For The Shy Guys: Try THIS

Fri, 28/11/2014

Hey, it’s Brad P,

Here are a couple of options if you’re deathly shy to talk
to women.

No, you won’t score any hotties, but you will become much
more confident.

You see, the idea here is to improve your overall skill with
women… without being overwhelmed by their good looks.

So let me introduce you to two of the easiest places to
socialize in…

1- BBW Parties

So what’s a BBW?

It’s a “big beautiful woman.”

And there are organizations that throw weekly or monthly
parties for BBW’s and their male admirers.

The best part here is the rejection rate is extremely low.

So you don’t have to be good at talking to women at all.

You just show up and start chatting normally, and you’ll be

Now, I’m not saying you have to date these women or have sex
with them. But the idea is to talk to them so you get used
to being in the presence of a woman.

It’s excellent practice.

And if you can get good at talking to BBW’s, it’s a small
leap to being able to approach average girls.

To find these parties just type your zip code and “BBW
party” into Google.

2- Goth Clubs

The Goth scene is full of people who have trouble
socializing and want to build relationships with others.

In most cases they’re extremely friendly and accepting of
new people. You’ll find they’ll talk to anyone, no matter
how awkward they may be.

Best of all, you don’t have to look or dress like a Goth to
go there either.

You see, they’re not the kind of people who would exclude
you based on what you’re wearing. And surprisingly, many
people who go to these clubs are 9 to 5 office worker types.

So even if you spend the whole night scared and sulking in
the corner by yourself… you’ll be pretty cool by their

Now despite these places being a lot easier to pickup women,
it still helps if you can hold a good conversation.

And that’s where my Black Book Method will make a huge

It’s jam packed with my best routines that are proven to

Bottom line… you’ll never be lost for words again.

Click here to check it out…

Talk soon,

Brad P.