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Involuntary Celibacy

Something you have to keep in mind, as you get good with
women is that you have to be VIGILANT.

Vigilant against what, you ask?

Bad habits that keep you involuntarily celibate.

If you want to be a powerful pussy magnet you have to do
as many of the right things as possible and as few of
the bad things as you can.

Make sense?

Here are some of the CORRECT habits to develop:

(When you read what the right habits are, the wrong ones
will be obvious)

1. Get out and talk to girls. 3-4 times a week is great.
Spend about two hours talking to women for every one
hour studying.

This is your "weekly workout" that gets you good with

2. Keep track of what info you are taking in. Don't do
any aimless reading, only read material that pertains
directly to what you are working on in your game.

3. Choose ONLY ONE TEACHER or method and give it a
chance for a while. Don't keep jumping on the next shiny
thing you find online.

You'll never get any traction that way.

When you jumble a bunch of methods together, you slow
your learning process down.

Mixing it up dilutes the recipe.

4. Enjoy the process. Don't be unrealistic.

Plan on investing a little time before you see
consistent results. Don't expect overnight success.

Be patient, because when you get there, the results last

5. Don't take shortcuts!

It is way faster to learn right the first time. If you
take shortcuts, you will just have to learn it again
later, before you're getting laid.

That's why guys become "lifers" and they are still
trying to learn 7 years later.

So, are you ready to get started? Great.

You need ONE system. 30/30 Club is my complete
system on girls and dating.

And everything I teach you has been field tested by me,
and it works.

There is nothing better out there.

And it'll keep you vigilant about preventing bad habits
till the new god habits take root.

85% off the first month - get started now!

Talk soon,

Brad P.

How Bad Do You Want It?

When you just start to figure the whole dating thing
out, you have a golden opportunity at your feet.

It disappears fast if you don't take advantage of it.

First, there are a couple of pitfalls that you have to
look out for when you start:

1. "Free" Forums. Advertisers, who pay according to how
much traffic it gets, fund these things.

They want you to keep coming back and hanging out on
their forum! They don't care if you get any pussy or

2. The Internet itself. It can be a black hole of
infinite time wasting options.

Every time you think you have enough information to take
action, you find something better and more alluring.

You end up sitting in a chair until your best
opportunity to use this training has slipped past you...

...So here is the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for new guys:

When you are new, get out and talk to girls BEFORE
information overload starts to set in.


Do it quick -

- Before you get too used to sitting around reading
about what to say to girls and not doing it.

The longer you wait, the harder it gets.

Most guys are afraid to do that because they think
approaching is the hard part.

It makes their hearts pound and they break into cold

The fact is that none of the information is going to be
of any help to you unless you're actually using it to
talk to girls.

When you're ready to make the decision to get good and
get laid, my coaches and I are waiting to help.

30/30 Club was designed to take you on a step-by-step
process, starting WHEREVER you are at.

We'll give you the information you need and hold you
accountable to apply it.

It just comes down to "how bad do you want it"? How bad
do you want to stop wishing and actually take those hot
chicks home?

Just make the decision.

Talk soon,

Brad p.

PS- No one is going to help you if you don't help
yourself. But once you do, the freedom to have that
girl you REALLY want is waiting for you.

If You Don't Do This, You're Gonna Burn Out...

There is a guy in the dating forums who knows all the
theory, he's posting all the time, even giving people
advice - but he doesn't actually get out and talk to

...And he's not getting laid.

There's a term for this guy; we call him the "keyboard

There is a basic sequence of events that creates this
poor guys sexless existence:

1. "Discovery"- This is when a new guy first realizes
there is actually information out there that will help
get him laid.

He starts studying and sees himself as enlightened at
this point.

But he's not getting out talking to girls.

2. "Surrogate activities"- This is the part where the
new guy is still scared to go out and talk to girls, so
he joins a lair or takes salsa lessons instead, so he
can feel like he's making progress.

STILL not talking to girls.

3. "Small attempt #1"- This is that part where he gets
frustrated and says "Damn, this is bullshit! I've gotta
get this handled!!"

At this point he signs up for something where other
people will pressure him to do approaches. Maybe a
workshop, or group lair outing, or something like that.

Since it's only a few days, it's not a long enough to
change his behavior to result in a permanent difference.

The next stage after that tends to be disillusionment.

Here's how you avoid disillusionment:

Make a DESCISION and take ACTION on it.

Make a commitment to get out and approach women.

Try to do it 3 or 4 times a week, same as if you were
going to lift weights.

Everyone knows that if you're not consistent with
workouts you'll never build muscle.

If you're not consistent talking to women, you can't get
good at it.

So when you make that level of commitment, you are
saying "I'm gonna do it, that's it, period."

That's what I mean when I say "make a decision".

It's where all the top 5% of success stories come from.

So how do you start?

First you get just the right information at just the
right time. Then you get a sequence of things to do, in
the right order and get someone to push your ass out the
door to do it.

And that is exactly what 30/30 Club is.

Ready to go?

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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