Finding Girls with VALUE

Wed, 02/09/2009

I’d love to hear your comments guys, this is just something I’m working through and thinking about today.

It’s hard to find girls with value. Not just girls who are hot, there’s plenty of those out there, I mean girls with across the board value. When I say value, I don’t mean it the same way we usually discuss it here. We usually think in terms of social value, because that’s what we’re trying to exhibit in interaction with women. Women evaluate men on social value and that’s all well and good, but we’re evaluating them in a different way.

I’ve been banging an awful lot of girls lately, and I’m sure a bunch of them would love to be my GF, but it hasn’t really been appealing to me much and I realize why. They’re not presenting me with enough total value to the point where having a serious, committed relationship with them would be an addition to my lifestyle.

I evaluate them on the following-

1. Social value: Can I take this girl out and will she be hot enough to not detract from what I’ve got going on? Will she not be a social burden? Will she be funny and smooth with my friends? Or will she embarrass me/bore me/etc.

2. Sexual value- Is she great in bed? Any special skills? Deep-throating? Threesomes? Will she bring chicks with no prodding or just be another passenger on the 3some train? Can she do it all the time? Is she whiney or does she complain in bed? does she REALIZE that she must bring sexual value into my life in order to have a chance with me? has she made an effort to understand what men are into sexually, or does she condemn natural male desires?

3. Lifestyle value- Does she have cool friends or dorky friends? Does she have some pain in the ass family members that she doesn’t know how to handle correctly? Does she have a cool job, cool interests, and cool dreams? Or is she a prisoner of her life, stuck in the 9to5?

4. Emotional value- Is she needy or secure? Does she contribute positive emotions or is she a black hole of negative emotional energy? Does she inspire me by knowing new things I’ve never thought of before?

Wow sure sounds like a lot to ask, huh? But it becomes an issue when you’ve put many years of work into improving yourself; you end up eventually….improved. I have cool stuff going on, I have my shit together. It’s so hard to find girls that can stack up to that. Most just don’t do much to improve their life. A lot of hot girls don’t get the whole thing about having value and building value, because they’ve never had to really work for anything. But then these girls want to be my GF and it’s almost like dealing with an AFC who doesn’t understand he’s getting blown out because his social value is too low. I’m not complaining here…because I’m more than happy to keep these hotties around as fuck buddies….but if the time comes that I become interested in something more serious it’s going to be a real difficult search I’m thinking.

I have some thoughts on filtering it. I get so many lays from cold approaches, and the girls are hot, but it’s so unfiltered in terms of other types of value. I find that a lot of times you get some slightly better filtering when you deal with these girls who have beauty jobs- like the model/actress/waitress types. I like those girls, but I’ve noticed that most of them haven’t succeeded and it’s easy to see why. They’re always lacking something and that’s why they’re waiting tables during the week still. I’d probably be better off looking for girls who have actually succeeded in one of those areas. Like there’s this one girl who’s probably got a better chance to be my GF than the rest, and she’s a pro ballerina. The fact that she’s had some level of success seems to correlate with the fact that she presents pretty high value in all of the above mentioned categories.

If anyone would like to riff on this train of thought please go right ahead. Email me at!

Brad P.

Kino Game: Are You Nervous??

Tue, 01/09/2009

A bunch of college girls I bummed a ride from in Iowa the other day introduced me to this game. It’s called “Are You Nervous.”

It goes like this- you put your hand on the girl’s leg (or she does it to you) and say “Are you nervous?” If she says no, you move it a little higher and then repeat “are you nervous.” You just go again and again until she says yes or you’re playing with her pussy, whichever comes first.

The girls were playing it with each other, then they played it with me, then I played it on all of them. I ended up playing with 2 chicks pussies and both their tits also, and we really barely knew each other at all. One girl was running her hand up my cock for a good 20 seconds. I hadn’t really run much decent game on them; in fact I tripped and fell on the dance floor and that that’s how the set opened.

