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How long should I wait to text a girl?

Here's an interesting multiple-choice question for you.
How long should you wait after getting a phone number to
start texting the girl?
A:  0 days
B:  1 days
C:  2 days
Have a think about it?
If you said zero days... it looks like you're onto
something dude.
Take this example...
You've met a hot babe in a bar.
And she's given you her number.
But you're not able to take her home... because her friends
are cockblocking you (girls ALWAYS do this if they're not
getting laid.)
Don't panic!
All you've gotta do is start texting her while she's still
at the bar... but after you've left.
She'll start thinking you're more fun than her friends.
And she'll try to meet up with you... once they all leave
and go home.
You're in like Flynn.
You see... I've spent the last four years with my coaches
thoroughly researching the text game.
And we've discovered some great ways to get laid after you
get a phone number.
During our research we took over 500 phone numbers and
experimented with a variety of different ideas... to get
these girls to come meet up with us. 
The end result was my text game guide - "Textual Chemistry"
Trust me... you don't want to miss out on the 94
panty-dropping texts... and the bonus two plug and play
text conversations.
I'll see you there,
Brad P
PS: Stay tuned... because tomorrow I give some simple tips
you can start using immediately in your text messages. This
is huge...

Brad P Text Method- Textual Chemistry

Most of us have been there...
You've just met a hot babe who has given you her number. 
And now you want to text her...
...but you can’t think of anything intelligent to say.
Somehow you type something out, but quickly realize how 
lame it sounds...
And then hit the delete button.
So you give it another try.
But have to delete it again...
...because you're not sure if you should send it.
You're thinking yes, no, yes, maybe...
...because you’re so paranoid about her reaction. 
Constantly second guessing yourself can drive you nuts...
But after a lot of "trial and error" research... I've
discovered exactly how to use text messages to get women
into bed. 
I've put together the techniques, methods, and the EXACT
texts I use into a package for you... and called it
Click here to check it out right now...
You see in "Textual Chemistry," I give you three texting
methods to choose from based on your current skill set and
comfort level with women. 
And it doesn't matter how much (or how little!) confidence
you have right now...
You'll learn EXACTLY how to text women in a way that makes
them NEED to text you back.
The package includes 94 panty-dropping texts... and two
plug and play text conversations.
And it's completely risk free... you're fully covered with
a 60-day money back guarantee.
Just in case you decide it’s not for you. 
In other words... you simply can't lose no matter what
Seriously, why wait any longer?
Talk soon, 
Brad P

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