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WARNING: Don't Fall For THIS Trap

Hey it's Brad P,

There's one thing a lot of guys fall for which I strongly
recommend you avoid.

It's chasing stupid 1% advantages that just waste your

Let me explain...

A 1% advantage could be defined as...

'The illusion of some sort of "trick" being a shortcut, or
an easy way out of having to approach and attract women.'

Some examples being...

a) Going to a club with more girls than guys
b) Going to a restaurant where there's a lot of good looking
c) Traveling to certain cities where it's said to be easier
to attract women

So here's the point...

If your conversational skills and your identity are
developed enough, you can get laid anywhere.

It makes ZERO difference what club, restaurant or city you
go to.

You see, instead of looking for shortcuts, you should be
learning how to naturally attract women. And you do this by
constantly working on yourself and learning new techniques.

So the time you spend searching for 1% advantages would be
much better spent out in the field...

Or learning from somebody (like myself) who has achieved
massive results with women.

Remember, every second counts, and you're either moving
FORWARDS or BACKWARDS. And when you waste your time on weak
ideas like targeting certain places, you're moving

So, to sum up...

Ignore retarded mainstream ideas promoting this type of
nonsense. To get the real info, you need to visit the
underground instead.

And that's what you can expect in my 30/30 Club.

Inside you'll get a full years curriculum that includes
actionable material to turn you into a guy that women WANT
to be around.

Plus you also get access to the forum where you can get help
and support from myself, and my team of qualified coaches.

Don't forget the 30/30 Club has achieved more success with
women than any other dating system on the planet.

Sign up now and get your first month at over 85% off!

Talk soon,

Brad P.

You've Got To STOP Doing "This"

Hey it's Brad P,

I've noticed that some guys have a problem with continually
expecting the worst to happen.

And quite often they're doing it without even realizing.

But here's the important part about expectations and

Successful people don't really have a "let down."

When something doesn't work out as expected, they're happy
to receive the lessons that come from it.

They don't call it a "failure" or "a let down." They just
call it experience.

But on the flip side...

Less successful people don't look for lessons. Instead they
just want everything handed to them. And then they whine and
complain when success doesn't come easy.

So with this in mind, when you do have a setback, don't beat
yourself up.

Instead, analyze what's gone wrong and the lesson to be
learned from the situation.

You see, there's nothing wrong with making mistakes, as long
you're prepared to learn from them... and avoid them in the

In fact the most successful people in history made a
shitload of mistakes along the way.

And as far as meeting and attracting women, exactly the same
principles apply.

But also keep in mind...

When you assume something more optimistic, you usually get a
better result.

So, what can you do to beat these poor expectations?

Well, for a start you can avoid immediately putting
negativity on things. Instead try to be objective.

You want to quiet down that voice in your head that says, "I

But having said that...

It's not easy to become positive overnight. It's a huge
challenge to immediately create positivity where all that
negativity used to be.

So sometimes there has to be an in-between step, which is to
just look at things without a positive or negative meaning
attached to it.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Waiting For A Date With Megan Fox?

Hey it's Brad P,

I've noticed some guys suffer from what I call "supermodel syndrome."

In other words...

They have the unrealistic belief that a perfect supermodel will magically
walk into their life, and give them unconditional love.

And this causes them to compare all other girls to an unrealistic dream.

You could say it's the male version of what we in the US call "Bridezilla

Basically it's when a person creates an unrealistic fantasy.

For women, it's the perfect wedding. But for men, it's the perfect

And it gets out of control when you start comparing real people and real
situations to this fantasy of yours. Sometimes it can even result in

You see, it makes you angry at reality, or angry with real people. You
feel inadequate and unfulfilled.

But worst of all, it prevents you from enjoying life.

So how do you cure it?

Well, I suggest you read a book called, "How To Want What You Have"
by Timothy Miller.

This book offers a simple, practical, and credible method to achieving
inner peace. It is based around the principles of compassion, attention,
and gratitude to everyday living.

So to sum up...

Look, there's no harm in aiming high, but if that means you're not dating
and enjoying the company of women, it's time for a reality check.

And if that means lowering your standards a bit, then so be it.

Otherwise you'll just end up as a lonely, frustrated old man. And no one
wants that.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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