I’d say it has to go a little slower if you are the one introducing it, but will still work pretty well. Just say “Hey did you ever play ‘are you nervous?'” and explain what it is and jump right in.

The nice thing about this game is that it allows you to escalate all the girls in the group at once, and then the entire group will backwards rationalize that you are a cool guy since they all got touchy with you. You’ll get extra coolness points with them if you can play the game and never seem in the least bit creepy or perverted. You have to not even seem too affected by the arousal of it, as if this is normal and you’re playing with boobs all the time. Then the girls are getting a little aroused and they start to feel naughty because they are and you’re not.

It’s just a game, so it doesn’t set off the ASD burglar alarm as badly as straight kino. Just be careful not to seem creepy. When the girl answers “yes” be sure you stop immediately and then just laugh at her, “Ha ha, you got nervous” then move to the next person.

Brad P.

3 Real Life Examples of SEXY STEREOTYPING in Action

Wed, 01/07/2009

Did you know that girls make funny little lists of what they’re looking for in a guy? Yup, it’s true. I talk pretty openly about my work as a dating guru with lots of different girls, and sometimes they give me some pretty interesting inside information.

One thing I’ve noticed in my own life and when teaching students is that women have certain “sexy stereotypes” hard-coded into their brain. If you can tap into these stereotypes, it makes everything easier moving forward. Let me give you a few examples.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my girls and she was telling me her roommate wants a guy with 3 qualities:
1. Asian guy
2. Indie rock look
3. With a car

That’s all she’s looking for and she can’t seem to find it. Weird huh? If a guy with these 3 qualities approached her, he’d probably get laid with little or no game.

Another girl was telling a story about how she used to go and hit on any guy that had a “fuzzy in the back.” Translation: fashion mullet. Then she was disappointed because every guy she hit on turned out to be gay. Another hot chick leading a sexually frustrated existence.

A third girl I spoke to told me she immediately liked me because I had the same leather jacket as Uncle Jesse from an old sitcom called “Full House.”

What’s going on here?

Do girls really choose guys based on weird criteria like having a fashion mullet or a John Stamos jacket?

The answer is yes they do. Sounds simple I know, but it’s a deeper concept than you may realize.

The fact of the matter is that girls stereotype you in the first 2 seconds when you approach them. If she stereotypes you as a “sexy guy” the approach is going to go much better than if she stereotypes you as an average guy, or a loser.

Sometimes, girls just light up automatically because you fit their idea of what a sexy guy is.

Other times, you have to dig yourself out of a hole because she already thinks bad things about you before you even do your opener.

You can learn all the techniques and great openers in the world, and that’s a necessary part of the game, but if you haven’t created a look and an identity that are easy for girls to stereotype as “sexy” then you’re making things more of an uphill battle than they need to be.

In our culture, the word “stereotyping” has a bad reputation. It’s been vilified quite a bit in the AFC media. We see it every day- people on TV who say “Stereotyping is WRONG! You have to evaluate people based on the content of their character!”

While we all may agree with this in theory, we also know that this is the real world. Attractive women are not going to give you a chance to show “the content of your character” unless you create powerful attraction in the first few minutes. If you look like a Trekkie, most women will write you off as a loser even if you have great inner game or a great opening line.

Beautiful women who get approached a lot have no choice but to immediately stereotype you based on your appearance, voice tone, and body language. It’s just not practical to get to know lots and lots of guys. So they go with their “gut instinct.” A lot of that “gut instinct” has to do with how she stereotypes you before you even say anything.

If you can figure out how to make women stereotype you as a sexy guy, amazing things start to happen. You may get same day lays, kiss closes in minutes, fewer cock blockers, logistics get easier. All the other parts of your game seem to suddenly come together and you get RESULTS.

So how does one harness the power of sexy stereotyping?

