4 Steps To Gain Control On A Date

Thu, 27/11/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

Most guys get this completely wrong…

You see, if you’ve arranged a date (hopefully not a dinner
date) it’s important to remember YOU control the outcome
(not her).


1. By not showing any fear
2. By being in the right state of mind
3. By being assertive and dominant
4. By taking the lead

But the problem is you can only take the lead and be
assertive if you’ve got the first two points sorted out.

Now, most guys have a lot of trouble dealing with their
fear. But the key is to never back down and even acknowledge
the possibility of failure.

Just don’t think about it.

You can do this by setting yourself a specific goal.

Then focusing on it.

Then living up to it.

But on the flip side…

If you focus on screwing up (which most guys do), you’ll
more than likely succeed in exactly that.

You see, worrying about failure just makes you more nervous
and self-conscious… which she can smell a mile away.

It’s not attractive at all and turns her right off.

Especially if it’s a hot girl… as she’ll think you have
low social value and won’t want to be seen with you.

And what about your state?

It’s important to look alive and awake, and be in a playful
mood to give off the right vibes. You also have to be full
of positivity.

Otherwise, if you’re unhappy and confused, she’ll be even
more unhappy and confused with you.

So to sum up…

If you can get in control of your fear and your state,
you’ll find the time you spend with her will be much more
enjoyable for BOTH of you.

And taking the lead and being assertive should be a piece of
cake if that’s the case.

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Because after all… that’s the whole point of going on a
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Talk soon,

Brad P.