What if You Suddenly Had Balls of Steel?
How Much Would Your Life Would Improve?

Most people carry irrational fears with them all the time.

Have you ever been fearful that someone is judging you because of how you look or what you're doing?

Have you ever wanted to talk to a girl, but been paralyzed by the following fears:

  • What if she rejects me?
  • What if the people around me are listening?
  • What if they overhear me getting rejected?
  • What if the embarrassment was so severe that I could never recover?
  • What if I spent hours and hours replaying the embarrassment in my head?

I used to have these fears all the time.

Many of my students have had these fears.

Using my 13 years of experience as a professional educator, I've created a self-help system for eliminating approach anxiety and many other fears that are total game-killers.

Best of all, it doesn't require you to do 1000 cold approaches or go way outside your comfort zone. My system will slowly enlarge your comfort zone in a gradual, measurable way.

Let's talk about what kinds of fears may be hurting your game. I call these "game-killers."

Women Don't Like Guys Who Act Like a Total Pussy

I'm Brad P.

Perhaps you've heard of me.

I was named the #1 Pickup Artist in the World in every survey on the entire Internet recently. This includes Thundercat's Top Ten, The Seduction Bible's Top Ten, and Sinns of Attraction's Top ten. I beat out a lot of other amazing contenders, some of them had huge marketing budgets, book publishing deals, cable TV specials...you name it.

The reason I became #1 is because I have the most credibility and the most real results for my students.

Men fly in from all over the world to train with me because I have the best system for getting rid of approach anxiety and social anxiety. I give a $5,000 one on one training where I address your approach anxiety and all of your game killers.

But you don't have to fly all the way to Hollywood to use this system, I'll hand over the process to you right now, in my new seminar, "How to Beat Approach Anxiety."

I'll tell you a little secret about approach anxiety.

Approach anxiety is part of a larger problem called "Social Anxiety."

For years, seduction methods have been treating approach anxiety alone, while ignoring the root problem, which is social anxiety.

That's the old way of treating it, and I've come up with something much better.

If you treat only approach anxiety while ignoring it's root cause, you'll be able to approach, but you'll still have the following game-killers.

  1. Looking scared when approaching.
  2. Only approaching sub-par women.
  3. You can open fine, but you get scared when you have to meet all of her friends.
  4. You crumble when faced with cock-blockers at the end of the night.
  5. You are afraid of interacting with large groups of people.
  6. You are afraid people might be watching you.
  7. You are afraid to express your true personality.
  8. You don't kiss a girl or make a move of any kind because people are watching.

These are game-killers! Even if you can open without anxiety, these fears will still screw you up in the end.

In my seminar, "How to Beat Approach Anxiety," we will deal with the root cause of your issue. Not only will you be free of fear during your approach, but you'll feel much more freedom while meeting her friends, gaming her in public, and also when making your move to kiss her.

The goal is to feel completely free to do whatever you want when you're out.

That's what I want to teach you.

I want you to feel a new kind of freedom you've never felt before. Freedom from the fear of being judged, hated, and embarrassed.

Women don't like guys who don't have courage, and this system is designed to give you way more courage in social situations than you've ever had before.

Have you ever seen that super cool guy who all the girls are into? He can get away with anything. He does things that might be embarrassing to other people, but when he does it, the girls love it.

The girls love him because he just doesn't care what other people think. He does what he wants and doesn't worry about being judged. This kind of attitude is magnetic to women.

That's the kind of guy I will turn you into.

When students first come to me, they are scared to speak up, fearful that someone will think "he's weird."

By the time I'm done with them, they learn how to hold their head high, refuse to be embarrassed, and let their true personality come out.

Sometimes these guys have been studying seduction for a long time. They've learned some good techniques, but never had the courage to use them.

The wonderful thing about my seminar, is that it will set you free to use the techniques you've been storing up from your studies.

Let me tell you about what you get in this seminar.

