Fashion Makeover

When we have a new student who has never done pickup before, the easiest thing for us to fix is fashion.


The one thing that gets results faster than anything else is an improvement in your fashion.


Learning the game, body language, voice tone....these things take months to improve. Fashion can be fixed in only one day.


Brad P. and his team have been doing fashion makeovers for 7 years now. We know all the current trends. We know which trends get girls horny, and which ones don't. We can change your look from average to sexy in just a few hours.

Give us a week, and we can transform your entire wardrobe.


Package #1- The One Day Makeover

Get a personal consultation from a Brad P. fashion stylist. The stylist will take you shopping, and hand pick each and every piece of clothing for you. Together, the two of you will put together between 1-3 outfits that you can use to attract women. The stylist will teach you the thought process behind these fashion choices as well, so you can learn to do your own fashion in the future.


Investment: $2500+clothing costs


Package #2- The Full Closet Makeover

Over the course of 1 week, your stylist will reinvent your entire wardrobe. All shopping will be done for you. All you have to do is try on the clothes and say which ones you like or don't like. Whatever doesn't work will go back to the store. You don't have to lift a finger.


Investment: $7500+clothing costs