Brad P workshop review

From Logan, 30/30 Member

L.A. One-Day Workshop Review: 9/15/12 with Brad P
First off, thanks to Brad P for reframing how to view approach. Also, thanks to the assistant coaches for helping with analysis and feedback.
This workshop was absolutely one of the best decisions I have made. I discovered in Brad P's theory portion of the training that my thought patterns were really preventing me from doing pickup at the same capacity that I used to when I first joined 30/30. When you don't use it, you lose it. Now that the mental blocks are out of the way, it's just a matter of reinforcing it with my consistent daily behavior.
I went from deathly afraid to approach, to doing 20+ sets on the night of the workshop once Brad reframed how we should view doing approaches. Keep in mind at my peak, before I stopped gaming regularly, I would go out alone and got a HJ within 20 minutes of meeting some chick. I've done SNLs via cold approach and social circle, also.
I went out in LA again last night, and had the honor of gaming with David Shade. He helped me out, and I was able to go back to a girls place and mess around a little bit on the same night. Got LMR, but this is way better than where I was just a little over a week ago.
In closing, be very mindful of how you think. It can mean the difference between paralyzing approach anxiety and opening mad sets and going home with a girl.
Oh ya, and TAKE A WORKSHOP AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!! You will improve that evening as long as you take notes and are open to being coached.