3 Step System To Better Conversations

Wed, 19/11/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

Did you know there are 3 main sources of good conversation when
talking to women?

1- Pro scripts – the lines and routines you learn from top seduction
coaches like myself.

2- Self scripts – the things you find yourself saying all the time.

This is where you may go out and be in a great mood… and then you
end up saving some of the funny stuff you said for future use.

3- Natural flow – a certain amount of what you talk about should be off
the top of your head. You can just recite scripts all the time.

So, let’s talk more about natural flow.

First thing to do is make a list of 5 or 10 topics that you are comfortable
talking about.

These should be things (on any topic) you’re passionate about or
knowledgeable about.

You see, women aren’t interested in the information. Instead they’re
interested in way you EXPRESS yourself.

Next thing you’ll want to work on is how to transition into these topics.
And the easiest way to do this is with a “have you ever” question.

For example…

“Have you ever been to Fiji?” Or “Have you ever tried yoga?”

You see, by framing it this way she’ll become more personally invested
in the topic.

So the next thing to learn is what I call “bridging.”

This is when you make a pre-existing topic relevant to one of your
strong topics, and then switch to the strong topic.

You might be weak in talking about old TV shows, but strong in talking
about boating and vacationing.

So in this case you might say something like…

“Gilligan’s Island… Yes I’ve heard of it. That’s where they get stuck on
the boat right? Have you ever been stuck on a boat? I almost got stuck
on one in Fiji, I guess my boating skills weren’t quite as expert as I

So, to sum up…

1- Know your strong topics. 2- Use “have you ever” questions to
transition. 3- Use bridging to refocus the conversation

This is powerful stuff once you get the hang of it.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.