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Travels Half-Way Around the World to Learn from Fadeaway

Hey guys,

This past week, we had a student who traveled literally from the other side of the planet to get coaching from our coach, Fadeaway, in Los Angeles.

After the coaching session wrapped up, the student was quick to email us his review of the coaching session.

Check it out.



Since I'm not yet on the 30/30 forums yet, I wanted to write in a word for Fade and for the fantastic work he's done for me over the last couple of days.

I have one word to describe him and that is 'Unreal', and I use that word for many reasons. Fade didn't just teach me the basics and go through stuff. Considering that this was my very first time, he went the extra yard to make sure I internalized everything and not just teaching principles on pickup, but on my life as well.

As you very well know, I was only supposed to be with him for 2 days and while my cold approaches and coaching went well on the first day, my second day turned out into an absolute disaster. We started off with the social freedom exercises on day 2 and though I got through them, it left me so overwhelmed and drained off my energy that I completely messed up all my approaches for the rest of the night.

I was terribly distraught and angry with myself for having wasted my last day with fade that way and was contemplating how do I pick myself up from here on. But Fade had other plans for me and he pretty much 'volunteered' to spend time with me for an extra day just to make sure that I got the concepts fixed before I leave. I was and I still remain very humbled and privileged for Fade to do that for me, considering that he has such a busy life with so much going on right now.

On our last night, Fade stopped being a coach and turned into my friend and my wingman. He threw out every opener that I was trying to use and just asked me to say 'HI' and said that's all you need. He drilled into me that ultimately it is all about being congruent with who I am and how I feel.

So there it was, No Fancy Openers, No Tactics, No Structure, No DHV..just plain and simple approaching women with intent and having a normal conversation, and needless to say, this was the best night ever. I was so confident with approaching that I had a couple of instant make outs on the street and almost pulled 2 hot actresses home but fade only prevented from going all the way since the last day was about me blowing my mind to just realize how much is possible by just being normal.

Right now I'm at the airport and waiting for my flight and I'm feeling that this was the best decision I have ever made to travel halfway across the world and 'investing' all my savings into meeting with Fade. It truly is hard to find someone who truly and genuinely cares about someone else's success without expecting anything in return. I want to believe all your coaches are as dedicated as Fade. He truly is one hell of a guy and it's coaching and dedication such as this that gets the word spread out that you guys are pretty much the best out there.

Having said that, I will be recommending Brad P. and more importantly Fade as a coach to anyone who wants to take pickup coaching seriously. I'm already looking forward to my next trip to US 6 months down the lane to work with Fade again.

Good luck and keep up the great work.


Women CRAVE This (Not What You Think)

Girls are addicted to external validation from others.

It's usually because they're lacking in self-belief and self-confidence...

And quite often girls will do whatever they can to get that validation from
YOU - and then pull away once they get it.

For example...

It's not uncommon for a girl to try to get a guy to agree to have sex,
then decide seconds later she's not going to go through with it.

That's why you've gotta WITHHOLD the validation.

Of course it's temping to just say, "yeah of course I'll have sex with
you". But by doing that you're handing her all the power.

It's far smarter to play hard to be unpredictable...

But you've gotta live it, breathe it and never bend on it.

Bottom line... you can either give them validation, or give them cock.
Pick one.

It's a rule that's served me well over the years.

But if you're not quite at this level yet, you might want to check out my
30/30 Club.

As long as you take action, you'll transform into an ultra confident guy
who women respect and enjoy being with.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.

Pimpin' Brazilian Sisters

Hey, it's Brad P.

One of the best ways to show high social skills around women
is the art of role-playing.

The idea is to introduce a scenario into the conversation
where both of you take on some type of false role for a bit
of a laugh.

These roles can literally be ANYTHING, and the role-play can
be started in many ways.

Let me show you a classic example...

In my free ebook, "Diary of A Pick-up Artist," there's a
story about when I role played as a pimp.

The shortened version of the story goes like this...

I'm at a metal concert and I see two hot Brazilian girls, so
I go over and start talking to them. I soon find out they're

All is going well until this tall girl busts in and starts
hitting on the girls.

She's mentioned that her brother has dared her to go over
and approach them.

So I've reacted by saying, "Oh I get it, you really thought
I was hot, so you decided to compliment these 2 girls, so
maybe I would talk to you."

The three of them burst out laughing.

Then her dorky brother walks over and he's staring in awe at
the Brazilian girls. So, I quickly decided how I could best
make use of the situation.

I decided I wanted to fuck the tall girl quickly. But to do
that, I had to get rid of her brother for 20 minutes or so.
And I realized the best solution was to make him think he's
a chance with the Brazilians.

So I started to take on the persona of a pimp who's trying
to sell this guy an hour with the two Brazilian sisters.

I've said to him, "Hey man, you dig these girls? For $500
you get an hour with both of them." He looks at me

I've then said, "Okay $450 but that's the best I can do. I'm
gonna give you a discount coz I think they like you."

He was stunned, so I decided to get straight to the point.

I've said, "Okay dude I was just kidding about all that, but
seriously I think you have a good chance at nailing both
those chicks. They're fucking hot right? Okay wait right
here, they should be out of the bathroom in like 5

"I'm gonna entertain your sister while you take care of that
and we'll catch up with you guys in 20 minutes."

Problem was solved and I walked off with the tall girl and
we fucked a few minutes later.

So there you go, that's role-play at its finest... haha.

But here's the point... role-playing is fun and it makes you
stick out from all the other losers who try to buy girls
drinks or tell them how pretty they are.

So if you want to learn some killer techniques you should
check out my Black Book Method. It's the most fool-proof way
of talking to women you'll ever find.

You see, it's jam packed with role-play examples that have
been proven to work in real life situations by my team of
coaches and myself.

You can find it here...

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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