These Guys Are SO Full Of Shit

Mon, 29/12/2014

I recently got an email from a guy in my 30/30
who asked a very important question.

It touches on key concept of game that will absolutely
make or break you.

It was about these prankster type videos on YouTube
where some dude will rent a Ferrari, go out to a local
strip and show you how many girls they get.

These girls will hop in the car, play rock paper,
scissors, make out, whatever.

The videos show these guys going this time after time
after time.

So my student asks me, “should I go out and rent a

Hell no.

Let me shed some light on this:

These videos are heavily edited. They do many tries
before they get their desired result.

You are not seeing an accurate reflection of reality.

If you yourself right now went out and hit on 100 girls
from the window of a Ferrari, you’d get a couple hits
out of 100!

What these guys DON’T show you is the 98 girls who
ignore it or think the car is douchy.

Many of these videos have taken, dozens, maybe even over
100 + tries before they find a chick who give them the
response they’re looking for.

The truth is, a Ferrari will not help you if you have no

If you already have game, a cool car will give you a
small boost IF you know how to leverage it right, which
most people don’t. Maybe, I’ll get into that in a
future email.

Most people don’t experience any improved results from
expensive cars or status symbols.

You might be wondering how I know this.

I train millionaires all the time. They can buy any car
in the world and they still don’t get laid.

The Ferrari thing is a lot of wishful thinking. This
makes guys think all you need is the car.

Then you have the guys who can’t afford the car and use
it as a lame excuse. “I can’t get chicks because I
don’t drive a Ferrari.”


Game matters way more than money. Money does not
translate into pussy.

So forget the car and get some game. Check out my
Black Book Method, the most foolproof way of talking
to women you’ll ever find.

Talk soon,

Brad P.