, when we push them out of an air plane they get very nervous
HB: what?/Are you joking?/why you do that?/…
A: We test parachutes. A horse weights like 5 men, so if the chute holds, than it is safe enough for a man
HB: ….
A: We’re kind of broke at the moment, because when the horse lands it runs off with the parachute. We’re hiring cowboys for that. Are you a cowgirl? Would you like to join our company?

Sometimes I follow that up saying:

A – However I feel I am really close to a promotion. If I’ll do good enough… probably… next year… I’ll get to rub the bellies of… Elephants. However I am kind of scared because I’ll have to move to our Indian branch for that

Seduction Routines

Tue, 24/11/2009

All of these have been tested 30 times of more, not only by me, but also by people who are still learning.

Here’s an opener that only works on hot chicks.

“Hey someone just handed me this drink, and it tastes a little funny. I think it might have a roofie in it. Can you drink some of it to test it out for me?”

This one is crazy. hot girls LOVE IT.
Average girls will hate you forever and yell at you on the spot.

SHIRT Routine

Say “What do you think about my Shirt? (It can be any piece of clothing)

then say “I got 25 compliments on it Today! (small pause) From 1 person.
(longer pause) MY MOM”

Prom routine

PUA – Will you come to the prom with me?
HB – She lights up and says YES!
PUA – Cool, my dad said he will even get us a limo. And the next day were going to SIX FLAGS!

Then you can keep playing with this. Ask her what color dress she is going to wear.

The next time you talk to her you can continue you where you left off or text her and say “Are you excited for the Prom?”