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This is What Separates WINNERS From LOSERS

When you're improving your dating skills there's
something you always need to remember:

When things go wrong, you shouldn't automatically assume
it's your fault.

When you approach a woman and it doesn't go well, it
could have to do with a lot of outside factors.

Maybe the girl is mentally screwed up. Maybe she's got
problems. Maybe you are just incompatible.

That doesn't mean you have lousy game.

For example, if one girl tells you that your clothes
suck, you should disregard her opinion.

However, if 10 girls tell you that your clothes suck,
then you should make a change.

Common sense, right?

This holds true not only in pickup, but also in many
areas of life where you want to achieve success.

...And it is a principle that separates winners from

Let me give you an example from my own life:

One time I met a woman through my social circle.

She was a friend of a (female) friend.

Both of these women were successful fashion models. They
had been partying all night, and I hung around and
partied with them until 5am.

I used this great technique where I give the girl a
guitar and tell her to strum it with her right hand.
Then I do all the fret work with my left hand, and she
feels like she has instantly become an awesome guitar

Chicks love that.

After a few hours, I managed to isolate her back at my

But, when I got her alone, she went completely cold. She
complained about my outfit, my place, and wouldn't let
me touch her at all. She'd just say, "Don't touch me.
I'm selective."

She gave me nothing but negative vibes. Finally, I
figured I'd get her out of my house.

I said to myself "Wow I sure did creep that girl out.
She went from interested to 'don't touch me' in just
minutes. My game must really suck tonight."

The next day, my friends told me "When we took that girl
home, she couldn't stop talking about you. She was way
into you!"

This was a shocker to me, since she seemed bitchy and
disinterested the whole time.

It turns out that there were some additional factors I
wasn't aware of which made this girl act cold even
though she was interested.

Factor 1- she had broken up with her boyfriend the day
before, and didn't want to have sex for a while.

Factor 2- she was starting a fashion line with my female
friend, and was worried that if she fucked me she would
look like a slut and my friend would not work with her.

My female friend who was setting all of this up is a
famous supermodel who has been on the cover of every
major magazine. She's a pretty big deal, and the girl
who liked me was paranoid about being on her bad side.

Their business connection is more important than any
amount of sex could ever be.

After my friends told me about all of this, I realized
that I hadn't done any crappy game, and the problem
wasn't me.

The problem was HER!!!

She liked me and wanted to date me, but she was too
screwed up in the head to move towards that goal.

So try to remember:

A bad result with one girl doesn't mean anything. Wait
and see how the next 9 girls respond before you draw any

That is how a winner thinks. A winner doesn't get thrown
off by one or two failures.

And this is one of the core principles of having rock
solid inner game.

If you'd like to learn a few more, check out my program
Secrets of Inner Game.

It's the real secret to being the "magnetic" guy who
seems to have magical powers with women.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

How Guys Become "Magnetic"

I've said this before and it bears repeating:

If you're serious about getting good with girls...

And having a personality and a presence that attracts
women like a magnet...

...Then you need to seriously consider becoming a member
of my 30/30 Club.

I've had guys say, "But Brad that costs money and I'm
just really tight right now."


Look, anything in life worth doing is going to cost. If
it doesn't cost cold hard cash, it usually costs in some
other way like time or energy.

Most worthy endeavors cost in all three areas.

If a guy isn't willing to spend a few bucks and put
forth some effort, he's never going to become the type
of guy who magnetically attracts women, almost like

Oh, you could go to some of the free dating forums out

There are plenty of people on them who chat about dating
and dish advice.

But these forums are total crap.

In fact, let me give you a point-by-point comparison
between 30/30 Club and some of these free dating forums
out there:

1. 30/30 Club is members only. On a public forum any
idiot can join.

2. In 30/30 Club you ONLY get advice from coaches who
have shown the ability to get laid from cold approach.

On a public forum any dickhead keyboard jockey who has
never talked to a girl can give you advice.

3. 30/30 Club protects your privacy. Public forums are
public. Your grandma could read those posts.

4. 30/30 Club has the highest number of members getting
laid on any dating forum. Who are we kidding; those
guys on the free forums are not getting laid.

So it really comes down to a question of quality.

You can pay a few bucks to get the best now, or you can
waste some time on the free forums and come to 30/30
later, when you finally figure out that's what you
should have done to begin with.

Only at that point you've wasted time you can't get

If you're serous about getting stellar good with women,
then it's time to join the winning team.

Check out 30/30 Club today.

We'll see you inside.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS - We are literally a couple of days away from my new
online dating product! You might want to get in 30/30 Club
first; all the pros will be exchanging the best online
strategies from the new product.

This is your chance to be on the cutting edge. And probably
get more sex than you can handle.

A Sure Sign the Conversation is Going Well...

Happy Tuesday gentlemen.

I'm busy at work in the office making final preparations
to launch my new online dating product, which is going
to absolutely blow you away.

Hopefully we'll have it by the end of the week.

I was just having a conversation with one of my students
who has really been getting out and doing a lot of
approaches lately.

He's kicking ass.

He asked me what he's doing wrong because he feels like
he's doing most of the talking during these

I told him that it's very likely there is NOTHING wrong.
Then I gave him a refresher on the 90/10 rule.

The 90/10 rule means that YOU are talking 90% of the
time and the girl is talking 10% of the time.

If that ratio is occurring early on in your approaches
you are doing GREAT.

If she is talking less than 10% of the time, that's not
good cause it's like you're lecturing her.

But girls tend to not talk at all sometimes, so you have
to ask a question, or get her to agree with something
just to get her to hold up her 10%.

If you don't know about this rule, you might sometimes
be feeling like you're not doing well because the girl
isn't talking much (just like my student who called me
this morning).

But that's not the case.

So how do you know if you're doing well?

She's still standing there listening. If she doesn't
walk away, chances are you're doing fine.

That is a USEFUL assumption, even if it's not always
true, because it will make you project confidence.

Besides you couldn't spark massive attraction if SHE
were doing all the talking.

So that's the 90/10 rule: You talk 90% of the time; she
talks 10% of the time.

Got it? Good.

Have trouble knowing what to say when you're doing all
that talking?

Everything you need is in my Underground Dating Seminar.

It's my most comprehensive program for becoming a dating
and seduction master.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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