6-Step Formula For Opinion Openers

Sun, 16/11/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

Here’s a common problem I see with newbie’s…

They want to use opinion openers… primarily cuz they’re
easy and there’s no chance of being blown out.

And that’s fine.

But here’s what I see all the time…

The guy walks up to the girl and delivers the opener in the
exact same voice you would use to ask a store clerk “What
aisle is the peanut butter in?”

The voice tone is super polite, nerdy and as boring as a
knitting class.

But this just conveys to the other person “I don’t want to
interrupt you or waste your time”. And it also communicates
very low value.

So first up, listen to yourself talk.

Hell, record yourself if you have to.

And check if you’re using the same type of vibe you would
use if you were speaking to a store clerk.

If so, the reasons for this are either…

• Approach anxiety
• Or deep down you don’t believe you deserve to be in a
conversation with that woman.

And it comes across in everything you do.

SO here’s how you can fix it…

Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to convince yourself you have enough
worth to be flirting with women ALL THE TIME.

Remember success breeds success, so start flirting and don’t

And when you deliver an opinion opener, keep these things in

1- Slow down. Don’t rush it. Be calm.

2- Build anticipation by saying…

“Ok let me ask you a question…


…it’s a really important question.”

3- DON’T use the store clerk tone, it’s too approval

4- Instead, talk to her like you know her already. It
communicates comfort.

5- Keep your voice deep enough. One of the main
characteristics of store clerk tone is at the end of your
sentences, your pitch goes UP UP UP!

6- SELL IT. Make it seem like it is something that JUST
occurred to you.

This is what actors do. Michael J. Fox was the master of
this in the 80’s.

Everything he said seemed like it just came to him that
second… that’s why he was so believable.

Also, you might want to listen to my Underground Dating

Inside I go into detail about openers, voice tone and body
language, amongst a whole lot of other seduction stuff.

You could say it’s 12 hours of my best material… and you
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Talk soon,

Brad P.