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Dating Survival Guide Part 1: Gold Diggers

There's a man eating shark out there in the dating

And some men are particularly vulnerable to this beast.

Some of my one on one clients out here in LA are very

Many times I've had to help them get rid of GOLD DIGGER
girlfriends or play defense against these women in their
dating lives.

Here's a shocking fact:

The biggest wealth building activity for women in
America isn't business, jobs, inheritance or the

...It's divorce.

My clients and I have learned that you have to play
defense even with a modest amount of money. You got 15
grand in the bank? 60% of it is in danger.

You see, you can never underestimate a gold digger.
These girls have fantastic game.

They know how to sense neediness in a man, then they
learn how to leverage it to create an emotional

Let me show you an actual scenario:

The first thing she's gonna push is the committed
relationship frame.

Typically, the guy is pushing for a sexual connection,
and the woman rebuff's him by saying something like
"Sorry I only have sex within the context of a committed

If a beautiful woman is doing this with a guy who she's
knows has money she's gonna set him up as her sugar
daddy before she spreads her legs.

So you want to know how you discredit that frame?

Compare it to a business deal.

Say something like. "So you have sex only in exchange
for a commitment? Sounds sort of like a business deal.
For me, its more of an emotional thing, but to each his

...And then show a little disinterest.

The other thing she's gonna do is flat out ask for
money. You might here something like:

"I'm so stressed out. I have these bills to pay and I
can't pay them. It's making me feel bad all the time."

Or she might just come out with it:

"Hey can you help me out a little bit? I'm having some
financial troubles."

Want to know the secret to handling this?

Shame followed by a compliment. Deep down gold diggers
know they have no integrity and they are very
susceptible to shame.

Say something like this:

"Wow, sorry to hear you're having trouble. That must
feel awful to know that you're not able to support
yourself and be independent like other women.

But I want you to know I believe in you and I think
you're gonna get it all figured out."


There's a full article on my blog that goes into great
depth on this.

You can check it out here...

And keep an eye on these emails. ...

For those of you who don't know, we're about to launch
my new online dating product, which will make it
amazingly SIMPLE to get amazing amounts of pussy with
out ever leaving your home.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Don't Suffer the Law of Diminishing Pussy

So I was putting some finishing touches on the new
online dating product I wrote with one of my top
students and I got to reflecting on how simple it really
is to get women...
...When you know the right things to spend time and
effort on.

There are certain things I find a lot of guys doing that
they THINK will get them positive attention from women
and ultimately lots of sex.

And maybe these things help A LITTLE, but only to a
point. After a while guys keep putting a whole lot of
effort into these wasteful activities and get little to
no return.

They are experiencing what in economics is referred to
as the law of diminishing returns.

Basically it means when you do more and more of an
activity, at some point it yields less and less

...Eventually reaching a point where doing the activity
gives you no benefit at all.

So with that in mind...

...If your main priority is to bring a lot more sex into
your life, you may want to consider shit-canning or at
least strongly de-emphasizing the following:

1. Getting super ripped. Guys get it in their head that
the more buff they are, women are just going to throw
themselves at their feet and say fuck me!

Only a select group of women, maybe five percent, really
look for guys who are ripped. And you don't want to
work that hard to attract five percent of women.

Look, if you're a fat slob, definitely get in the gym
and shape up. But to spend 30 hours a week in the gym
to get ripped, like a fitness model - the returns

If you're in average shape, that's good enough. Your
GAME will take you the rest of the way.

2. Getting super rich.

Look, this could take decades and the irony of that is
that a lot of hotties that would count you out because
you're too old.

A lot of girls find older rich guys unreliable and
intimidating. It actually turns them off.

You can't lead with money. It never gets you what you

Trust me, I've been teaching this 11 years and I have
clients worth 20 million dollar who have to hire me to
get women.

So if you think you need to make a lot of money to get
women, forget it!

3. Reading and studying on the Internet.

If you've been on my mailing list a while, you know how
I feel about this.

Guys who get seminar syndrome are always studying the
latest great trick to pick up women.

They have so much information swimming around in their
heads they end up with brain fog.

Too much studying WITHOUT getting out to apply what
you're learning will actually SET YOU BACK.

You want to know how you can sort through what to do and
what not to do, like right now today?

It just so happens I just put together a 30-minute audio
that I'm really excited about.

It's called Work Smarter, Not Harder and it's a
free download you can get by clicking here.

In it I'll tell you exactly where you need to be
spending your time and energy to get the most bang for
you pussy-chasing buck.

It should save you a ton of time and energy and get you
on the right track FAST.

Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

The Solution To The Biggest Problem Men Have...

Do you know what is the oldest dilemma men face when
they approach women?

This may seem obvious, but they ask themselves "What the
hell do I talk to her about?"

I mean there she is looking hot, making your heart pound
and you want to get over there and get to work on her

But you're also about ready to have a panic attack
because you have no idea what to say.

That, my man, is why we have ROUTINES.

When you get a good routine down, it can give you as
much conversational power as massive life experience.

(For those of you who are new around here, routines are
canned scripted conversations that we have prepared to
use when we're talking to women.)

When you can really act out a routine and own it, it can
become a part of your identity.

It's kind of like building a character in an acting

Just sink in and act and it really does become a part of
your identity.

So if you don't have a super exciting life to talk
about, routines can catapult you forward like nothing

Here's the thing about making them work for you:

Unlike rehearsing for a play or an acting class, it
doesn't do much good to recite or rehearse them to
yourself before you go out.

A lot of guys I coach want to practice them in front of
a mirror, like an actor rehearsing a scene.

In my experience, that never does much good.

I mean you need to get familiar with it, but then the
only real way to dial it in is to do them in front of

If you can get a few good routines down, you will have
lethal conversation skills in almost no time at all.

If you think this might be of benefit to you, check out
my Underground Dating Seminar, where I give you
dozens of powerful proven routines.

If you haven't gone through it yet, I would strongly
suggest you take a look.

Awesome conversational skills are the foundation of
social freedom.

And're gonna learn all new uses for routines
with my upcoming online dating product. We'll take you
deep into understanding female psychology.

You'll be able to employ ultra powerful routines on
dating websites and use your computer to pull a TON of

We'll have it ready in a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned...

Brad P.

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