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Using Jealousy To Attract Women

Hey it's Brad P,

Men have been deceived into believing women will trade sex
for friendship, favors, compliments and attention.


And if you're currently being friend zoned, here's what I
suggest you do.

First up, realize it's YOUR FAULT, not the woman's.

Entering the friend zone was YOUR choice.

When you tried to date her and she offered friendship
instead, YOU'RE the one who said yes to this arrangement.

Also realize, you're the only one who can change the
situation. And the method to changing it is simple.

Delete her number and delete her on Facebook.

Stop talking to her... and accept the fact that you never
had a real friendship.

It was just a fake relationship where you lied to her and
she lied to you.

She let you believe you had a chance with her if you just
worked hard enough. It was a lie.

You led her to believe you wanted to be her friend and
nothing more. That was a lie also.

Two people lying to each other is not a friendship. So just
forget it and move on to more healthy relationships.

But you have to promise that you will be open to this
technique, because it's the NUCLEAR OPTION.

Okay here goes...

DON'T keep doing the same thing you've been doing. It
doesn't work, so just STOP.

DON'T compliment her, do favors for her, or treat her
special. That kind of pussy behavior is what got you friend
zoned in the first place.

So, here's the nuclear option.

Use jealousy to make her attracted to you. Let it be known
that you have lots of other women, and she would be lucky to
have a chance with you.

You can do this by...

[+] Flirting with other girls right in front of her

[+] Expressing interest in her friends

[+] Flirting with her friends

[+] Fucking at least 3 women who she knows

[+] And fucking 5 more women she doesn't know

One way or another, she'll eventually find out you get
plenty of action.

But right now she just views you as her private little play
toy, and has you wrapped around her finger. No one else can
get your attention.

And you know what?

The only way out... is to give her a rude awakening.

Just making small changes is not going to work. You've got
to go nuclear.

If you don't have the flirting or dating skills to nail 3 of
her friends and 5 other women, don't worry, there's still

Pick up my Black Book Method and you'll be getting more ass
than a toilet seat.

But a word of warning...

If you think it's "wrong" or "immoral" to use jealousy to
attract women... sorry but you're a hopeless nice guy.

There's no saving you.

You're doomed to be friend zoned for the rest of your
life... so get used to it.

So there you go...

I've given you all the answers, now it's up to you to go
apply them.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Try THIS To Avoid Approach Anxiety

Hey, it's Brad P.

One of the great things about online dating is you can arrange to meet
women without even having to approach them first.

In other words...

It's one way of getting around approach anxiety.

But even so, I wouldn't recommend ONLY using the Internet to meet
girls. You need to be going out in real life and become comfortable
around them.

So you should use the Internet as an ADDITIONAL option to "cold

Now, while I don't specialize in teaching online dating, here are 4 tips
you should find useful...

1. Most importantly only use great photos. This is a no brainer really,
but some guys don't bother. If necessary hire a professional
photographer for best results.

2. Whenever possible you should be aiming to break rapport and be
sarcastic in your profile. Put in some crazy answers and keep her

But ignore the questions about your "interests" and "what you're looking
for", coz women use these to eliminate you.

3. The only parts of your profile to give a real response to are your
height/hair color and stuff like that coz it's used in searches.

You see... you want to appear in search results for a girl that's already
looking for your type.

4. Don't worry if a few girls think you're a jerk along the way and write
back telling you to "fuck off."

If you do it right you should be noticing attraction from hot girls, and
average girls will think you're an asshole.

Bottom line... the goal here is to end up with hot girls, and not fatties.

But you've gotta remember, even average girls get 50+ messages a day.
So you've got to be EXTREME if you want to stand out.

Think of it this way...

If you just play the game the way everyone else does, you'll lose... even
if you look like a male model.

But keep in mind...

You're far better off combining online dating with offline dating as well.

That way you get the best of both worlds, and you become more
comfortable around women in real life.

But if you're absolutely shitscared to approach women, it's a good idea
to get professional help...

Much better than just sitting behind the computer being a keyboard

And that's where my 30/30 Club can make a huge difference to your

You'll discover EVERYTHING from the initial approach, to escalation, to
getting them into bed.

You see... the 30/30 Club is responsible for more success with women
than any other dating system in the world (and we have the stats to
back it up.)

Sign up now and get your first month at over 85% off!

Talk soon,

Brad P.

When Women Love Sucking Cock

Hey, it's Brad P.

It's every man's worst nightmare...

You've just had a good night out together and now she wants to take it a
step further.

You take her home and it's time to get down to business.

Off come the clothes and you get started.

But then disaster strikes...

Within 30 seconds it's all OVER and you're apologizing to her.

But even though she reassures you it's okay, you still can't help but feel
like a...


But anyway... allow me to enlighten you about premature ejaculation.

Girls DON'T consider it a big deal if it's only a once off situation.

You see... there's a good chance she's already experienced 10-20% of
guys having a similar problem to this before.

In other words...

It's not shocking to her, it's just a normal thing.

And when she thinks back on it, she's unlikely to think twice about it.


Coz women tend to focus on the overall emotional experience she's had
with you instead.

So here's the takeaway from all this...

It's MEN who over-analyze it.

Not women.

For example...

The man thinks to himself, "I tried to fuck a girl and couldn't get it up,
I'm a loser."

But the woman thinks to herself, "I met a guy and we had a great night
and he made me feel sexy. The foreplay was hot and I enjoyed it. We
tried to have sex, but it didn't work the first time. Oh well that's okay."

Yep, more often than not, she'll disregard the sexual problem.

So can you see the difference in perception?

The same situation is usually interpreted in totally different ways.

But anyway, let's look at some action steps to fix PE for good...

1. Initially, it might be a good idea to just get blowjobs instead. There's
zero pressure in this situation, because girls WANT you to come

It proves they know how to suck cock properly. It makes them feel
sexy. And it also means they don't have to do any more work.

Think about it... the longer the blowjob, the more their mouth and hand

2. Be proactive to beat the problem. If I were suffering from PE, I'd try to
fuck girls every single day until it disappeared. I wouldn't just accept it
and hope it goes away.

The logic behind this being, the more you fuck the more you get used to
it. And eventually it doesn't become such a big deal to put your dick in a

So having a lot of sex frequently should solve your problem.

3. What if the problem persists?

Check out David Shade's Sexual Power program.

Shade is the MASTER of giving women mind-blowing pleasure in the
bedroom. And his Sexual Power program is designed SPECIFICALLY
to help guys who are coming too quick, having trouble getting it up, or
even not coming at all.

Check it out by clicking here right now.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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