The Millionaire Makeover

Brad P. and his team are ready to give your life a total makeover.

Brad will personally fly in and do a discovery process with you, finding out what parts of your life are drawing women in, and which are not. Brad and the team will then get to work redesigning your game and your life, turning you into a new, more attractive version of yourself.

This process includes (but is not limited to):

  • In field training
  • Fashion Makeover
  • Interior Decorating
  • Relationship Consulting
  • Life Coaching
  • Lifestyle Streamlining
  • Identifying limiting self beliefs.
  • Skill set evaluation.
  • Identity development.
  • Advice on a specific woman you're pursuing or involved with.
  • Discreet advice on sensitive subject matter.
  • Positivity training.

When you complete this process, you can expect to be fully transformed. Your game, your appearance, your presence, and your lifestyle will be drawing women in at all times. Brad will also make sure that you are attracting a specific kind of woman, the kind of woman you have always wanted. You will learn how to leverage your wealth effectively, without allowing women into your life who are self-interested, manipulative, or negative.


The Millionaire Makeover is a turning point in life.

You may have worked hard, you may be successful, but are you really living the life you've always wanted? Are you really living your dream?

It's time to make that Dream Life happen!

Call 661-434-5935 to get started.

You can also email Brad personally at

Program length - One Month of In-Person Training followed by 2 months of unlimited phone support

Program Cost - $100,000