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6 Principles To Attract Women, Rich Or Not

Hey, it's Brad P.

Lots of people think rich guys have a huge advantage in attracting women.

But in reality that's just a myth.

I've seen many rich guys who are lonely and struggling to get any pussy at all.

Now, obviously there are some women out there who are highly attracted to rich guys. But these women are shallow, and they’re not the kind of girls you’d want anyway.

(To paraphrase Kanye, "I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger, but... wait a minute. Yeah, that IS what I'm saying.")

Don't know about you, but I'd rather attract a woman who gets excited about sex than one who loves shopping sprees.

So here's the good news...

Most women are far more interested in finding a guy who is assertive, has a great personality, AND also has high social value.

So, instead of trying to win women over with a lot of money most of us don't even have, just follow these 6 simple principles.

1. Start getting comfortable talking to girls. You might struggle with this at first. But just like exercising a muscle, your conversational skills will gradually improve.

If you're not sure what to say, check out my Black Book Method – it's got tons of awesome lines that will make her VERY interested.)

2. Dress to impress. Choose an identity that suits you and go full out. Aim for maximum social impact by giving women the right impression.

(Not sure how to put together a look that's congruent with your identity? That's okay... neither did I til I met Joe Natural. You can click here to hear that story...)

3. Have impeccable personal grooming and hygiene. Women can't stand sweaty guys with messy (as opposed to deliberately messy) hair. It's a huge turn off.

4. Be unpredictable and confuse them. You've got to do everything you can to not be boring. Women love guys who keep them on their toes and surprise them.

5. Don't act needy and desperate. NEVER put women on a pedestal, even if they're smoking hot. This can be difficult, but you need to give her the impression you couldn't give a shit if she likes you or not.

6. Take the lead and be assertive. Don' let her turn you into her bitch boy. The last thing you want is for a woman to be barking orders at you. You see... women take advantage of men who are timid and sexually needy. And I'm not talking about taking advantage of you in a sexual way.

Now obviously, doing all this is easier said than done. But it helps if you get the right guidance and hang out with the right people.

And to achieve this you might want to consider getting support from my team.

You can do this by joining the 30/30 Club and giving it a try to see if it's for you or not.

Either way... don't think you need to be rich to bring hot women into your life.

That's BS.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

How The Hell Does This Seduction Trick Work ONLY On 9s And Perfect 10s???

Hey, it's Brad P.

Today, I'll step off the limelight and talk to you about my friend Jason.

I recently got my mind blown and asked him this very question...

“How the hell does this seduction trick work ONLY on 9s and perfect 10s???”

You won’t believe how incredibly effective this is.

You see, Jason discovered this ONE secret seduction trick that unlocks the legs of hot, stunning women...

When he said that it works ONLY on 9s and 10s, he wasn't kidding.

I mean, because of the nature of this seduction trick...

ONLY hot women that look like they just jumped out of a Maxim magazine will respond.

You can find out more about it here...

Can you imagine how much tight, supermodel ass you'll get when you have something this powerful in your repertoire?

Think about it.

You won't have to go filter out the women you meet in clubs or bars, to see which ones are already attracted to you.

You just walk up to THE HOTTEST BABE in the room, use this secret seduction trick and...


She's all over you.

She’s begging for some sexy time.

And it will only be a matter of minutes before she's got her mouth wrapped around your cock...

And you're banging her so hard you're worried she might get hurt.


If you would rather use this seduction trick to meet up with that girl you've always wanted...

You know, "the One".

Then you're only a few minutes away.

What's standing between you and hot, sexy women?

Well, after you discover this seduction trick... nothing.

Watch this seduction trick in action right here, right now...

--- Brad P.

This Is Why Some Men Never Get Laid... EVER

Hey, it's Brad P.

I hate to bother you with this while you've got that super hot chick sitting there butt-naked in your bedroom...

I bet you probably have her dripping wet waiting for the second you walk back in and fuck her doggy style.

But if this scene isn't happening to you...

It's not your fault.

I do hope you're at least getting close.

And that you're doing whatever it takes to finally make that fantasy a reality for you.

But if nothing you've ever tried before has gotten you any ass...

My pal Jason knows why.

Here's what he has to say...

You see, Jason says most guys don't have the "key" to unlocking Women, and triggering a freak frenzy inside her just waiting to happen.

These guys go out to clubs hoping to meet girls but end up failing miserably and getting humiliated because...

(a.) They're NEEDY (this kills attraction 100%)

(b.) They're NICE GUYS (Nice guys finish last. Really.)

(c.) They've got NO GAME

But Jason has discovered a NEW way to seduce women and get them so addicted to you...

That they're willing to crawl on their hands and knees...

On shards of broken glass just to get a chance to fuck you.

And you can make this happen once you have "The Key".

And it doesn't matter if you're fat, broke, butt-ugly, shy, nice, a geek or whatever...

Once you have this "key" you don't need to have anything else.

Use "The Key" right here and start meeting and fucking beautiful, sexy women tonight...

You can thank me later.

--- Brad P.

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