Get THIS Wrong And You’ll Fail

Thu, 20/11/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

A decent look is mandatory if you want to attract women.

But one thing a lot of guys struggle with is getting the
right balance.

You could compare it to putting a movie together.

For example…

When a movie is made it usually has a few stars leading it,
and the rest are all supporting “no-name-actors”.

The reason being it wouldn’t work any other way.

Cuz if you had too many stars in the movie, they would all
be competing for the attention.

But if you had no stars at all, the movie would be boring…
and most likely flop.

And when creating your look it’s a similar story.

You see, each piece of clothing is either a showpiece or a
supporting piece.

Let me explain…

A showpiece is an obvious attention grabber that looks good
on a guy. The eyes are drawn to it immediately.

Some classic examples could be your hair or your jacket.
These two make a huge difference to your appearance.

But a supporting piece is the direct opposite. It’s just
standard clothing that’s nothing special.

And just like the movie example, you want to get the right
balance of both to look attractive to women.

Too many showpieces and you’ll look like a poser who is
trying too hard…

But if you don’t have any at all, your look is bland and

So the key is to make sure your wardrobe has enough of

This makes it quick and easy to choose a well-balanced

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Bottom line… it’s a turnkey system for attracting women
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Talk soon,

Brad P.