In my "How to Beat Approach Anxiety" seminar, you'll learn:

  • How to use my 18 Social Freedom Exercises, which will reduce AA and make you feel better in every social situation. (These have been tested by workshop students all over the world.)
  • The live recording of my legendary seminar.
  • Information on Social Anxiety treatments.
  • The neuroscience behind approach anxiety and social anxiety.
  • The story of how I beat my social anxiety and approach anxiety problems.
  • How I almost lost a threesome, but all the hard work on my social freedom paid off.
  • How to use the 18 exercises to unlock your hidden natural game.
  • How to use the 18 exercises to empower all of the techniques you've learned in the past.
  • How to slowly enlarge your comfort zone.
  • How to measure your progress, so you can be sure you're improving.
  • The truth about drug therapy for social anxiety (this one will surprise you).
  • Why women are repulsed by guys who have social anxiety and approach anxiety.
  • How to feel as free as a professional dating guru in only 2-3 months.

and much, much, much more....

You'll Also Get Three Additional Bonuses

Diary of a Pickup Artist

Come along with me on an amazing journey. It's the sexual revolution all over again, and this time you're invited.

Read a chapter of this book every time you go out and you will always be inspired.

You'll learn:

  • My strategies on getting the night started right.
  • Some of my best openers.
  • How to set up your logistics early so you close the deal as often as possible.
  • How to get your state up.
  • Strategies for overcoming adversity when you're out meeting women.
  • How to get a girl alone, even if her brother is standing right next to her.
  • It is possible to get sexual with a women in a matter of only a few minutes. Start learning the first step to getting there.
  • How to deal with women who test you.

It's 256 pages of thrills and excitement.

My newest book, Geeks Get Girls

In this book, you'll read about how pure beginners have started tackling their dating issues with surpising success. If they can do it, you can do it!

  • Read about how I coach my students in my $3500 in person workshop.
  • Eye witness accounts of my insane "Ten Minute Bathroom Pull" technique.
  • Read about the workshop where 4 out of 6 students got laid.
  • Hear from a 5 foot 6 Asian beginner who got a hot female DJ's phone number on his first day of training.
  • Read all about my coaches and how they learned.
  • 30/30 Club members tell you how they've been scoring so much.
  • 30/30 Club members share their newest techniques with you. (They've spent months testing and refinding these techniques).
  • Read dozens of eye witness accounts of students going from super geeky to super cool in only a few months.
  • Step inside a Brad P. workshop and see the structure of what is taught.

You'll also get a free 14 Day Trial of my 30/30 Club,
the ultimate Dating Education Experience.

As a very special one-time bonus, I’d also like to send you a FREE copy of month 1 of my 30/30 Club. This material usually sells for $79.50, but I'm going to give it to you for free since you're getting started on your path to mastery.

I spent 4 years teaching dating students and refining my teaching methods.

I spent 13 years as a basketball coach, social worker, guitar teacher, and as a dating guru...all the while refining my teaching methods.

I've shattered the old way of learning seduction and created something drastically different.

Now you're invited to share the experience. Meet 30 new women every 30 days, and you'll be well on your way to success. That's what we do in the 30/30 Club.

I have so much to teach you that it's hard to create a situation where you could even absorb it all!

That's where the 30/30 Club comes in.

In the 30/30 Club, you will get a gentle stream of information and guidelines on how to use it. We'll tell you what to read, and when to go use it, and how to improve your game along the way.

It's like a college course where everything is laid out for you. All you have to do is stick to the program and you will experience massive growth.

No more guess work.

No more chasing the next big thing.

You'll know what to study and how to utilize it to get results. What good is a bunch of eBooks if you don't get results?

The 30/30 Club will tranform all of that information in your head into Real World Results.

I think you'll LOVE the 30/30 Club, and you'll want to stick with it. If you do, you can stay subscribed for $29 per month (Silver Level Membership). You'll also have the option to upgrade to Gold Level Membership. That's completely optional.

If you don't want to stay in the 30/30 Club, you can cancel anytime with no questions or hassles.

If you download your free preview of the 30/30 Club and you DON’T love it and get IMMEDIATE success with the material you learn, you can cancel and keep the material FOR FREE just for TRYING it. In other words, you get to keep all your bonuses for free either way… even if you cancel right after you receive it.