Start by realizing that there are many stereotypes hard coded into the female brain that you can use to your advantage. We all know what the sexy stereotypes are, even AFCs know that. Here are a few examples:

  • Rocker guys
  • Rappers
  • Bikers
  • Gothic guys
  • Club players
  • Metrosexuals
  • Male models
  • Latin lovers
  • Tough guys
  • Mafia guys
  • Athletes

Even normal, conservative girls are attracted to guys that fit these sexy stereotypes. But very few men have the balls to transform themselves into someone who can be stereotyped as a sexy guy.

Most guys are afraid to change their look and their identity for 2 reasons:

1. It takes them out of their comfort zone.
2. They are afraid friends and family will give them a hard time.

It’s true, if you change the way you present yourself, some narrow minded people will say, “What’s up with you? YOU CHANGED, MAN! You look like a FREAK.”

You have to expect that a few people are going to try to pressure you into being a bland, average type of person. They are afraid that if you raise your social value, you’re going to stop hanging out with them. It’s kind of like when you’re alcoholic friends try to get you to drink your life away. These people are THREATENED by the fact that you are improving. They are afraid they will LOSE you as a friend if you get cooler.

Many people harbor a secret resentment towards anyone with high social value. It’s a defense mechanism that allows them to continue their delusional ways. Is that the kind of person you want to have as a friend?

Get some balls and don’t worry about that. Start experimenting with how you’re presenting yourself.

Let’s get a little more concrete here and talk about sexy stereotyping as it relates to your style of dress. Of course there are MANY ways to convey sexiness and tap into positive stereotyping, but how you dress is the easiest one! Why? Because you can take your time and plan it out. Then once you get it figured out you don’t have to work on it again until it’s time to update your style.

Body language and voice tone are much harder to improve; you have to think about them all the time for MONTHS until they become habit.

Let me give you a step by step approach to turning on the power of sexy stereotyping.

1. Stop worrying about what your AFC friends think. Pay less attention to them and more attention to how women perceive you.

2. Take an active interest in style and fashion. As kids, we were all taught that if you’re into fashion, that means you’re a fag. Then our moms would order our clothes from the JC Penny’s catalog and sure enough, a dork is born. Now that you’re a grown man, you can be secure enough to take an interest in fashion and not feel like it makes you less masculine. One of the best places to do research on the topic is There are thousands of people on there who have cutting edge fashion knowledge, and they congregate in the groups—>fashion area of the myspace website. These are people who sit home all day getting all dressed up just to take pictures for myspace!

3. Start to identify sexy stereotypes when you see them. If girls are flocking to a guy or group of guys, have a look at how they’re presenting their identity. Pay attention to how they’re expressing their identity through their clothing.

I’m always looking for this, and I think I’ve recently discovered a new sexy stereotype. I saw these guys in a club a few weeks back with bad blazers and short hair in a pony tail. These guys were lanky and had big weird noses, but they were walking around like they owned the place. Girls were digging them. I realized what it was- the European vibe. I dubbed this look “Euro-douche” and filed it away for future use. Watch out for the Euro-douche look!

4. Choose a sexy stereotype that feels natural to you.

5. Find a person who has mastered the style and has a similar body type to yours.

6. Model your style after that person’s look. You must model yourself after the best in order to get similar results. I know your social conditioning is telling youĂ­re that you’re a unique snowflake and you should never copy anything. I’m telling you from experience that modeling is the fastest shortcut to sexy stereotyping. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Don’t make things harder than they need to be. Do it the easy way. Modeling a person who already has it figured out will give you a huge head start. You can customize the look later when you have your developed your fashion sense a bit more.

7. Test it out. Don’t spend $1000 on 7 new outfits all at once. Try on a new stereotype and see what reactions you get. I’m talking about reactions from attractive women, not reactions from your Trekkie looking friends. If you’re getting good reactions from hot chicks, you know you’re onto something. If not, try something else.

