How To Always Get Laid
On The First Date… Even If She
“Not THAT Kind Of Girl…”

Radical new “perfect date” system allows you to
effortlessly turn tonight into the morning after...

Hey, it’s Brad P, and I’ve got a question for you...

Have you ever gone out on a date that’s turned into a big disappointment?

Now come on... you’d be lying if you said no.

Every guy has been on at least one date that sucked.

You know how it goes...

You go out of your way just to get a woman's number... and then somehow scrape together the courage to ask her out.

When the time comes, you pick her up from her house. Then you give her some flowers, and then take her out to a fabulous (but expensive) restaurant…

You then order your meals and start to make a bit of awkward conversation.

But then she starts playing around with her cell phone, and totally ignoring you...

Before you know it, she’s disappeared into the bathroom for 20 minutes. Eventually she returns to give you some lame excuse about having to leave.

Something like as in... “she's not feeling well and needs to go home”.

Of course, this is bullshit...

But you want to know what was she was really doing for those 20 minutes?

She was either texting her friends asking for ideas to find a way out of this excruciating date. Or she was setting up another date for tonight with another guy.

Hell, maybe she even decides to stick it out with you... (even though you can tell she wants nothing more than to bail…)

Only to give you a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night and shoot down the idea of a second date (or just flat out ignore you.)

Leaving you feeling nothing but deflated and PISSED OFF.

But, before we go any further, I want to stress…

This is NOT your fault.

In fact…

Everything You’ve Heard
About The “Perfect Date”
Is In Fact A Big, Fat LIE!

As an example, Hollywood, the media, and even women themselves have constantly told us a nice dinner date is the way to go.

Apparently it’s the surest way to hot sex, a second date, or even something more…

People have been doing it this way for centuries. It’s the accepted norm...

But you know what?

Women actually find dinner dates boring...


Bottom line… there's just too much pressure.

The poor woman is constantly freaking out. Worried about saying the right thing… ordering the right food… and making the right impression.

And you’re probably feeling the same pressure as well.

You’re both so paranoid about making sure everything is perfect… the date usually ends up going horribly wrong.

But hey, there is a solution to this conundrum...

There's a SECRET way to spend time with a beautiful woman that makes a date so much EASIER...

Without suffering the indignity… embarrassment…and outright boredom experienced on a traditional dinner date.

A secret that will not only have her hanging on your every word…

But also hoping you’ll ask her to come home with you at the end of the night… all because she is so hopelessly attracted to you.

And in just a moment, I’ll share how you can get your hands on this secret.

But first, it’s vital you understand...

Boring Her With Dinner
Is Only One Of MANY
Major Dating Mistakes
You’re Making Right Now…

My advice is to re-read that sentence again.

Yes, it’s highly likely you’re doing plenty of things wrong on your dates.

But don’t worry, there is good news though…

The silly mistakes you’ve been making stop right here, right now.

I'm going to reveal how to prove you’re a real man... who must be treated seriously…

You’ll discover how to create irresistible sexual tension. And have her constantly on edge, wanting more… and making her do everything in her power to win you over.

But best of all… there will be no more lonely nights at home by yourself … watching porn movies.

Because I'll show you how to make sure the two of you end up in bed together at the end of the night .

I've condensed all of these powerful secrets into a “must read” manual for men and called it "Planning the Perfect Date".

Once you’ve read it, you’ll NEVER again be “second guessing again about what to do on a date…

No more freaking out because she’s almost falling asleep with boredom… and telling her friends you’re a loser.

Instead, you’ll start enjoying dating again. And it’ll become so exciting you’ll want to keep going on more and more dates.

