Your Questions Answered

Fri, 05/12/2014

Hey, it’s Brad P,

Here’s another subscriber question…

“Can you become a conversational superpower by choosing
1,000 good routines and reciting them? Kind of like actors
rehearse lines?”

Well, for a start I don’t think it’s possible to remember
that many routines.

And reciting them doesn’t seem to make much difference in my
opinion anyway. You have to do them in front of real women
in real life situations.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts.

So here’s what I suggest you do instead…

1. Get yourself a copy of my Black Book Method.

It’s full of routines that are proven to work and save you a
lot of time and effort.

2. Then take 2 new routines from it each day. And go out in
the field with them, and use them 5-10 times each.

3. Every day keep track of your results.

4. Then at the end of the week take a look at those results.
Keep the ones that worked, and throw out the rest.

For various reasons, not every routine works for every guy.
So that’s why you’ve got to do some filtering and see what
works for you.

And if you can just rack up 20 routines per month, your
conversation skills will be LETHAL after 3 months.

But remember, there’s more to success with women than good
conversational skills.

So you’ve also got to have…

1. Dominance
2. Identity
3. Escalation skills.
4. And you’ve got to believe that women love sex and that
sex is healthy and normal.

Otherwise none of it will work.

To master this stuff you might want to give my 30/30 Club a
trial run.

It’s the place where so many of my students have taken
massive steps forward to change their lives.

Click here to experience it yourself…

Talk soon,

Brad P.