Mon, 22/06/2009

This has been working well. It’s for when you have the girl in isolation but she knows it’s on so she’s using a shield to stop you from escalating.

1. Pillow fight-if the chick is not letting me escalate I just bust her in the head with a pillow. I find sometimes chicks know it’s on so they try to sit somewhere far away, or pet their dog, talk about something else so you don’t start escalating. That’s when they get the pillow to the head. This starts to get them heated up.

2. Tickling- just tickle the girl a bit. Not too much cause if they get totally giggly sometimes it’s hard to bring the energy back down to something manageable.

3. Pick her up, throw her on the bed.

4. Wrestling.

5. The capper is “stop hitting yourself!” For those who don’t have an older sibling, this is when you just grab the chick’s hand and start smacking her in her head with her own hand while saying “Stop hitting yourself.” Over and over. They feel very frustrated but also dominated. Of course don’t hit too hard, just hard enough to make her feel helpless and dominated.

From there’s it’s pretty easy to go into kissing or hair pulling and you’ve dismantled whatever shield she was using.

Brad P.

Beauty & The Geek Text Message

Mon, 22/06/2009

Leaving a message:
“Hey call me back. I’m watching this TV show and it reminds me of you so much. It made me think of you. Give me a call I’ll tell you what it is.”

She calls back every time so far, and then asks what show.
“Beauty and the Geek, cause you’re both. It’s like you’re a hot chick, but you’re also a huge geek. Do you track monkeys with lasers?”

Brad P.