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Sat, 29/11/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

I recently read an article about a guy who has met over 500
women on the subway… and also published a book about it.

For him, it’s the perfect place to target women.

He says, “There are always beautiful women down there – tons
of them. And if you see some pretty young thing, just say
something to her.”

Now, not many other guys would even consider approaching on
the subway, which probably works in his favor.

So if YOU were to give it a try, you’d almost be
guaranteed to not have any competition.

But if you’re not keen on the idea, there are a lot of other
places to target.

Whether that’s nightclubs, malls, cafés, sporting events,
movies or even out in the streets is up to you.

But wherever you go, here’s a simple way to make it

Start off by doing 3 warm-up approaches whether the girls
are attractive or not… just to get the ball rolling.

Then it’s just a matter of approaching women without caring
what they think or say to you.

But don’t forget…

If you do manage to get a few phone numbers or email
addresses, you’ve got to use a smart way of following up…

Otherwise all your hard work goes down the drain.

That’s where Textual Chemistry can help you.

Inside you’ll discover how to make any girl wet with the
four inches in your pocket.

Plus you’ll also get access to my legendary 94 panty
dropping texts as well… which are proven to work like a

You can find out more here…

Talk soon,

Brad P.