Let me tell you a story about two of my students.

When I met these guys 5 years ago, both of them were PITIFUL with women.

Neither of them had a date in over a year. They were both angry that they couldn't seem to get women attracted to them no matter what they did. They were angry that they went home alone every night. They were angry that guys half as intelligent were getting laid by the girls they wanted. And they were BITTER about women.

Both Guys Were Frustrated That
They Weren't Meeting Women...

They were both working in Information Technology and had mostly male colleagues and were questioning their career choice.

When they went out to places where there were a lot of girls, they felt anxious and awkward.

Nonetheless, they thought that maybe there was a SHOT of meeting girls tonight and making some ground. But it never seemed to happen for either of them.

These Guys Were So Deprived Of Female Attention
They Would Take Whatever They Could Get...

They wanted girls to like them. They wanted girls to LOVE them.

They wanted to spend time with a special girl. They wanted to have sex. They dreamed of being envied by their friends.

They dreamed of being a master, and having girls fall at their feet. They dreamed about girls calling them all the time.

They dreamed to be so desirable, that girls would become wildly jealous. They dreamed of having sex with almost every attractive girl.

They dreamed to sleep with girls they had noticed, but refused to notice them back.

They wanted more girls than they knew what to do with. They wanted anything and everything.

Let me tell you what these guys are up to today, five years later.

I'm going to call this section...

10 Reasons to Not Fuck Yourself Over

One guy quit his job and is now the Owner of his own Company in LA, and making a ton of money. He just bought a Two Million Dollar house in the Hollywood Hills, and a Cabin in Denver.

After more than three years of dating some of LA's finest women, he found a girl he's going to marry. And I don't blame him... look at her... He gave me permission to post his email/picture, so enjoy:

I had the same response... WOW.

Most people don't realize it, but every part of your life is directly related to how well you do with women.

When you're doing well with women, everything else just seems to fall into place. This guy has it figured out.

  • He owns his own business
  • He has dated a ton of incredibily gorgeous women
  • He has slept with 10s
  • He's making a ton of money
  • He has a lot of fun friends, who I'm sure envy him
  • He no longer feels socially awkward
  • He has a distinguished identity
  • He has the confidence to do anything

Now Let Me Tell You About The Second Guy.
(His Story Isn't As Pretty)...

The second guy is working at the exact same entry-level job he was five years ago. He's still bitter about women. He can't really get girls attracted to him, and if he gets lucky... she never sticks around. 

He rarely gets a date. He wouldn't even tell me how long it had been since he last had sex... probably because he was embarassed it had been so long. He still goes out to bars and clubs trying to meet women, but he always goes home alone. He feels like a total loser.

What's the difference between these two guys?

The Successful Guy Has a

He also developed something I teach all my students - a Tolerance for Beauty.

The last few years he has sent me pictures of some of the hot girls he's been with. A lot of them were undoubtedly 10s.

You don't get to sleep with those kind of women if you don't have a tolerance to beauty.

This Guy Treats The Worlds Most
Beautiful Women Like His Fat Best Friend...

And since he's not being needy, or fawning over her, or acting nervous... she becomes massively attracted to him. Because of this, he has the pick of the litter. Whatever he wants, it's his.

This guy was an absolute disaster when he came to me for coaching five years ago. He was probably way worse off than you.

He learned this ability from working on his Inner Game.

Inner Game is made up of all this stuff:

  • Assertiveness
  • Social Confidence
  • Sexual Confidence
  • Overall Confidence
  • Comfort
  • Passion
  • Leadership
  • Identity

Most guys who struggle to get women are lacking in one or more of those areas. 

Without Good Inner Game,
You're Sabotaging Yourself
Before You Even Start...

Without it, the first guy couldn't have started his own business, he couldn't have dated so many incredibly hot women. He couldn't have gotten 10s. He wouldn't be making so much money.

He would still feel be doing stuff for people without anything in return. He would still be wondering IF there was even a chance a girl would want him. He would still be too scared to have sex. He would still be shy and lonely. He would still be negative and unmotivated.

But he decided to make it a priority to work on his Inner Game... and that's when everything started to fall into place...

My Inner Game Secrets Got Him
And You Will Too...

I gave him an early release copy of the Secrets of Inner Game, and he was blown away.