If you do not want a free trial of the 30/30 Club you can opt-out with ONE CLICK.

Here’s How It Works…

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Your transaction is secure. Using our secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. The transaction will be discreetly billed to you as "UNDERGROUND DATING SEMINAR".

Start listening today, and in 3 days I'll send you a User's Guide via email so you can start taking action. It should only take a few days to get through the material, then it's time for action. I'll be writing to you to help you make the critical jump from your computer screen to the real world.

Here's a Recap

Here's a recap of what you're going to get:

  1. How to Beat Approach Anxiety
    (Audio MP3s + PDF)
  1. How to Beat Approach Anxiety User's Manual
    (Emailed to you in a 3 days)
  1. Diary of a Pickup Artist
    (Free Bonus)
  1. Geeks Get Girls
    (Free Bonus)
  1. Free Preview of my 30/30 Club
    (Meet 30 New Women in 30 Days)

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This might be the most crucial step you can EVER make to improving your dating life.

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When you click the button below, you will be taken to a secure order page where you can INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD the materials and start using what you learn TONIGHT.

If you decide that it isn't for you, or FOR ANY REASON you don't absolutely love How to Beat Approach Anxiety, just reply to the confirmation email with "cancel" and I will refund your purchase no questions asked.

If you decide you're happy with How to Beat Approach Anxiety you don't have to do anything further. Just keep learning the material.

I get raving reviews from students all the time who have had RUNAWAY SUCCESS with this material, and I want to help you too.

Click this button to download How to Beat Approach Anxiety and start your FREE 60 Day Trial.

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Now let me ask you something.

What if you used this system and bagged even ONE hot new babe? Would that be worth it?

What if there's a chance that this material got you 5, 10, even 20 hot new babes? Would it be worth it?

What if you could pick up as many hot new babes as your schedule would allow? How much would that be worth to you?

I've personally witnessed men burning through thousands and thousands of dollars while pursuing women (unsuccessfully in most cases). They could have spent just $49 on this course and been done with it. Dating life handled.

This much is for sure: There are incredibly hot women out there right now, and they're slipping through your fingers. They are as gorgeous now as they will ever be in their entire life, and they are down for sex. You've just got to apply the material from this seminar and she's yours. If you don't, she's going to bed with someone else.

You've probably witnessed super hot women walking right by you without even noticing you. Do not let this continue happening.

It's essential that you take decisive action. If you can't take action now, you probably never will. My webstats say that guys who read this far and don't jump in generally never make it back to this page, they just get lost into the information black hole we call the internet. They end up blubbering along, wondering what to buy, while hot chicks get laid with the guys who know the stuff I'm teaching here. I think we both know I'm right about that one....

Regular Price $49
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All of the information contained in this program was developed, tested, and invented by me personally, Brad P, rated the #1 Pickup Artist in the World...with over 150 positive reviews on the Internet, and not one single negative review from 2005 to 2008.

Not one single negative review on the entire internet.

Emails from my students

Brad, I have to tell you that you're a genius. I did hundreds of approaches but I still felt scared. Your 18 exercises taught me to believe that no one really cares if you hit on girls. They're too wrapped up in their own lives to pay attention. Wow, it was really empowering. Now I walk with my head held high when I approach women, and you know what, it makes a big difference.

Ali, London

Hi Brad. I'm a beginner, and approaching women has been really difficult for me. Your 'Approach Anxiety' seminar really helped ease me into things. It took a few weeks to get used to the exercises, but now that I can do them, I really feel a lot more confident.

Jack, St. Louis

Hey Brad. I've started a tradition here in Sydney where I live. Me and a bunch of other guys who are working on our game will meet up once a month and listen to your 'How to Beat Approach Anxiety' seminar. Then we go out and do the exercises. It's like a party when 8 or 9 of us are doing it. I feel so good when it's done. Brad, I know you didn't mean to create a seminar for state building, but these exercises send my state through the roof. Thanks for coming up with this!

Geoff, Sydney