PUA college game. Pick up College Girls

I'm putting the finishing touches on some new Dating Education programs. I'm not ready to release them yet, but I thought I'd give you a few tracks of audio to get an idea of what I'm working on.



The first one is a program to teach you “College Game.” People have been asking me for a long time to teach them college game, so I began my research so I could deliver the best information possible. Remember, everything I teach is based on the real life experiences of my students, my natural friends, and my own personal experience. It's all tested and re-tested, so we can be sure that the results are repeatable for students. It's not good enough to teach techniques that can get me and the coaches laid, or techniques that get good looking guys laid. I look for techniques that should be able to work for just about anyone.


Anyone who puts in a good effort should be able to achieve success with my programs.


I haven't put out anything new in a while. It's not because I've been asleep at the wheel, it's just that these things take a long time to research, test, and refine. If I rush it out to you too fast, it might be crappy information. Over the years, I've ended up trying and trashing tons of game ideas, and only putting out the most surefire stuff.


For this “College Game” interview, Jake and I spent 2 years coaching a college student who was living at Pickup Mansion part time, and spending the rest of his time at the dorms of a nearby college. This student was a virgin when he first came to the program. 2 years later, he has banged some of the hottest chicks in his school, including high status sorority girls and Juniors and Seniors that are a few years older than him.


Here's a sample of the interview I did with Jake and our college student.