Brad P is an IDIOT!!!

One of the main premises of Feel-Good-Pickup is that if you leave the house and talk to a few girls, that's a win. You're moving forward. Mark that in the win column. That step will get you further than sitting home, so you can't lose as long as you are working on your game.
Furthermore, if you experience any “rejection” in the field, it's not your fault.
Let me explain.
I'm sending you out in the field to use my openers. You should be using the exact same openers I used when I was learning. So if it doesn't work for you sometimes, how could that be your fault? If I'm the guy who made up the opener, then it's actually my fault. You're not the one getting rejected. What the women are actually rejecting is an idea. They are rejecting an idea, created by me, not you. You're just the delivery man. You deliver the idea to the girls.
Think about it this way. Let's say you ordered a pepperoni pizza for delivery. The delivery guy shows up, and he gives you the pizza. Then you open the box and it's a pineapple pizza. Who do you blame? Do you blame the delivery guy? Probably not. You probably blame Domino's and say something like “freakin' stupid corporate pizza places can never get stuff right.”
It's the same thing with women. If you do my horsegirl line, and the girls hate it (yes this does happen sometimes), they usually are not saying anything bad about you. They will just say “what a dumb pickup line.”
So next time you get a blowout, don't be mad at yourself. Don't be negative about the interaction. It's not you that got rejected, it's me. Just say to yourself “Brad P. is being a real sh*thead today. He better change his tune pretty soon.”
Then just give me a few more chances. I promise I won't get you rejected every time. If you stick with it and give the learning process a chance, I will get you laid. I will get you a girlfriend, and I will get you to all of your goals. I don't promise that it will be easy, and I do think that my ideas will encounter rejection occasionally, but I can tell you that you will get there.

To sum it up-
Don't take rejection personally! It's not your fault! They are just rejecting my ideas.

On another topic, you may have notice I put a ton of new workshops on the schedule, and some things look different than they used to.
The “Feel-Good Workshop” is essentially the same schedule as the workshop I've always done, it's just a different focus. Yes there's still tons of field time, and yes we can do all the things we used to do, but I am now armed with new teaching techniques that will allow you to feel good in the field for years to come.
I'm still doing the classic “3 Day Workshop.” It's still super intense. We do day game, night game, and some great classroom exercises.
I'm now also doing the 1-day workshop, because some of our students have been asking for a more convenient and more affordable way to learn from me. I can't do as much in 1 day as I can do in 3 days, but I can put you on the right track and you can get a chance to meet me and the coaches. You'd be surprised at how much difference I can make in your life in one single day. Give it a try.

Sept. 14- Chicago (1 day workshop)
Sept. 15- Los Angeles (1 day workshop)
Oct. 26-28 London, UK (3 day workshop)
Nov. 3 New York City (1 day workshop)

Call 702-516-8879 if you have questions.

Talk soon!
Brad P.