Listen to what he has to say about the product:


Secrets of Inner Game is spot on. Your guys are going to love it. I only wish I had this when I first began, I would have had a few hot girls right away.

Personally, the tracks that affected me most were on Anxiety. All kinds of it. In the beginning I was MORTIFIED to even talk to hot women to the point I would stutter and my voice would crack. Once I worked on that part of my Inner Game..... my interactions with women started to become way more positive. Eventually I eliminated my anxiety with women completely..... and..... well..... you know the rest. :)

The rest of the Audio rocks too.....Your guys will probably all have different favorites.

I would have killed to have this when I first started.

Keep up the good work my man!

Yours, XXXX

This guy could have never done half of what he did without solid inner game.

Look at him... he has a gorgeous fiance, a beautiful home, lots of money, and he's his own boss. Fuck the American Dream... this guy took it one step further.

Five Years Ago He Was Sitting At His Computer...

He had to make a decision.

Was he going to work on his Inner Game?

Or was he going to close the website and sit alone, without doing anything to help himself?

He decided he was going to fix his Inner Game issues once and for all. And look at where he is now.

I understand that a lot of you guys are just going to close this page, or exit without listening to Secrets of Inner Game... and that's OK.

But I don't want to see you in 5 years, stuck in the same spot, still not getting the women you want.

How Secrets of Inner Game
Turned Me IntoTthe #1
Pickup Artist in the World.

I was named the #1 Pickup Artist in the World in every survey on the entire Internet recently. This includes Thundercat's Top Ten, The Seduction Bible's Top Ten, and Sinns of Attraction's Top ten.

I beat out a lot of other amazing contenders, some of them had huge marketing budgets, book publishing deals, cable TV specials...you name it.

This happened for 2 reasons:

1. I have credibility in the community because I can demonstrate everything I teach in the field

2. More importantly -- my students get laid!

Men fly in from all over the world to get Inner Game help from me. It's an amazing experience. I charge $5000 a day to give guys Secrets of Inner Game.

One guy recently spent $100,000 with me on a deluxe coaching package I call the Total Life Makeover.

I don't say any of this to brag. I just want you to know I've been where you are, I've raised myself up and I've figured out a unique way to help guys quickly turn their lives around.

I've fixed all the most difficult, confidence-crippling issues, such as...

  • Nice Guy Syndrome
  • Sexual Neediness
  • Emotional Neediness
  • Social Anxiety
  • Sexual Anxiety
  • Impotence
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Inability to Empathize
  • Small Comfort Zone
  • Scarcity Mentality
  • Lack of Passion
  • Lack of Entitlement
  • Lack of Leadership Skills
  • Identity
  • Overall Confidence
  • and much, much more.

Once I Re-work Your Inner Game,
You Will Experience Results
You Wouldn't Believe.

  • I have one student who slept with over 40 women in one year.
  • I have a student who got laid 10 nights in a row with new hotties.
  • I have a few students who picked up well known celebrities.
  • I have many students who have married the women of their dreams.

But you don't need to get a $5000 training from me to get these kinds of results.

I'm ready to turn over the exact same Secrets that I am giving these guys to you right now.

Introducing: 18 Secrets Of Inner Game

Secrets To Inner Game

In this exclusive audio Seminar you will learn 18 of my most protected Secrets to Inner Game.

These include:

  1. How to Stay Positive to Get the Girl You Want
  2. How to Take What YOU Want From Girlsand Have Her Thank You For It
  3. How to Increase your Tolerance to Beauty to Get 10s
  4. How to Develop a Permanent Sense of Entitlement to Attract Hotter Women
  5. How to Stop Sexual Neediness to Have a lot of Sex
  6. How to Stop Emotional Neediness to Keep Hot Women Coming Back
  7. How to Develop Healthy Relationships that LAST
  8. How to Eliminate Social Anxiety to Have Balls of Steel
  9. How to Eliminate Sexual Anxiety to Have Sex With Any Girl Without Worry
  10. How to Attract Great Things to Yourself Automatically
  11. How to Develop Confidence that Makes Women Fawn Over You
  12. How to Become a Leader to Naturally Attract Women
  13. How to Have Women Begging You For Sex
  14. How to Grow your Comfort Zone Without Worry
  15. How to Increase your Capacity for Learning Automatically
  16. How to Empathize with People to Create a Strong Bond
  17. How to Renew your Childhood Passion for Life
  18. How to Eliminate Your Blockages which are SABOTAGING YOU RIGHT NOW

This is almost 3 hours of training PACKED with Invaluable Inner Game Secrets that will help you starting TODAY.