8. Expand and refine. Enjoy the success. Watch how much easier it is to attract women when they categorize you as a sexy guy. You’ll find you have less trouble with CBs, fewer blowouts, less LMR, and less flaking.

I work with guys on their style all the time and here are a few guidelines-

1. Guideline 1: Don’t worry about blending in.
If you seem like a normal average guy, you’ll often get the normal average result. Most attractive women reject normal guys all the time. This is their default response. Rejecting normal guys becomes a habit.

Normal guys who approach these women are usually needy AFCs. After years of being approached by normal looking guys who are needy, there is a correlation formed in the woman’s subconscious: Normal=Needy. I know it’s not fair, but we must deal with the world the way it really is, not the way we wish it would be. If you’re always worried about blending in and looking normal, all of the negative stereotypes from needy AFCs will get transferred on to you! YIKES!

REMEMBER: There is massive social pressure on all of us to blend in. If you bend to social pressure all the time, you can’t expect to achieve greatness in this area or in life in general.

Are there girls out there who like normal looking guys? Yes, of course. But, these girls usually like sexy guys too. They tend to put normal looking guys in the “husband/provider” category, and sexy looking guys into the “seducer” category. Which category would you rather be in?

Guideline 2- Don’t be too confusing.
Some guys try to mix looks that just don’t go well together. I see it all the time. They’re trying to express the complex individualism that defines their existence.

But….it’s not that deep.

And….girls just don’t care.

You have to make a strong statement so they GET IT right away. Girls stereotype you in the FIRST 2 SECONDS! They’re not going to take the time to process how your glowing necklace reflects off your khakis. Don’t confuse their sense of stereotyping. If they don’t understand what you’re going for right away, you’re going to be right back to digging yourself out of a hole. And who wants that?

Guideline 3: How far should you take it?
This is an interesting question. Should you just add a few elements of a sexy stereotype, or should you go all out? The short answer to this is that it’s all relative to your location. If you live in NYC or LA, and you want to do the Male Model look, you’d better go all out or it’s not going to work. If you’re in rural Montana, a little goes a long way. As long as you dress like a model more than any other guy she’s seen this month, you probably will get a pretty warm response to your approach.

I’ve traveled all over the world meeting women, and I go all out with sexy stereotyping. going all out will work everywhere, but it is not completely necessary in suburban and rural areas.

I’d advise you to overshoot your goal rather than undershoot it. Think big. If you’re going to do this, go all out! In the beginning you may feel weird. Feeling weird is a sign that you are FORCING your personality to grow. Get yourself a BIG BOLD style and let your reality grow into it. If you feel like you may have gone too far, but you’re getting good reactions from women, that means you’re doing something right. Give your personality some time to grow into your new look. Don’t panic and revert back to a being a scared, pussy-ass dude who looks just like everyone else.

You’d be amazed at the results you can get when girls perceive you as sexy instead of average. It changes the tone of the entire interaction. It changes the balance of power. It makes THEM chase YOU.

My students are sometimes amazed when I get make outs in 30 seconds, or end up dragging some girl off to the bathroom in 10 minutes. They ask how I do it and sexy stereotyping is a big part of why I succeed in 10 minutes while other guys take 10 hours or even 10 days to get in a chick’s pants.

Some have asked me why I’d just give away my secrets like this. What if every guy taps into the power of sexy stereotyping, then I wouldn’t be so successful anymore. The fact of the matter is that VERY FEW of the people reading this right now will have the balls to develop into a sexy guy. Are you one of the few guys who can make it happen, or will you file this away as just another piece of entertainment from the Internet?

Can you leave your comfort zone? Do you have the courage to stand up to social pressure? That is my challenge to you.

If you can take my ideas and turn them into real world results, then you deserve every bit of success you get! There’s plenty of pussy to go around, and I applaud everyone out there whose making it happen.

I wish you the best in all your endeavors with women and in life in general, and I will see you at the Cliff’s List Convention in Montreal.

-Brad P.