Using Stereotypes To Your Advantage

Sat, 15/11/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

Here’s the thing about beautiful women…

Because they get approached a lot they have no choice but to
IMMEDIATELY stereotype you. And it’s all based on your
appearance, voice tone, and body language.

But if you can figure out how to make women stereotype you
as a sexy guy… THAT’S when amazing things start to happen.

So how does one harness this power?

Start by realizing that there are many stereotypes hard
coded into the female brain that you can USE TO YOUR

Here are a few examples:
• Rocker guys
• Rappers
• Bikers
• Gothic guys
• Club players
• Metrosexuals
• Male models
• Latin lovers
• Tough guys
• Mafia guys
• Athletes

Even normal, conservative girls are attracted to guys that
fit these sexy stereotypes.

But here’s the problem…

Very few men have the balls to transform themselves into
someone who can be stereotyped as a sexy guy.

Instead they’re afraid to change their look and identity

1. It takes them out of their comfort zone

2. They’re afraid friends and family will give them a hard

Unfortunately, you have to expect that a few people are
going to try to pressure you into being a bland, average
type of person.

They’re just afraid you’re going to stop hanging out with
them if you raise your social value. But is that the kind of
person you want to have as a friend?

So, my advice is to get some balls, ignore the comments, and
start experimenting a bit.

And if you’re ready to get started immediately, you might
want to check out my Fashion Bible.

It’ll give you a detailed perspective on how to dress to
attract women to you naturally.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.