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How To Get A Blow Job From Facebook

Hey it's Brad P,

One way you can meet women without having to approach them
in person... is through Facebook.

Now I have not messed around with Facebook for many years,
since my in-person game makes it unnecessary.

However, when I was using it, here's what worked for me...

• Choose a girl and friend her.

• Then wait one week.

• Then ask her, "Who are you and how did we become
friends?" Then she'll say you added her.

• So you then tease her and say, "Nah I don't think so,
you must have added me. I never talk to random chicks on the
Internet... hmm maybe you're stalking me etc etc etc".

And by doing it this way you start off with a flirting
frame. Instead of just looking like another one of the
hundreds of losers that hassle her each day.

The idea is that it removes you from the embarrassing
category of guys who try hard to pick up online... since it
is inherently low value.

You see, guys who are already in demand just bang chicks
they meet in person. So by saying, "I never talk to random
chicks online" it keeps you out of that low value category.

I also recommend combining the above with good pictures and
a kick ass identity.

Now, I achieved some good results by doing it this way. But
I'll always say that approaching women in person is a MUCH
BETTER way of going about it.

You'll meet far more women and build your confidence up much
quicker by not hiding behind your computer.

But how can you get started if you're shy and have no idea
what you're doing?

Well, the best way is to get your hands on a copy of my
Black Book Method.

It's jam packed with openers, routines, and contingencies to
suit any type of girl in any situation.

All you've got to do is memorize three or four of them, and
then try them on women out in the field.

You can find out more here...

Talk soon,

Brad P.

"Anywhere You Want"... She Said.

Hey it's Brad P,

Here's a story about a nice experience I had with a virgin a
few years back.

Now, virgins are not usually my thing. In most cases I find
them more hassle than they're worth.

But this was different. You see, originally, I didn't know
this girl was a virgin.

Previously I'd taken her back to my place, gotten her naked,
and then at the last minute she had panicked and left.

Then I found out she was a virgin at 23.

But a few days later I got a text message from her, so I
called her.

Turns out she was in bed. So, I tell her I'm coming over to
tuck her in. She says ok, but she's not sure if I'm serious.

I show up at her place and get into bed with her. We talk,
and then escalation begins. Before too long, she's naked...
but this time there's nowhere to go... haha.

She can't say "I gotta go home," cuz she is home.

But unfortunately she's on the rag, so I leave her panties

Now, I've got a dilemma on my hands. I'd already had sex
with one girl that morning. And I knew I might be looking at
a threesome later that night.

So, should I waste load #2 of the day whacking it on this
virgin chick?

In the end, I decide not to… but I'll see how far I can
take it otherwise.

So I tell her "I gotta teach you one more thing before you
go back to Texas." I really didn't think that would work,
but it did, haha.

As she was laying on her back, I stuck my cock in her mouth
and she started sucking it. Wow. I could not believe it. She
was totally into it.

I did the super gentle teacher style: "That's very good, now
take it really slow. You're doing great. If you need to stop
just let me know. I won't cum in your mouth, so just relax."

She did excellent and was really enjoying it. A little
toothy here and there, but what do you want from a virgin?

It was a special moment. I looked out into the Manhattan
skyline through her 20th floor window and just thought about
how great life is.

But now I was thinking, "Who cares about threesomes and
celebrities. This was a great moment and I'm not gonna stop
myself from blowing a load. This girl will always remember
it and I want her to feel like she was a success in her
first try."

So I asked her where I should come, she said "Anywhere you

It was now action time...

So I got her on her knees and blew a juicy load in her
mouth. She swallowed it all, and was beautifully submissive
throughout the entire event.

Ah great stuff.

So what's the point to all this?

Well, sometimes it pays to be persistent. But more
importantly, you've got to quickly work out the best way to
deal with each particular situation.

I could have easily just given up when I realized she was on
the rag. Particularly considering the drama she had caused
recently, and the fact she was a virgin.

But my gut feeling told me to just put my cock in her mouth,
and everything would work out fine... which it did.

You see, there's usually a way to get what you want if
you're sharp enough and experienced with women. It just
becomes second nature and your decision-making skills keep

But if you're currently struggling to meet and attract
women, you'd be best off focusing on solving that problem

And the best way to get the ball rolling would be to get a
copy of my Black Book Method.

It'll show you a huge selection of proven openers (and
contingencies) you can use to get the conversation off on
the right track, no matter how hot the girl is.

Bottom line... it will make things a lot easier for you.

Which means... you'll start getting laid a lot more.

Here's where you can find more information...

Talk soon,

Brad P.

The First Rule Of **** Club Is...

Hey it's Brad P,

If you're meeting a lot of women, you "might" come across a
situation where a guy wants to fight you. But look, it"s
nothing to worry about... as it will most likely only
happen once in a blue moon.

Now, personally, I have zero interest in fighting. and I'd
prefer the jealous boyfriend just went away... so I can get
back to what I was doing.

But even so, it's still a good idea to be prepared for the
rare off chance it happens to you.

So, here's how I recommend you deal with angry

* Stand your ground. Physically you shouldn't back down a
single inch. Stand tall and intimidating. The last thing you
want is for the other guy to sense you're scared of him.

* Remain completely calm. Don't play into his fighting
frame. In most cases the other guy has already completely
lost the plot and is not thinking rationally. By remaining
calm it throws him off track, and everyone else can see that
he is clearly the aggressor.

* Minimize the whole thing like it's no big deal with your
words. This is the most important part. You want to show the
other guy you were just chatting to her, and he is making a
big deal out of nothing.

Bottom line though... don't waste your night on fighting
unless you're attacked. .

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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