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Don't Fall For THIS Evil Trick

Hey it's Brad P,

You might remember me telling you this recently...

* Stop being an orbiter
* Think of all your "female friends" you're SECRETLY trying
to nail
* Delete their numbers and unfriend them on Facebook
* STOP the "befriend and date" strategy
* Replace it with a strategy that will actually produce

Well, this video illustrates my point nicely, which is as

Some women will INTENTIONALLY trick you into being their

Yes, she'll lead you on and make you think something is
going to happen.

And when pressed, she'll freely admit she KNOWS her male
friends want to date her.

But despite this, she won't hesitate to mislead you.

Coz most attractive women intentionally surround themselves
with men they're NOT interested in...

And will NEVER date or fuck.

You see, some women believe they are "so cool", men would
WANT to be their friend (even with ZERO hope of ever

It's completely delusional.

But deep down, they know the only way to be popular and have
male friends is to mislead them into thinking they have a
chance of fucking them.

So it's now standard operating procedure for women to lead
men on.

That way they can use them for favors and resources... And
then crush the man's dreams when he does finally make a

We've all had that happen to us before at some stage.

But you know what's crazy...


So, I'm telling you its time to wake up...

Coz it's not going to happen.

Your female friends are NEVER going to date you.

So here's what I suggest you do instead...

Give my 30/30 Club a trial run.

It's a 12-month program that will remove your "nice guy"
programming. And also turn you into an assertive and
confident man... that women are attracted to.

You'll end up being so busy having sex, the friend zone will
just be a distant memory.

Click here to check it out.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

DON'T Say This To A Woman

Hey it's Brad P,

There's a recent YouTube video that's causing a lot of

In fact, it's been so popular it had over 26 million views
in just 4 days.

The video shows a woman walking the streets of New York
City, and what she has to put up with over a 10 hour period.

And the user comments show a bit of debate over whether it
should be classed as harassment or not... particularly from

Some of them really got their panties in a knot too.

But here’s the reality of the situation...

The guys in the video are saying stuff to her like...

* Hey, how you doing?
* How are you this morning?
* Have a good evening
* Hello beautiful

Pretty harmless stuff really.

And if these feminists get their way, soon they'll outlaw
men even saying "hello" to women.

But anyway, the point I wanted to make here was how lame
most of these lines are in the video.

It's no wonder she ignored every single guy that said
something to her.

Saying things like "hey, how you doing" is a waste of time
(unless you've got extremely good looks and she’s keen on
you at first sight).

The truth is... if you want to have any chance of a woman
paying attention to you on the streets...

You need to be saying something that gets her thinking...
and builds attraction.

Just like the material in my Black Book Method...

It's jam packed with material you can use to get the
conversation started and pique her interest.

All you've got to do is pick a couple to get started and
then find women to try them on.

Click here to check it out.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

4 Step Formula To Conquer Fear

Hey it's Brad P,

The reason most people don't get success is...

They pussy out way too fast.

And this is true in many walks of life, such as career,
love, family, finances, etc.

But for some guys being a pussy is just part of their DNA.

Here are a few examples of what I mean...

* You're scared to talk to women

* You're scared of touching/kissing/fucking a woman

* You're scared of what people around you might think

* You're scared someone might find out you're visiting

* You're scared of changing jobs, even though you're
throwing your life away working 80 hours a week

* You're scared some guy is going to punch you for talking
to his girlfriend. (You need to realize this basically never
happens... maybe once every 100,000 times. And even then
it's harmless. One or 2 punches, and then the bouncers kick
you both out.)

* You're scared of your parents and you're letting them run
your life.

Do any of the above sound familiar?

If so, you're guilty of being a pussy.

But the good news is this 3-step-system will help you to
overcome your fears gradually.

Here's what you need to do...

1. First up, recognize you're being a pussy.

Accept it. And COMMIT to the fact that you want to change.

2. Now begin to confront all the things you're afraid of.

It's best to START SMALL, and then slowly work your way up
to bigger and bigger non-pussified actions.

You see, if you consistently behave as a ballsy kind of guy,
instead of a pussy, you will eventually change.

The goal is a CONSISTENT change in behavior.

Reason being... this will create a permanent change in your

3. So I want you to make 3 goals...

One easy action, one medium, and one really hard goal.

It could be something like this...

a- Hit on 2 chicks tonight
b- Hit on 2 chicks who are with guys (next week)
c- Hit on 20 chicks in one hour, whether they are with guys
or not (in 3 months from now)

4. Give my 30/30 Club a trial run.

You see, doing the above on your own is difficult. For some
it's impossible.

But the combination of the 30/30 program and support from
the expert coaches make a HUGE difference to your results.

So if you want a PROVEN path to transforming yourself, the
first step is to...

Click here to check it out.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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