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How Fat Chicks Can Improve Your Game

After teaching pickup for several years, I've seen my
fair share of guys who read pickup tips and then don't
try any of it.

It's the paramount problem that prevents guys from

It's a vicious cycle.

They can't get women because they don't have a lot of

They won't get any balls until they go into the field.

They can't go into the field because they're too scared
of what might happen.

The solution to this issue is to make the field more
attainable to newbies. In order to get to this goal,
let's go against a few of the core pickup values

Here are the 2 easiest settings to socialize in:

1- BBW Parties

What's a BBW, you might ask? Well it's a politically
correct term for "fat chick." BBW stands for "big
beautiful woman." There are organizations that throw
weekly or month parties for BBWs and their gentleman

In many ways, they respond the same way a normal woman
would respond. So it's really good practice. If you can
get good at gaming BBWs, it's a small leap to being able
to game average girls.

2- Goth Clubs

The Goth scene is full of people who have trouble
socializing and want to break out of this issue and
build relationships with others like themselves.

In someways it's inspirational. The Goths have turned
social isolation into a virtue.

People in the Goth scene are extremely friendly and
accepting of others.

And hey, you could hook up with a hot goth chick in
a black corset. Just saying.

Even if you're scared to death of social situations,
you'll probably do OK in these 2 settings.

I hope this helps you make the first small step towards
becoming more social.

And hey, if you want to sort through the challenges
put in front of newbies (they are not all your fault)
check out my free report The Forbidden Truth.

It'll put you on the fast track to pussy.

Talk soon,

-Brad P.

Bypass Her Anti Slut Burglar Alarm

A bunch of college girls I bummed a ride from one night
in Iowa a couple years back introduced me to this game.

It's called "Are You Nervous."

It goes like this:

You put your hand on the girl's leg (or she does it to
you) and say "Are you nervous?" If she says no, you move
it a little higher and then repeat "are you nervous."

You just go again and again until she says "yes" or
you're playing with her pussy, whichever comes first.

Fun, huh?

The girls were playing it with each other, then they
played it with me, then I played it on all of them.

I ended up playing with 2 chicks' pussies and both their
tits also, and we really barely knew each other at all.

One girl was running her hand up my cock for a good 20

I hadn't really run much decent game on them; in fact I
tripped and fell on the dance floor and that that's how
the set opened.

It has to go a little slower if you are the one
introducing it, but will still work well.

Just say "Hey did you ever play 'are you nervous?'" and
explain what it is and jump right in.

The nice thing about this game is that it allows you to
escalate all the girls in the group at once, and then
the entire group will backwards rationalize that you are
a cool guy since they all got touchy with you.

You'll get extra coolness points with them if you can
play the game and never seem in the least bit creepy or

You have to not even seem too affected by the arousal of
it, as if this is normal and you're playing with boobs
all the time.

Then the girls are getting a little aroused and they
start to feel NAUGHTY because they are and you're not.

It's just a game, so it doesn't set off the ANTI-SLUT
DEFENSE burglar alarm as badly as straight kino.

Just be careful not to seem creepy.

When the girl answers "yes" be sure you stop immediately
and then just laugh at her, "Ha ha, you got nervous"
then move to the next person.

So much fun..

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS - Wanna skip the games and just get right to playing
with her pussy part? Check out 10 Minute Seduction
and get it wet tonight.

Attract Women Just By Changing Your Voice Tone

Voice tone is even more important than the actual words
you say when communicating with women.

Women make all sorts of assumptions about you based on
your tone of voice.

Are you comfortable with yourself?

Are you a powerful man?

Are you a sexual person?

All of these things can be conveyed using proper voice

Did you ever stop and listen really closely to the way
people talk to each other?

There's actually a "tune" to it. People aren't just
talking to each other, they're "singing" to each other
all day long.

Here are a few different voice tones you will be using
to get in her pants:

Manly tone -

This is a low pitched, fairly loud, commanding tone.
Talk slowly and pause between keep parts of your
sentence. Pausing creates anticipation and adds
importance to what you are saying.

Playful tone -

This is a more immature tone that has a wide range of
fluctuation. Your voice will go from very deep to
somewhat high. Learn to do funny accents and character
voices. Learn to mimic women when they say something

Bedroom tone -

You can talk to women in a bedroom tone long before you
ever reach the bedroom. This is a great way to get her
into a sexual state. It communicates sexual comfort. It
shows you have sexual energy.

Just make your voice whispery and slow. Be exciting,
and then be soothing after a while. Say sexy things. Say
things that make her feel safe. Say things that
communicate you are the one in control.

...And that's just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

For the complete system on how to implement everything,

Check out this video on my Black Book Method.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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