I Thought Long And Hard About
Releasing These Secrets To The Public...

The guys at my Pickup Mansion are paying thousands of dollars every month for this same material, and I thought it would be unfair to sell it to the public.

But I talked to all the guys and they agreed to let me release these secrets because they want to express their gratitude for the help I've been giving them.

If you move to the Pickup Mansion for Just one month it will cost you thousands of dollars.

And this Pickup Mansion Exclusive Seminar normally sells for $79

But because you just purchased "Fashion Bible" program, you get a special one-time opportunity get your own copy of Secrets of Inner Game for only $97.

That's about 2% of the cost of living in the Pickup Mansion... and you're getting the same lessons they're paying thousands for.

(The Pickup Mansion guys are really awesome for letting me release this).

Try It Risk-Free for 60 Days...

I want to help you harness the inner strength that is your birthright.

Because I am so confident these Secrets will help you, I'm going to offer you a 60 day risk-free trial.

Take sixty days to soak in everything that I teach, THEN DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO PAY FOR IT.

Listen and apply the Secrets of Inner Game for 60 days, and if they don't help you... just email me for a refund.

This could be a complete turning point in your life, like it was for the student I've been telling you about.

The information revealed in Secrets of Inner Game will improve your dating life DRAMATICALLY...

This is the Secret that you have been waiting for all of your life...

The Secret You Need to
be Successful With Women.

When you click the button below, Secrets Of Inner Game will be added to your order and your card will be charged one small payment of $97.

You get the

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Order Details...

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Now let me ask you something...

What If The Secrets Of Inner Game
Bagged You Even ONE Hot New Babe?
Would That Be Worth It?

I've personally witnessed men burning through thousands and thousands of dollars while pursuing women (unsuccessfully in most cases).

They could have bought the Secrets of Inner Game for just $97 and fixed the the most important part of their game, Inner Game, and experienced success beyond anything they have known.

This much is for sure: There are incredibly hot women everywhere, and they're slipping through your fingers.

They are as gorgeous now as they will ever be in their entire life, and they are down for sex. You've just got to know how to position yourself as the guy she wants to sleep with. If you don't, she's going to bed with someone else.

It's essential that you take decisive action.

If you can't take action now, you probably never will. My webstats say that guys who read this far and don't jump in generally never make it back to this page, they just get lost and never get their dating life handled.

They end up blubbering along, wondering what to buy, while hot chicks get laid with the guys who know the stuff I'm teaching here. I think we both know I'm right about that one...

Get Secrets Of Inner Game Now...

Emails from my students...

I've had some amazing initial feedback on the Secrets, you can read what some pre-release studesnts have written about it.

"I listened to Secrets of Inner Game and it hit me like a lightening bolt! I had a total lightbulb moment listening to the Social Anxiety Secret track, and I have been able to eliminate the majority of my social anxiety.

I haven't felt that comfortable at the Dance Club ever before!! I ended up taking a hot girl back to the house even though she had to leave her friends at the Club. Was a fun night. Thank you so, so, so much for this Seminar." 

Anonymous, Pickup Mansion, Hollywood, CA

"Brad. This was your most helpful seminar to date. I've fixed some of my core issues and my results are starting to snowball. I'm addicted to this audio." 

Anonymous, Pickup Mansion, Hollywood, CA

"The 'Secret' to 'Tolerance to Beauty' has really helped me. This was exactly what I needed to start flirting with the hot girl that works at Starbucks. I have a date Friday. Wish me luck!"

Anonymous, Pickup Mansion, Hollywood, CA

"Brad, I think you're a genious. This audio on Inner Game was spot on. I can't be happier. I feel so confident now, having listented to this. I think I will listen to this before going out to amp up my confidence. "

Amit, 30/30 Club Member

"Thank you so much for giving us the pre-release copy of your Secrets of Inner Game. All of the guys in the 30/30 Club are raving about it. Please keep this amazing stuff coming. I'm loving it. Thank you again!"

Steve, 30/30 Club Member

Get Secrets Of Inner Game Now...

See you there,

Brad P

Brad P.

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