Anyway, enough build up... here’s some of the awesome secrets you’ll find inside Planning the Perfect Date:

  • How to crack the code on the five mysterious categories women put you in, within five minutes of meeting you. (You’ll instantly transform into the guy she can't say no to. Even if you're not filthy rich with chiseled good looks and six-pack abs.)
  • Three incredibly easy ways to stop saying stupid things to her on a date... which most men will NEVER know. (Use these, and she’ll be amazed by your charm and wit... even if you don’t have any.)
  • Discover what to use instead of the word "date", and also how this will turn the tables in your favour. (Research has discovered that every time you innocently use the word “date”, it makes her cringe and turns her off.)
  • Find out how to strategically plan ahead to ensure each date is spontaneous and exciting. But more importantly, ends up with you getting her into your bed at the end of the night. (This method is far better than just deciding what to do randomly on the fly.)
  • A wickedly effective technique that guarantees she won’t bail early on your date. (Put this to work and she'll be wrapped around your little finger, counting the seconds until she sees you again…)
  • The dirty four letter word that completely ruins your chance for sex with her. (No, it's NOT what you think!)
  • A cleverly disguised way to coax out the "hidden slut" she so desperately wants you to see… but is scared to death to show you...

Give This A Try And
Your Date Will Finish
With Mind-Blowing Sex

You see... most girls are just as horny as guys. But they’re worried it’s inappropriate to show a guy this side of her... particularly if she doesn’t know you that well yet.

But this mind bending trick allows her to loosen up and relax. She can then explore her sexuality whilst feeling comfortable at the same time.

Which means you get to take her panties off much earlier in the relationship than should would normally let you. This strategy alone is worth the price of the manual.

And here are even more secrets you'll find in your copy of “Planning the Perfect Date”:

  • The hidden meaning behind a woman's "bitchiness". (HINT: If you read it right, you're almost guaranteed to take her back to your place at the end of the night…)
  • What you MUST do to avoid the white hot pain of rejection and her thinking you’re just a creep. (Put this to work and kiss rejection goodbye forever...)
  • The single most common deadly misconception held by men... and why it’s the dumbest thing you can do to get a woman attracted to you. (You’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t know this earlier)
  • Why starting a relationship on the foundation of respect and affection can deal a fatal blow to any future with her... (unless you do this crucial thing first.)
  • How to get out of the “friend zone” quickly and effortlessly... and also make her uncontrollably aroused by you at the same time. (This neat little trick will turn the tables on her and put a big smile on your face)
  • Discover the 5 crucial signs to see if she’s just using you. (You won’t waste another second... or dollar with a woman who is guilty of this.)
  • Discover how to deal with the ridiculous excuses women sometimes use while on a date. (This handy little guide will stop her from bailing, no matter what lame reason she might have for running off on you).

Isn’t It Time To Take
Control Of Your Dating

Dude, it’s time to shed that dull, boring personality women can't get away from fast enough. And to become the man you always wished you could be.

Leaving women naturally excited and exhilarated when they are with you. Not to mention counting down the seconds until they can see you again.

But look at it this way… it’s going to save you a crap load of money as well.

Just think about it…

A couple of nice dinners for two will easily run you over $100... and there's never any guarantee the two of you will end up having sex…

Hell, before I figured this stuff out, I must have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on dinner, drinks, and movie passes…

Only to end up with a “date” that was so bored, she’d use any excuse to bail on me.


I was crazy to do all shit... it’s no different to grabbing a thick wad of money and lighting a match to it.

Honestly, I would have saved thousands of dollars if I’d used the strategies in this manual back in my early days.

But hey, it’s not just about the money you’ll save.

You see... my biggest regret is not knowing this stuff years ago. My sex life would have been 10 times better than it was back then.

And that’s why I’m so keen to get this manual into your hands as well.

Seriously, just imagine how much better your lifestyle will be .. and how much more pussy you’ll get, by finally doing things THE EASY WAY...

Okay, So What’s
The Investment?

I’m guessing you’re probably thinking “Planning the Perfect Date” is going to be expensive…

After all, you’ll be getting a PROVEN blueprint on getting precisely what you want when going on a date. And the fact is... more than 99% of guys are absolutely clueless about this stuff... and continue to fumble their way through it.

Hell, I could have easily priced this manual over $1,000, but don’t worry, you won’t pay anywhere near that.

In fact, if you purchase “Plan the Perfect Date” right now, I’ll give it you for the insane low price of just $97.

And just to sweeten the deal even further, I’m going to throw in two kick ass bonuses for you as well.

You’ll also get:

BONUS 1: Diary of a Pickup Artist

Come along with me on an amazing journey. It's the sexual revolution all over again, and this time you're invited.

Read a chapter of this book every time you go out, and you’ll always be inspired.

