Brad P. Exclusive Interview

01 - Introduction to Brad P

Brad shares his personal history and explains how tough it was for him to get girls.

02 - Brad Cracks the Code

Brad explains how he put himself through a personal boot camp and started helping other guys.

03 - Get Your Social Anxiety Handled

Brad tells you how to get rid of your social anxiety and develop the "Determining Instinct."

04 - Rejection is a Gift From God

Brad and David tell you why safe conversations with girls are a waste of time.

05 - Don't Lose Your Cool

Brad explains that "No!" just means stop and try again in a few minutes.

06 - Brad's Favorite Opener

Learn "Horse Girl" and why it works.

07 - Randomness is your Friend

Learn why randomness and confusion makes girls VERY interested.
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08 - Brad's Palm Reading

Brad tells you how to give a very effective palm reading that works on every girl.
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09 - Build Attraction

Learn Brad's 8 Girlfriends routine, and easy ways to get physical contact with a girl.
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10 - Get Phone Numbers

Brad tells you the best number closing technique.
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11 - Meet Up with the Girl

Brad explains how to get the girl re-attracted to you and make hard plans to get together.
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12 - Make Fun Plans

Learn how to make plans and prime girls for sex.
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13 - Get Sexy

Learn how to dress in a "Sexy Stereotype" to stand out to girls.
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14 - Trip a Girl's Attraction Switch

Brad tells you how to dress in a way that fits your identity.
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15 - Enhance your Game

How to contact Brad to keep improving your game.
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