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3 Step System To Better Conversations

Hey it's Brad P,

Did you know there are 3 main sources of good conversation when
talking to women?

1- Pro scripts - the lines and routines you learn from top seduction
coaches like myself.

2- Self scripts - the things you find yourself saying all the time.

This is where you may go out and be in a great mood... and then you
end up saving some of the funny stuff you said for future use.

3- Natural flow - a certain amount of what you talk about should be off
the top of your head. You can just recite scripts all the time.

So, let's talk more about natural flow.

First thing to do is make a list of 5 or 10 topics that you are comfortable
talking about.

These should be things (on any topic) you're passionate about or
knowledgeable about.

You see, women aren't interested in the information. Instead they're
interested in way you EXPRESS yourself.

Next thing you'll want to work on is how to transition into these topics.
And the easiest way to do this is with a "have you ever" question.

For example...

"Have you ever been to Fiji?" Or "Have you ever tried yoga?"

You see, by framing it this way she'll become more personally invested
in the topic.

So the next thing to learn is what I call "bridging."

This is when you make a pre-existing topic relevant to one of your
strong topics, and then switch to the strong topic.

You might be weak in talking about old TV shows, but strong in talking
about boating and vacationing.

So in this case you might say something like...

"Gilligan's Island... Yes I've heard of it. That's where they get stuck on
the boat right? Have you ever been stuck on a boat? I almost got stuck
on one in Fiji, I guess my boating skills weren't quite as expert as I

So, to sum up...

1- Know your strong topics. 2- Use "have you ever" questions to
transition. 3- Use bridging to refocus the conversation

This is powerful stuff once you get the hang of it.

And to find out more about having good conversations with women, you
might want to check out my Underground Dating Seminar.

Inside you'll get over 12 hours of advanced dating and seduction tips,
including how to use voice tone and body language to your advantage.

It's ideal for those who are serious about taking things to the next level.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.

My Golden Rule Of Learning

Hey it's Brad P,

There's a rule that, if you stick to it, will almost
certainly guarantee your success with women.

But despite it being so simple, a lot of guys keep ignoring

And then wonder why their results are so piss poor.

I suggest you write this down...

"For every hour you spend studying seduction, you spend 2
hours out in the field applying the information."

Now, this isn't rocket science. But it does take discipline
and motivation to stick to it.

Unfortunately, a lot of newbies struggle with it.

They feel that going out in the field is an unattainable
goal. And the only thing that might help them is to read and
study some more.

But the bad news is you can't read and study your way into a
girl's pants.

This isn't grad school... and memorizing a bunch of theories
won't get you very far.

Furthermore, too much reading moves some students BACKWARDS
if it's done with no field time.

So, if this sounds like you...

Just start talking to 4's or 5's to get the ball rolling.

Obviously these are not the ideal women you really want...
but that's not the point.

The idea is to start feeling comfortable around women and to
build up some confidence.

And as this becomes easier, and you start getting results,
you can THEN start hitting on better looking girls.

Bottom line though... do whatever it takes to get the right
ratio of field time compared to study time.

You'll find this is just one of the principles I teach in my
30/30 Club.

It's a structured 12-month curriculum program presented in
an easy to follow step-by-step system.

And it's designed to transform you into a man who can easily
attract and seduce as many women as you want. We've got the
results to back this up too.

Click here to get 85% off your first month.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Is Your Chain Growing?

Hey it's Brad P,

Here's something we can all learn from Jerry Seinfeld...

In an interview years ago he was asked about tips for a
young comic.

Here was his answer...

"You need to write better jokes. And the way you write
better jokes is to write every day."

You see, in his early years he put a large calendar on his
wall that showed the entire year on one page.

And each day he'd finished writing jokes, he'd use a red
magic marker to put a large "X" through that day. And by
doing this every day it would form a chain on the calendar.

His logic was that after a while you start to enjoy watching
that chain grow. And this was what kept him disciplined
enough to commit to daily action.

Now, to get back on topic...

We can be using these exact principles to inspire us to
maintain daily goals in relation to seduction and women.

Your goal might be something as simple as making one
approach a day, or it could be to have sex daily.


It's completely up to you, but the point is to maintain the
daily habit of getting closer to your goals.

And speaking of getting closer to your goals... you won't
find a better program than my 30/30 Club.

It's a 12-month curriculum program structured in a way where
you learn new material in the right order. This ensures you
don't get ahead of yourself.

Plus you've also got the support of myself and my coaches in
the forum as well.

Click here to get 85% off your first month...

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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