Brad P workshop review

Fri, 08/03/2013

You have a little bit of time left to get the workshop discount, it will be available until 12 midnight on Saturday. Just click here to claim your discount.

Here’s the schedule-

Mar 23- Los angeles

April 12- San Fran

April 26- Dallas (just added!)

April 27- Chicago

May 18- NYC

I’d like to give you some more info about the way I train people.

I don’t like to toot my own horn too much, so I’ll leave it up to my students to tell you how it works.

By the way, every one of these reviews is real, and 100% verifiable. Just download my free book “Geeks Get Girls” to see the sources. Most of these guys are still in the game and can be reached if you want to verify any review.

Hundreds of guys have taken my workshop over the years. It’s easy to get started, since the workshop comes with a money back guarantee. You can get a refund no questions asked if it doesn’t work out for you. Here’s some reviews from some of my students.

Brad P. has a totally different style of openers which I have found 100% more interesting and fun than the opinion openers I’ve been using. The sets just totally blow open with hilarity and energy at the end of my openers now.


Brad got a hand job in the street, never thought that could be anywhere close to my reality.

It wasn’t a one-size fits all type of system or workshop, it was carefully crafted to each persons needs, each individual’s style, and I’m glad for having invested in myself by embarking on this experience. -QuickSML


I’ve been around this game for quite a while and I can tell you with absolute conviction that Brad P’s workshops are BY FAR the best in the industry. He also way undercharges for his services. Whatever you do, DO NOT take a workshop from any of the B-level guys.


-One of the amazing things that I saw Brad P do was approach a huge MIXED group SEATED at a SMALL BAR and win over the table. Most guys I see post fear the words “mixed,” “seated,” and “small.” So Brad P showed balls of steel on that one. He’s got game. The workshop overall was a very good value.



All-in-all, I am 110% satisfied with the money I spent. I set some goals for myself on the last day, and I am well on my way to accomplishing them. If I could afford it, I would do a oneon- one with Brad. He is a machine!



My approach anxiety is almost none existing. Honestly Brad was instrumental in reaching this goal. After I got home every girl I have approached has opened. My ability to attract girls when I’m talking to them is on a whole other level than before. Getting phone numbers is really easy. I still get some flakes, but I can normally tell beforehand if she is going to flake or not. Another big change is how female friends are reacting to me. Girls that before had no interest in me before are a lot more flirtatious towards me and they call me to hang out much more than they did before, and they always wants to introduce me to their girlfriends and try to set me up. Brad P. is great guy. I honestly believe that he cares a great deal about his student’s success and will do every thing in his power to help them get as good as possible.



The highlight of the night came when Brad showed the power of recognizing and tapping into buying temperature first hand. Right in front of me, he made eye contact with a girl, and within 30 seconds, was making out with her. This is 100% true, and was the fastest make out I have ever witnessed.

The bottom line is that I walked away from this workshop feeling like I not only increased my knowledge of the game and my sense of what was possible, but also felt like I got my money’s worth. I would highly recommend it.



So what’s stopping you? There’s no risk, it’s all upside.

Hope to see you there.

-Brad P.