Inside you'll discover:

  • My strategies on getting the night started right.
  • Some of my best openers to use that get results
  • How to set up your logistics early so you close the deal as often as possible.
  • How to get in the right mental state for a girl.
  • Strategies for overcoming adversity when you're out meeting women.
  • How to get a girl alone, even if her brother is standing right next to her.
  • How to get sexual with a women in a matter of only a few minutes, including the step by step system to getting there.
  • How to deal with women who test you.

BONUS 2: Geeks Get Girls

Find out how pure beginners have started tackling their dating issues with surprising success. If they can do it, you can do it too.

Inside you'll discover:

  • How I coach my students in my $3,500 in person workshop.
  • Eye witness accounts of my insane "Ten Minute Bathroom Pull" technique.
  • The exact workshop where 4 out of 6 students got laid.
  • An Asian beginner (only 5 foot 6 tall) who got a hot female DJ's phone number on his first day of training.
  • How my coaches have mentored under me.
  • 30/30 Club members expose how they've been scoring so much, and share their newest techniques with you
  • Dozens of real life eye witness accounts of students going from super geeky to super cool in only a few months.
  • An insider's view of one of my workshops where you’ll see the structure of what I teach.

Yes, you’ll get all if you order NOW.

But on top of all of this, I’m also going to make the decision a complete “no brainer” for you by including my iron clad...

60-Day, No-Questions-Asked,
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Go on... test drive these secrets for 60 days. And, If at any time during that period you aren’t amazed at how easy it is to set up unforgettable dates that finish with the two of you in bed...

Simply contact us via email and we’ll promptly issue a refund with no questions asked. Yes, we’ve COMPLETELY removed all the risk to make this an easy decision for you.

But you'll want to take action right now, while you're still thinking about it.

Imagine Yourself Being In Full
Control While You’re On A Date

Bottom line... you'll no longer have to feel helpless and self conscious when you're around a beautiful woman.

Because you'll know EXACTLY what to do, AND what to say to be that “irresistible guy" women can't get enough of…

You'll have every technique, strategy and routine at your disposal in this detailed, easy to follow 88 page manual.

YES, you’ll be able to lead the women you meet…right into your bed. And then get a second date from her as well (assuming you like her).

Hell, if you really wanted to, you could do this with a different girl every day of the week...

You’ll never have to put up with a ridiculous dinner date ever again. And it’ll save you thousands of dollars and hours of wasted time over the long term.

So, all you have to do to jump start your sex life, is to move your mouse to the "Add To Cart" button below and click.

To your success,

Brad P

Brad P.

World’s #1 Dating Coach

P.S. Act fast just in case I take this page down. If too many people get their hands on this material, I may decide to stop selling it. The last thing I want is for this info to become too mainstream. So, I can’t guarantee this page will still be up tomorrow. Click the “buy button” below now to get INSTANT access.

P.P.S. You’re completely safe with my iron clad “60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee”. Either this stuff works for you, or you get your money back. You simply can’t lose. Click the “buy button” below now to get INSTANT access.

Read What My Students Have To Say About "Planning the Perfect Date"

Hey Brad, with your advice I created an "Adventure Date." I took the girl to the park, the petting zoo, then snuck into a closed pool. By the end of the night the girl was making excuses why she couldn't go home; and needed to spend the night at my place. Needless to say, I took advantage of the opportunity. Haha. I can't thank you enough for this book.

Bernie, Grand Rapids

Wow. Thanks so Much for your book "Planning the Perfect Date." I didn't realize it, but I've been a wuss for my whole life. I would go out on a date with a girl, and it would end awkwardly... she would never answer her phone or call me back after the first date. This book totally changed that. I put some of the concepts from the book into practice and it's giving me some CRAZY RESULTS. After just one date with this super cute girl she will NOT leave me alone. I'm loving my new life.

Colin, San Francisco

What’s up Brad? I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know that I'm loving the Perfect Date book. I took your idea of the "My World" date and ran with it. Ended up taking a girl shopping with me, then over to a friend’s house instead of the boring dinner and a movie crap. Worked like a charm, she keeps asking when we're hanging out again because she had so much fun. Props man.

Kao, Los Angeles