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Without THIS, Nothing Will Get You Laid...

There's a major component missing in a lot of guys'
dating arsenals.

A lot of you reading this may have bought a lot of
programs with good information.

You probably have all the information you need to get
all the pussy you can handle for like, three lifetimes.

So if you're not getting tons of sex, the question is

If you're just not motivated, or just don't want to get
out there and get laid, then I can't help you.

But if you want that pussy so bad you can taste it, and
still just not happening, then listen up:

You need a team backing you up.

A lot of guys buy their new program on dating and go
out on their own and try to figure out how to implement

And it's a long process of figuring it out through
application and trial and error.

But with a team, it's a lot faster...

Ocean's 11 would never have been able to rob that casino
if George Clooney was just Ocean's 1.

The Dirty Dozen needed a team, each with their own
specialty, to raid that Nazi compound.

Wouldn't a team be helpful to get you good with women?

You could have a "specialist" who helps you with openers,
another who looks at your wardrobe and identity and helps
you make changes...

...and yet another who can coach you regularly and point
out what you're doing right and wrong and help make
corrections as you go.

When you are learning dating and social skills, it's
kind of like you going into battle.

You're going into battle against involuntary celibacy,
against being ignored by women and against feeling
basically ineffectual to have the life that you want.

...You're going into battle against the old version of

You are far more likely to win that battle if you have a
team at you're back, rather than trying to go it alone.

One of the reasons I created 30/30 Club is so you can
have that team at your back.

Yeah, you've heard me talk about the curriculum in 30/30
and how we lay it out for you one step at a time, so you
don't get overwhelmed and you get amazing results in a
short amount of time...

...But just as important as the material itself, is the

It's where you'll have access to me, my top coaches, and
all the other members like yourself, to back you up,
support you, and be your team.

You directly benefit from the combined experience of
everyone and get the encouragement and accountability to
move forward quickly.

Having a team at you back is one of the little known
secrets to success in life, in battle, and definitely in

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS - Come on into the forum and check it out. I know
you'll be impressed. And for 85% off your first month, it's
almost free.

Why Good Girls Secretly Want Threesomes...

Girls are naturally "bi-sexual".

In their college years, girls naturally hold hands and
kiss and experiment.

Being with another soft girl feels perfectly natural to

And inside the female brain, neural synapses control the
urge to have sex and procreate, dictated by the primal
code in her DNA.

So while they're holding hands in college, or wherever,
it's almost as if they are re-wiring their own DNA to
get turned on by other women.

Yes, at the end of the day, women still want a masculine
dominant man, YOU...

...But they can enjoy each other as well.

That's why, in a very real sense, all women are

But here's the thing most guys miss...

Most women aren't pro-actively bi-sexual.

By which I mean they're not actively seeking out other
girls to be with, or even fantasizing about being with
other women all the time.

However, there's nothing in a woman's innate programming
that makes her go "ewww, sex with another woman? Yuck!"

In fact, once she's had a few drinks and she's honest
with herself, and you, she'll probably tell you the idea
turns her on.

They've done studies where they show to women
girl-on-girl romantic adult movies, and all women have
heightened sexual arousal from watching those films.

So any woman that you know; most likely she's already
fantasized about being with other women and in principle
it's no problem for her to do it.

And remember, every woman has TWO sides to her.

A woman has the artificial woman she SHOWS on the
surface to the world that is proper and lady-like.

And she has the natural woman she FEELS underneath.

That's the part of her that is highly sexual and enjoys
being experimental with other girls.

You are literally surrounded by potential threesomes.

You just have to know how to make it happen.

I learned all the secrets that there are to know about
putting together threesomes from a master who's done it
dozens of times.

It's all RIGHT HERE.

This will be the hottest sex of your life.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

You Won't Believe Who is Getting Laid...

"Get a life!!!!!"

...That's what William Shatner, Star Trek's Captain Kirk
screamed at a bunch of geeks in a now famous (or
infamous) Saturday Night Live skit almost 30 years ago.

It was intended to be all in good fun but it struck a
nerve and the "Shat" took some serious flak for that

A lot of times when we kid or make fun, we're making
light of something that's real. But the damage was done
and "Get a life" kind of caught as a pop culture

It became something you shouted at people you perceived
as geeks, dorks, and nerds. You know the type; smart,
eccentric; into nerdy things like science fiction, and
computer science.

...Basically the whole cast of Big Bang Theory.

Which is the exact opposite of cool, easy going and
attractive to women.

A lot of these geeky guys may get a scholarship to MIT,
but they will never see a vagina for the rest of their
natural born lives.

But it doesn't need to be that way.

You see the great thing about nerds is that they are

They problem solve. In crime shows and buddy cop action
movies, it's always the smart nerdy guy who hacks into
the mainframe, invents the gizmo, and basically does
crazy shit that no one else can do to help save the day.

Well, in the real world, a lot of these guys are getting
fed up with being invisible to women and they find their
way to me.

My heart goes out to frustrated lonely guys who don't
get the sex and attention they want from women.

I started out a geek. I know their frustration.

I pour everything I've got into helping these guys.

Their success is my legacy.

And that's what I want to share with you today.

I compiled a book. It's called "Geeks Get Girls".

It chronicles the journey of my than 100 of my students
who started the journey as sexless geeks and are now
getting laid like crazy.

It's inspiring and I think you'll find it empowering.

And it's an absolutely free download.


Talk soon.

Brad P.

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