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The Dating Podcast - Episode 6: Identity with Brad P.

Hey guys,

This week's episode features Brad P. talking about how to attract women by being you!

In this episode, Brad will cover how "being yourself" and using the concept of "identity" can increase your chances of succeeding with women. Identity is a Brad P. exclusive concept that helps place student's interests and natural abilities first.

Without tricky techniques or hard to apply concepts, Brad's concept of identity is ground breaking and leads to a much fuller life of fun with meeting and dating women.

Check out the interview!

Coffee's For Closer?

Hey, it's Brad P,

Think of a professional salesman.

Their chief objective is to convince people they need
whatever it is they're selling.

Now some salesmen kick ass, but others struggle and can't
seem to make it happen.

And you know what?

Being a Player and seducing women have exactly the same

The only real difference being instead of selling a product
or service, you're selling yourself. And the desired end
result is to get her into bed.

So with that in mind... here are some of the similarities
between selling and dating...

1. You get ignored if you appear needy and desperate. Nobody
wants to deal with a person who reeks of desperation.

2. You have to give value and demonstrate why anyone should
listen to you. In selling it’s more about making a great
offer the prospect can’t resist buying.

But in dating it's more about showing the woman a good time
and getting her naturally attracted to you.

3. It's far better to have people chasing you. Coz the more
you chase, the more desperate and pathetic you look. It's
all about positioning and how other people perceive you.

4. The way you hold yourself, your presentation, and your
confidence levels make a huge difference to your results.

But if you look untidy and average, the first impression
won't be a good one. Mumbling your words and being clearly
nervous doesn't help the situation either.

5. The more women/prospects you talk to the better your

As a salesman you won't get many sales if you’re too shy
to talk to anybody.

Exactly the same principle applies to dating. A lot of guys
are too shy to approach and terrified of rejection.

But a salesman can't afford to be worried about rejection,
because he/she will go hungry otherwise.

6. And finally, the prime objective is to close the

Once you've given the other person a good reason to WANT to
say yes, it's time to pull the trigger and close them.

Everything else is pretty much irrelevant, as it's the end
result that's important.

So there you go...

Now, I'm not qualified to teach you about selling.

But if you check out my Underground Dating Seminar, you'll
find EVERYTHING you need to know about getting women into

It's the ULTIMATE collection of dating and seduction advice,
with over 12 hours of my very best material.

Go check it out now...

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Why You Should F*ck Her ASAP

Hey, it's Brad P,

Some guys reach a point in their life where they want a
serious long-term relationship, or possibly even marriage.

And that's fine, everyone's situation is different.

But if this sounds like you, make sure you don't get
suckered into any of these BIG mistakes...

1. Spending lots of money on her in the hope it's going to
impress her
2. Taking her out on romantic (and expensive) dinner dates
3. Happily doing EVERYTHING she asks you to do
4. Trying too hard to prove yourself

You see, the problem with treating women like this is they
withhold from sex for as long as possible.

And this is obviously the exact opposite of what you really
want... unless you're a bald monk with an orange robe.

The point being... you'll just end up feeling miserable,
frustrated and unsatisfied.

But at the same time she'll be happy, as you're now her
little bitch boy. And now she can string you along... while
slowly making up her mind if you're really the ONE or not.

But more often than not it leads nowhere.

Well, screw that sideways with a nail gun!

It's far better to start a serious relationship as a seducer
from the beginning.

Let me explain...

You should start sleeping with her as soon as possible. That
way you can get to know her over a period of time. And then
eventually you can decide if you want to get serious or

This way it's a whole lot more FUN, and it avoids those 4
mistakes I was talking about earlier.

Plus, it allows genuine excitement to build and sets up an
intense infatuation period.

The great thing is most women won't have a problem with this

You see... they ACT as if they don't want to be sexual or be

But in actual fact, they respect the man who seduces them,
far more than they respect any "nice guy."

So don't fall for the bullshit myth about women not wanting
sex in this situation.

But here's the interesting thing...

Being a seducer is exactly like being the queen in a game of
chess. You can always move as far as you want in any
direction. Your options are unlimited.

So if you decide you do want to get married, you can always
make the transition from a seducer to a provider if need

But it can't be done the other way around.

You see, once you're a provider, you can't turn into a
seducer. Coz then she feels like you're going backwards in
the relationship.

And they don't want that... women want PROGRESS.

So it's absolutely crucial to START a relationship as a
seducer. And make it clear you're not ready YET to be a
husband/provider... but you may be one day.

What if she doesn't like the sound of it?

Well, stiff shit Sally.

You simply move onto a woman who is okay with it.

So, if you'd like more advanced tips about pursuing serious
relationships, you'll get tons of value from my Underground
Dating Seminar

Inside I walk you through everything you need to know about
women. Such as approaching them, getting phone numbers,
phone game, blowing her mind in the bedroom... plus a whole
lot more.

You can check it all out here...

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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